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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Canister Vacuum Cleaner is large and powerful bagged canister vacuum, featuring excellent suction, combined with HEPA air filtration and broad range of cleaning tools, suitable for vacuuming various surfaces from the floor to the ceiling and for cleaning various types of dirt, including stubborn pet hair (hence the name) and other similar dirt.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is suitable for vacuuming practically all types of floors commonly found at homes and apartments and is recommended as the main vacuum cleaner even in large homes and apartments.

Published: October 14, 2019.

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Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Features and Specifications

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine canister vacuum cleaner is powered via 1200 W main suction motor, providing excellent suction despite long, electrified flexible cleaning hose, large, filtration vacuum bag, motor protection filter and exhaust HEPA air filter.

Unit features 36 feet (~11 m) maximum cleaning range, allowing the user to clean large area using just one single wall power socket.

Power cord itself is ~24 ft 7 inches (~7.5 m) long and is stored using automatic power cord rewind system.

Vacuum's carrying handle is positioned on the canister, allowing the user to carry the unit with two hands - one hand carries the canister, while other hand carries the cleaning wand.

Comfortable ergonomic wand handle helps the user clean large areas with as less fatigue as possible.

Suction controls are positioned low on the canister, but they are foot operated plus/minus switches, requiring no bending from the users.

Also, if required, users can quickly decrease the suction using air valve.

suction selectorMiele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine features 6 suction settings, including suction settings optimized for:

- curtains and fabric,

- upholstery and cushions,

- deep pile carpets and rugs,

- energy-saving, very quiet vacuuming,

- loop pile carpets and rugs,

- hard flooring and heavy soiled carpets and rugs.

Unit physical dimensions are (L x W) 19.5 inches (496 mm) x 8.9 inches (227 mm) and it weighs 10.34 pounds (~4.7 kg).

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog comes with so-called park system for short vacuuming breaks and with the park storage system on both side of the canister.

Since the most of the weight rests on the caster wheels gentle to the sensitive floors, unit is easy to move around. Also, unit features all-round soft bumper strip, intended for protection of walls, furniture and other similar objects and obstacles, from scratches and damage.

Note: having a bumper strip is nice touch, but since unit comes with so-called three-point maneuverability feature, don't just pull it along when vacuuming - some care is highly recommended. Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is versatile unit, but easy to use and maintain - when the unit arrives, in order to get accustomed to your new vacuum, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Air Filtration

miele airclean 3d gn bagMiele Complete C3 Cat & Dog uses disposable AirClean 3D Efficiency GN Type vacuum bags for storing dirt and as a first layer of air filtration. These vacuum bags are very important for proper operation of the vacuum, including dirt onboard storage and air filtration - it is highly recommended to use only Miele's genuine AirClean 3D Efficiency GN Type vacuum bags.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog comes with vacuum bag change indicator, helping the user determine when it is time to change the vacuum bag. If the indicator signals that it is time to change the vacuum bag, change it, even if it is not full - very fine dust and other similar small particles can cause large pressure drop inside the vacuum bag, triggering the vacuum bag change indicator. Such large pressure drop may cause issues with suction, decrease the air flow and cause other problems. For short, when vacuum bag change indicator signals that the vacuum bag should be changed - change it.

To help the user with the vacuum bag replacement, AirClean 3D Efficiency GN Type vacuum bags feature automatic hygiene shutter system - when the unit is opened, shutter system automatically close the vacuum bag, preventing the release of the dirt out of the bag. Also, Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog features 'Automatic Filter Bag Positioning System', making vacuum bag replacement much easier and quicker.

Note: '3D' means that these vacuum bags are designed to hold as much dirt as possible without the need for replacement. For short, use only OEM vacuum bags.

Motor protection filter, sometimes referred as pre-motor air filter protects the motor from the dirt and debris that may end up in the suction motor.

miele hepa filters

By default, main exhaust air filter is Miele Active AirClean SF-AA 50 (black) traps very fine particles of dust, pet dander, allergens etc. Its dirt capture level is 99.95%, making it HEPA class 13 air filter, according to the EN 1822/2011 standard.

Miele Active AirClean SF-AA 50 filter also features 'timestrip' filter replacement indicator, helping the user determine when it is time to change the filter - apporximately after 50 hours of use, or one year considering an average use.

Since this is 'Cat & Dog' vacuum model, Miele Active AirClean SF-AA 50 filter also comes with a layer of active charcoal, helping remove common household and pets odors.

Note that Miele also manufactures very similar Miele HEPA AirClean SF-HA 50 (white) air filter, but without the layer of active charcoal.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is true HEPA air filtration vacuum cleaner, highly recommended not only for people suffering from asthma and allergies, but for all people not wanting the dirt to be released back into the cleaned area.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine Cleaning Tools and Attachments

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog PowerLine canister vacuum cleaner comes with an electric wand and electrified flexible cleaning hose, which connect the canister with electrified cleaning tools and nozzles.

Like all Miele Complete C3 vacuums, Cat & Dog model comes with an accessory set consisting of three cleaning tools. Accessory set is carried onboard the vacuum and is available to the user at the moment notice. These tools include upholstery tool, crevice tool and dusting brush with natural bristles (SSP 10).

Upholstery tool is intended for vacuuming sensitive upholstered surfaces, curtains and similar. When vacuuming sensitive surfaces, be sure to decrease the suction - better safe than sorry.

Crevice Tool is narrow cleaning tool, intended for vacuuming edges, gaps, crevices, corners and similar hard-to-reach areas.

SSP 10 dusting brush with natural bristles is used for dusting various sensitive surfaces - as the bristles glide across the surface, they agitate the dirt, which is than vacuumed via strong suction.

Miele STB 101 Mini Handheld Turbobrush

stb 101Miele STB 101 features small rotating brushroll powered via air turbine. As the brushroll rotates, brushroll bristles pull out deeply embedded dirt like pet hair, lint, fibers, dust etc, helping the user to clean carpeted stairs, small carpets and rugs, pet beds, and similar.

For really sensitive surfaces, upholstery tool is recommended cleaning tool.

Note that Miele STB 101 is not maintenance free cleaning tool - it is up to the user to periodically clean the brushroll from the tangled pet and human hair and lint.

Miele STB 101 is preferred cleaning tool for many pet owners when detail cleaning homes, apartments, cars and similar areas where stubborn hair is really hard to get rid off.

Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3

sbb 300 3Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3 features a row of gentle natural bristles, ensuring thorough cleaning of sensitive bare floors like wood parquet or laminate, but also tiles and similar.

Gaps between the bristles allow larger dirt and debris to be vacuumed and not simply pushed ahead of the cleaning attachment.

Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3 also features 180° rotating swivel neck, making it very agile and maneuverable.

Due to its width, Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3 helps the user clean large area rather quickly. And if that is not enough, even wider Miele SBB 400-3 Parquet Twister XL Smooth Floor Brush may be ordered later, if required.

Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228

seb 228SEB 228 is an electrobrush, designed for deep and thorough cleaning of various carpeted surfaces - if features an electric motor that spins its brushroll.

Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228 comes with the foot switch for adjusting the height of the floorhead, very helpful feature when vacuuming the carpets of various types and thicknesses.

Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228 features thermal protection system and if it shuts off the onboard electric motor, let the brushroll cool down and clean the brushroll from hair, lint and other debris and clogs that cause issues with the normal operation.

SEB 228 is not maintenance free tool - it is of rather classic design, featuring no automatic hair removal system. From time to time, user has to clean the brushroll from tangles hair, fibers and other similar debris.

Miele Complete C3 PowerLine Canister Vacuums Comparison

At the moment, Miele Complete C3 PowerLine canisters include nine (9) models: Alize, Brilliant, Calima, Cat&Dog, Soft Carpet, HomeCare, HomeCare+, Kona, and Marin.

Miele Complete C3 vacuums feature: automatic power cord rewind system, AirClean 3D Efficiency GN vacuum bags, bag change indicator, 1200 W Vortex motor, motor protection filter, HEPA AirClean or Active AirClean exhaust air filter, they are all 19.5 inches long and ~9 inches in hight and they all feature integrated three-piece accessory set.

But, they also differ in the color, list of cleaning tools and accessories, handle/wand type and similar.

The following chart lists the most important similarities and differences of the most popular Miele Complete C3 vacuums:

Model Alize Brilliant Calima Cat & Dog Kona Marin
Photo miele complete c3 alize table miele complete c3 brilliant table miele complete c3 calima table miele complete c3 cat and dog table miele complete c3 kona table miele complete c3 marin table
Filter Change Indicator Yes Yes - - - Yes 
Weight  9 pounds  10 pounds  9 pounds  10 pounds 10 pounds  10 poudns
Three-piece Accessory Set  Integrated  Integrated Integrated Integrated Integrated  Integrated
Upholstery Tool  Yes  Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Crevice Tool Yes  Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dusting Brush with Natural Bristles SSP 10 Yes  Yes  Yes Yes Yes Yes
 AllTeQ Combination Floorhead SBD 285-3 Yes Yes - - - -
 Parquet Twister Floorhead SBB 300-3 -
- Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turbo Brush Floorhead STB 305-3 - - Yes - - -
 Parquet Twister XL Floorhead SBB 400-3 - Yes - - - -
 Handheld Mini Turbo Brush STB 101 - - - Yes - -
Electro Premium Floorhead SEB 236 - Yes - - - Yes
Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228 - - - Yes Yes -
Amazon Link Alize Brilliant Calima Cat&Dog Kona Marin

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date prices and offers.

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog is the only Complete C3 model that comes with STB 101 Mini Turbo Brush by default, which is, like said before, preferred choice of many pet owners when dealing with stubborn hair and other similar dirt.

Electro Premium Floorhead SEB 236, which comes with Brilliant and Marin models is even more advanced carpet cleaning tool than Electro Plus Floorhead SEB 228, but SEB 236 also increases the price of Brilliant and Marin models.

For cleaning of the bare floors, most Miele Complete C3 come with Parquet Twister Floor Head SBB 300-3, while Brilliant model comes with wider SBB 400-3. Alize model doesn't feature any cleaning head optimized for bare floors.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for premium bagged canister vacuum cleaner, being able to clean various types of dirt from both floors and elevated surfaces, consider this model.

It comes with wide range of cleaning tools, strong suction, excellent air filtration and is easy to use and maintain.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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