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Miele SFD 20 560 mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool

Miele SFD 20 560 mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool features 22 inches (560 mm) reach and is designed for cleaning hard-to-reach narrow areas and gaps.

Miele SFD 20 is designed to fit onto the handles of all Miele canister vacuums.

Published: March 1, 2021.

miele sfd 20 crevice tool 1

Miele SFD 20 560 mm Extended Flexible Crevice Tool consists of three parts.

Connecting base that attaches to the handles of Miele canister vacuums, which is made using firm, rigid plastic.

The central part is long and narrow and is made of hard rubber and designed to twist and change shape, but still retaining its cross-section, allowing the air and dirt to pass toward the vacuum cleaner.

Crevice tool tip is made using firm, rigid plastic. Since the mouth of this tool is rather small, tip is detachable for easier cleaning.

miele sfd 20 crevice tool 2

Tip is 5/8 inches (0.625 inches, ~16 mm) thick allowing it to reach really tight and narrow gaps and areas, including under most of the home appliances.

Note: if you are looking for a flexible crevice tool for cleaning under home appliances, check first if there is at least 0.625 inches (~16 mm) gap between the floor and the appliance. Anything less than that and this tool will not be able to slide under and clean.

But, in situations where Miele SFD 20 is used under home appliances after a long time of not cleaning, users are often surprised with the amount and type of dirt this tool is able to clean.

Also, when vacuuming under and behind beds, sofas, and other similar objects, or when vacuuming cars or trucks, Miele SFD 20 can make a significant difference regarding the quality of the cleaning task by enabling the user to easily reach and clean often awkward areas and places.

For Short: if you are the owner of a Miele canister vacuum, and you have the need to clean under and behind various home objects and narrow and hard-to-reach gaps in general, consider SFD 20 crevice tool.

Just note that it should be stored horizontally, to avoid it changing its shape.

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