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Shark SV780 Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac

Shark SV780 Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac is cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, suitable for quick cleanups and in emergencies. It is very versatile unit with surprisingly many cleaning attachments for the vacuum in its price range - great choice for people with pets and kids.

Published: July 7, 2017.

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Shark SV780 Cordless Pet Perfect II Hand Vac is powered with 18V Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery. It provides plenty of suction for such vacuum, while keeping the price rather low. Lithium ion batteries are more and more common in affordable handheld vacuums, but NiMH batteries are still doing very well in this market range.

Unit comes with charging station, which can be positioned on flat surface or mounted on the wall. When the battery is fully drained, it takes around 6 hours to fully charge the battery. Note that although charging station can be used to store the unit, it is not recommended to have charger connected to the charging station all the time - this can shorten battery operating life.

To extend battery operating life, it is also recommended to periodically fully discharge and recharge the unit, especially if the unit is not used for 2-3 months.

Avoiding high temperatures when stored will also extend the battery life.

Although this is very simple unit, just to be sure, read the manual before the first charging/use.

Air filtration is acceptably good - it is achieved using combination of so-called 'Twister Cyclonic Technology' and mechanical air filter. This combination ensures almost constant suction, regardless of amount of dirt in the dirt cup.

Filter is washable using cold water - before returning it to the unit, be sure to dry it completely (air dry only!).

Shark SV780 is designed only for dry dirt - avoid moist or wet dirt and liquids of any kind.

Dirt cup is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of the cleaned dirt. Dirt cup is easily emptied, too.

One of the reasons why this vacuum model is so popular are available cleaning attachments.

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First of all, Shark SV780 can be used without any attachment, using its cleaning nozzle only. Cleaning attachments include:

- Crevice tool - suitable for cleaning narrow spaces and areas, along the baseboards and edges and similar, often hard to reach areas and surfaces.

- Dusting brush - brush bristles agitate dust and dirt particles on various surfaces, helping the air stream to suck the dirt into the vacuum. Suitable for both hard surfaces and upholstery.

- TruePet Motorized Pet Brush - it has rotating brush which is suitable for cleaning various messes from low- and medium-pile carpets, seats, upholstery, stairs and similar surfaces. Excellent cleaning tool, one of the reasons why this vacuum is so popular with pet owners.

Shark SV780 is not the lightest handheld cordless unit on the market - it weighs around 4.35 pounds (~2kg). However, it can be used with one hand easily, or with two hands if required (elderly or kids - kids can use this unit too, but under supervision of elderly, which is great when they have to clean their own messes!).

Long Story Short - Shark SV780 is great handheld cordless unit, except one thing - charger and charging. Call me lazy, but when I am done cleaning with my cordless unit and when I return it back into the charging station, I don't want even to think about it until I need it again.

Apparently, leaving the unit in the charging station with charger connected, can ruin the battery and significantly shorter its operating life and operating time on a single charge. So, if you need cheap cordless vacuum with many attachments for cleaning various surfaces and don't mind 'charger issue', this vacuum is great choice. Otherwise, consider some other cordless handheld unit, with 'smart' battery charger.

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