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Miele SCC 10 CarCare Accessory 4-in-1 Case Set

Miele SCC 10 CarCare Accessory 4-in-1 Case Set is set of four individual cleaning tools, stored and carried in the plastic storage case.

Miele SCC 10 CarCare cleaning kit consists of Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10), Universal Brush (SUB 20), Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short), and Hand TurboBrush (STB 20).

Miele SCC 10 CarCare cleaning kit is suitable not only for car cleaning, but also for detailed cleaning of homes and apartments.

Published: March 1, 2019.

miele carcare accessory case 1

Miele SCC 10 CarCare consists of four cleaning tools and a carry/storage case. Cleaning tools include:

Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10)

miele sfs 10Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10) is flexible and extendable cleaning hose, increasing the cleaning range and allowing the user to reach and clean awkward and hard to reach areas.

According to the manufacturer, Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10) can extend up to 4 feet (~1.2 m).

Suction Hose Extension (SFS 10) fits Miele straight suction, non-electric canister vacuums.

Universal Brush (SUB 20)

miele sub 20Universal Brush (SUB 20) features soft and dense mixture of natural bristles and a swiveling neck with two adjustable joints. This cleaning tool is design for cleaning various surfaces found at homes, apartments and cars, including dashboards, vents, various moldings, bookshelves, mantles, ceiling fans, etc.

Universal Brush (SUB 20) can be attached to the handle, telescopic suction wand or suction hose of Miele vacuums.

Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short)

miele sfd 20Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short) is used for cleaning narrow and tight spaces like between car seats, under the seats and furniture, in the corners, around the edges and similar.

Flexible Crevice Tool (SFD 20 Short) is 14 inches (35.6 cm) long cleaning tool and it should not be mistaken for Miele SFD 20 Crevice Tool (photo on the right) which is similar flexible crevice tool, just somewhat longer (22 inches).

Hand TurboBrush (STB 20)

miele stb 20Hand TurboBrush (STB 20) is designed for vacuuming of low-pile carpets and upholstery, including stairs, car seats, sofas, beds, car flooring and similar.

Hand TurboBrush (STB 20) is powered via small air turbine which is accessible via maintenance panel. Small rotating brushroll in combination with strong suction can easily remove dust, sand, crumbs, pet and human hair and other debris.

This cleaning tool is not maintenance free tool, requiring the user to periodically remove entangled hair and fibers from the brushroll and to check the condition of the air turbine and drive belt.

Miele SCC 10 CarCare Accessory 4-in-1 Case Set is very usable cleaning kit, suitable for various situations and cleaning tasks.

And it is stored and carried in a very neat storage case.

miele carcare accessory case 2

If you have a Miele canister vacuum which lacks the tools required for detailed cleaning of your home, apartment or car, consider this cleaning set - it is not the cheapest cleaning set around, but it consists of four OEM cleaning tools, built to do their job and to last a long time.

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