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Winix A230/A231 Tower H13 True HEPA 4-Stage Air Purifier

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are true HEPA air purifiers designed for small to medium size rooms up to 230 sq. ft. (21.4 m2) and intended not only for people with health issues but for all people wanting to improve the quality of air that they breathe.

The only difference between Winix A230/A231 is in color, all other features are practically the same.

Published: February 18, 2022.

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Winix A230/A231 Air Purifiers Features and Specifications

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are tower-like devices featuring physical dimensions of 9.5 x 9.5 x 14.6 inches (~24.1 x 24.1 x 37.1 cm) and they weigh 6.75 pounds (~3.06 kg) - units are small enough to be placed on the night-table or desk, although in most cases, they are placed on the floor.

Since Winix A230/A231 air purifiers feature 360° air intake at the lower part of the unit and top air exhaust, it is recommended to position the units at least 12-18 inches (30.5 - 45.7 cm) from the nearest obstacles, to improve the air circulation and air purification.

Note: due to the 360° wide air intake, it is recommended to place them on the floor - it may be difficult to create such empty space on the desk, for example.

Due to the vertical intake, Winix A230/A231 air purifiers help mix bottom air and the air near the ceiling, decreasing the air temperature difference and improving the air quality even further.

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As we said before, the only difference between Winix A230 and Winix A23 air purifiers is in color - Winix A230 air purifier is charcoal gray, while Winix A231 air purifier is white/charcoal gray.

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are true HEPA air purifiers featuring 4 layers of air purification and are suitable for rooms up to 230 sq. ft. (~21.4 m2).

The air filtration system is based on the Winix O Air Filter (Amazon link, link opens in the new window) and the so-called PlasmaWave air cleaning technology. Four stages of air purification include:

- mechanical air pre-filter stops larger airborne particles, including dust, human and pet hair, and similar.

- true HEPA air filter captures at least 99.97% airborne particles including pollen, mold spores, dust, pet dander, microbes, smoke, and other airborne allergens and pollutants.

- activated carbon filter reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), common household odors (from cooking, for example), odors from pets, smoke, and similar.

PlasmaWave air cleaning technology removes any remaining particles from the air, ensuring that the Winix A230/A231 air purifiers exhaust practically clean air only.

winix o air filter

 Winix A230/A231 air purifiers controls are very simple and they include:

- air filter replacement indicator and reset button,

- Auto Mode button,

- Sleep Mode button,

- Fan Speed indicator buttons,

- PlasmaWave control button,

- Air Quality indicator,

- Power On/Off button.

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers feature three fan speeds including Low, Medium, and High, but they also feature Sleep Mode - in Sleep Mode fan spins even slower than in Low Mode and is virtually silent, allowing the units to operate even during the night in bedrooms.

Note: Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are two very simple to use and maintain air purifiers, but when they arrive, be sure to read the manuals/Owner's Guide in order to get accustomed to your new air purifier. Also, don't forget to remove the air filter from its protective vinyl bag.

One of the very interesting features of Winix A230/A231 air purifiers is the Auto Mode based on the air quality sensors - in Auto Mode, the quality of air is continuously checked and if required, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to improve the air quality.

Also, on top of the units, an easily visible Air Quality indicator signals the current level of air pollutants.

air quality

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are rated at 55W, but when they operate at lower speeds, especially in the Sleep Mode, they require less power.

How To Maintain Winix A230/A231 Air Purifiers?

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers are very easy to maintain - every 2-3 weeks clean the body of the air purifiers and air filter.

Air purifier body: clean it first with a damp cloth and then using a dry cloth. Also, vacuum gently the interior of the air purifier after removing the air filter.

Air filter: gently vacuum the air filter.

Note: The air filter is NOT washable. For detailed cleaning procedures check the manual.

Also, it is necessary to replace the air filter every 9-12 months, depending on the air purifier use and the local air pollution.

Note: the quality of air purification directly depends on the quality of the air filter - when looking for a new air filter always look for an OEM air filter (it is rather cheap considering that it lasts 9-12 months) and forget cheap copies.

Winix A230/A231 air purifiers come with a 2-year limited warranty.

winix a231 mLong Story Short: Winix A230/A231 air purifiers lack WiFi connectivity, real-time reporting, voice prompts, and similar advanced features, which is probably the reason why so many people like these and similar air purifiers.

But, they are affordable units with excellent true HEPA air purification level, very easy to use and maintain.

The only thing that perhaps could be added is a timer - but, in most situations people set them on their permanent position, turn on the Auto Mode and let them do what they do so well - purifier air.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Winix A230 Air Purifier (charcoal gray) and Winix A231 Air Purifier Amazon links (links open in the new windows).

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