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Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier is large air purifier suitable for single rooms with up to 390 square feet (~36 square meters). It is true HEPA air purifier capturing 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

Thanks to activated carbon prefilter, it removes common household odors and harmful gases and other pollutants.

Published: July 18, 2018.

honeywell 50250 s 1

Honeywell 50250-S is round in shape with the diameter of 18 inches (~45.7 cm) and height of 19 inches (~48.3 cm).

Such design allows full 360° air intake and top air exhaust, maximizing the efficiency of the unit.

Honeywell 50250-S Controls

honeywell 50250 s 2

Honeywell 50250-S controls are very simple.

Control knob has four positions:

- Off: unit is turned off,

- Turbo: unit's fan operates at the maximum speed. It is recommended to use Turbo mode to quickly clean the air when the unit is turned on and when there are extra pollutants present,

- Day: standard setting for operation during the day. Amount of filtered air is lower than in Turbo mode, but it is quieter than Turbo mode and requires less power,

- Sleep: unit operates at the lowest power setting, filtering the least amount of air, but it is also the quietest operating mode, suitable even for rooms with people, kids and pets during the sleep. Hence the name.

Also, controls include check filter control lights for pre-filter and for the main HEPA filter, with reset buttons.

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier doesn't feature some advanced options like WiFi connectivity, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility, timers and similar.

But, it is large, robust and reliable air purifier with excellent air filtration and great CADR rating, making it suitable as air purifier for large rooms and for areas almost constantly exposed to outside air and pollutants.

And it comes at very acceptable price.

Honeywell 50250-S AHAM certified CADR ratings are:

- 250 for smoke: unit can remove smoke from 250 cubic feet (~7.1 m) of air per minute in Turbo mode (maximum power mode),

- 250 for dust: unit can remove dust from 250 cubic feet (~7.1 m) of air per minute in Turbo mode,

- 250 for pollen: unit can remove pollen from 250 cubic feet (~7.1 m) of air per minute in Turbo mode.

Honeywell 50250-S Air Filtration

Honeywell 50250-S is a true HEPA air purifier - it captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles and exhaust practically clean air.

For example, the size of most common home pollutants are: bacteria 0.3-10.0 micrometers, pollen 10.0-100.0 micrometers, pet and human hair 30.0-200.0 micrometers, dust mites 90.0-600.0 micrometers, sand 50.0-1000.0 micrometers, etc.

However, in order to operate properly it must use high-quality air filters, preferably OEM filters.

Honeywell 50250-S uses two filters:

- activated carbon odor removing pre-filter (HRF-AP1) and odor and household gases removing pre-filter (HRF-APP1).

honeywell carbon filters

Price difference between HFR-APP1 and HRF-AP1 is not negligible, but these filters are replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the unit's use and local air pollution, so don't rule HFR-APP1 out right away due to the higher price.

Carbon filter helps capture larger particles like dust, lint, and fur and reduces common household odors. Also, it protects the main HEPA air filter and prolongs its operating time.

honeywell 24000 filterMain HEPA air filter is Honeywell's 24000 air filter - unit comes with that air filter. This filter can be cleaned with the, for example, vacuum cleaner, but it CANNOT be washed!

Note: Honeywell 50250 is simple to operate unit, but nonetheless it is highly recommended to thoroughly read the manual/instructions before the first use.

Depending on the use, local air pollution and the quality of carbon pre-filters, main HEPA filter can lasts 1 to 5 years, with regular cleaning/vacuuming.

Since the purpose of air purifiers is air purification, there is absolutely no sense to use low-quality air filters, regardless of their price.

Note: there are two options for main HEPA filter - one Honeywell 24000 air filter or three HRF-F1 air filters stacked together.

honeywell hrf f1 filterNow, HRF-F1 are excellent filters, but in order to be used in Honeywell 50250 air purifier, three units are stacked vertically. And as the filters get dirty, more and more unfiltered air passes between them.

Three HRF-F1 units are cheaper than a single 24000 air filter, but IMHO, if you have to replace your HEPA filter, go for more expensive 24000 air filter - it is simply better option.

 When filter control lights are activated and the filters are cleaned/replaced, control lights are reset by turning the unit on and holding the reset button pressed for ten seconds.

Long Story Short: Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier is large unit being able to purify and keep purified air in rooms up to 390 square feet. It comes with three fan speeds, but many people simply turn it on and operate in 'Sleep' mode, day and night.

honeywell 50250 s mAlthough some people complain regarding the lack of advanced features ('Alexa, turn on the air purifier'), some people consider it as an advantage.

Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier is a great air purifier and it comes at very affordable price.

Note: remember what we said about main HEPA filter and if you require new HEPA air filter, go for Honeywell 24000 air filter - if unsure, check what other people have to say about using three HRF-F1 stacked filters!

For more reviews and recommendations, check Honeywell 50250-S True HEPA Air Purifier Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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