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Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum - Model 1547

Bissell 1547 is corded, bagless, canister vacuum cleaner optimized for cleaning bare floors. It comes with two cleaning nozzles and two cleaning attachments, enabling the unit to also clean low-pile carpets and various other surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, for example stairs, furniture, upholstery, bookshelves etc.

Published: November 4, 2017.

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Bissell 1547 Cleaning Attachments

Bissell 1547 comes with two main cleaning nozzles and two cleaning attachments:

- Multi Surface Nozzle is designed to be used on bare floor and low-pile carpets. It has two cleaning settings: one for bare floors and second for carpets. It can be used even on thick carpets and rugs, but it can clean only surface dirt.

- Hard Floor Turbine Nozzle is the main cleaning head optimized for cleaning bare floors. Brush roller spins and agitates dust, pet and human hair, pollen and other dirt, while strong airflow picks the debris into the vacuum. Brush roller is gentle and can be used on various floor, but if you have sensitive wooden floors, be sure to test it on a small area. Better safe than sorry :)

Cleaning width is 11 inches (~28 cm) enabling the unit to cover and clean large area quickly. Note that Hard Floor Turbine Nozzle comes with transparent cover, which is very important - roller brush is of classic design (it is not tangle-free design) and when longer pet and human hair get entangled, they must be removed manually.

bissell 1547 tools

- Crevice Tool is designed for cleaning tight and narrow spaces and areas, like between seats and cushions, between furniture elements, along the edges, in the corners etc.

- Dusting Brush helps clean dust and similar debris from sensitive surfaces like bookshelves, upholstery, ceiling fans, keyboards etc.

Crevice tool and dusting brush are carried just under handle, ready to be used at the moment notice.

Bissell 1547 Technical Specifications

Bissell 1547 weighs 9.3 pounds (~4.2 kg) and can be easily carried around, since both the cleaning wand and the canister itself have handles.

During operation, canister is on the floor, making the unit easy to move around and reach areas with the cleaning nozzle that are often inaccessible to the classic upright vacuums.

bissell 1547 3Unit is powered with 9.2 Amps motor and 18 feet (~5.5 m) long power cord. Motor provides plenty of suction, and although 18 feet long cord sounds short, don't forget that this is canister vacuum cleaner with 7 feet (~2.1m) long flexible hose and 4 feet (~1.2 m) telescopic metal wand, for a total reach of around 30 feet, which is more than enough for most (smaller) homes and apartments.

Bissell 1547 comes with power cord rewind mechanism.

Main controls are on the canister: power switch and cord rewind switch and IMHO can be operated by foot.

Other controls include mechanical suction control on the handle - very important when vacuuming delicate surfaces. However, I would like to see electronic suction control on vacuums like this one, not mechanical.

To 'defend' Bissell and their designers - this model is designed for cleaning bare floors and that means operation at full power all the time. Vacuuming other surfaces like curtains, upholstery, blinds etc. is just secondary task for this unit.

Air filtration is based on multi-cyclonic effect combined with washable mechanical filters, keeping the operating costs very low. Air filtration is good, but not true HEPA level.

Dirt cup is transparent and easy to empty, when required. Its capacity is respectable 2 liters, allowing the user to clean large area without interruptions. It is highly recommended to empty the dirt cup after each use.

To get accustomed to your new unit, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read instructions/manual. Unit is easy to operate, but ...

bissell 1547 2Long Story Short - Bissell Hard Floor Expert Multi-Cyclonic Bagless Canister Vacuum 1547 is excellent hard floor vacuum cleaner, which can be used for other surfaces as well.

However, its primary task is cleaning large bare surfaces and that is what it should be used for.

Even if you suspect that Turbine Tool roller brush can damage your delicate floors, Multi Surface Tool comes with gentle bristles which are not as 'aggressive' as roller brush of the Turbine Tool.

If you have need for strong, durable and low maintenance unit and home with mostly bare floors, consider Bissell 1547 vacuum cleaner.

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