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Shark Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweepers - Models V2930 (10") and V2950 (13")

shark v2930 v2050 carpet sweepers 1Shark V2930 (10") and V2950 (13") Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweepers use motorized brush roll to sweep any size or type of debris from bare floors and low-pile carpets.

Since they use motorized brush, they are much more efficient than manual carpet sweepers and can clean larger area in less time.

Note: they are carpet sweepers, they are NOT vacuums!

Published: June 16, 2017.

Shark V2930 and V2950 Carpet Sweepers - Features and Specifications

Both units use NiMH battery to power brush roll and since they don't have suction motor, even small onboard batteries can provide rather long operating time on a single charge:

- V2930 model uses 4.8V NiMH battery and has only one brush roll speed,

- V2950 model uses 7.2V NiMH battery and has motorized brush with two speeds - excellent for large messes and for cleaning delicate surfaces, too.

Since these are the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, in order to maximize the life of the onboard batteries, be sure to:

- turn the unit off before charging,

- always charge the battery fully, especially before the first use,

- after charging period is completed, disconnect the charger from the unit, especially if you plan on storing the unit for longer period of time,

- recharge the unit only when the battery is almost fully discharged. NiMH batteries generally don't have memory effect, at least not as NiCd batteries, but it is good practice to periodically fully discharge the battery and than to fully charge it.

Note: although rechargeable carpet sweepers are rather simple units, be sure to read the manual fully, before the first use! Better safe than sorry :)

Beside battery voltage, main difference between these two models are width of the cleaning brush bar:

- V2930 comes with 10" (25.4 cm) motorized brush bar,

- V2950 comes with 13" (~33 cm) motorized brush bar.

Also note that V2950 model comes with edge cleaning squeegee, which helps clean debris along the walls and edges.

Thus, wider V2950 model can cover and clean larger area faster, but narrower V2930 model is better in maneuvering around the obstacles.

Also note that V2950 comes with easy to empty dust bin, enabling the users to discard debris with just the push of a button. V2930 is easy to empty, too, but it is not that convenient.

Obviously, both models are bagless units!

shark v2930 v2050 carpet sweepers 2Both carpet sweepers have very low profile and long reach and in combination with swivel mechanism and back-saver handle, they can reach under and around the furniture, along the baseboards and similar, where most vacuum can't, at least not without additional cleaning hose and rather narrow cleaning attachments.

Units are self-standing units, and they don't require much storage space.

Although rather light, they can be tipped over by a pet or kid, so be sure that kids and pets can't reach them.

Long Story Short - rechargeable motorized carpet sweepers are cleaning aids that sits between manual carpet sweepers and small handheld or stick vacuum cleaners. Since they use motors only for brush roll, they are very quiet during operation.

But, they don't have suction motors and the only cleaning mechanism is the rotation of the brush roll (and weak air flow created by brush roll rotation).

Also, they are very lightweight and affordable units.

For the best offers, check Shark V2930 (10") and Shark V2950 (13") rechargeable floor and carpet sweepers Amazon links (links open in the new windows).

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