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ILIFE V5s Pro 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner

ILIFE V5s Pro is simple to use and maintain, 2-in-1 robot vacuum & mop cleaner, intended for homes and apartments with large areas of bare floors.

ILIFE V5s Pro comes with several important improvements over its predecessor ILIFE V5s 2-in-1 Robot Vacuum & Mop Cleaner including larger road wheels, Max suction mode and i-Dropping water tank technology.

Published: May 10, 2019.

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ILIFE V5s Pro Features and Specifications

ILIFE V5s Pro is very compact model, featuring 11.8 inch (~30 cm) diameter and height of only 2.76 inches (~7 cm) and it weighs only 4.5 pounds (~2 kg).

Unit is powered via onboard 2600 mAh lithium ion battery, providing enough energy for up to 120-140 minutes of constant operation (on the flat, bare floors).

When the battery is fully discharged, it takes up to 280-300 minutes to charge it fully.

ILIFE V5s Pro is 2-in-1 unit and can be used either as robot vacuum cleaner or as a robot mop cleaner.

In order to be able to mop, ILIFE V5s Pro uses 300 ml water tank with mop holder (attached under the vacuum's body) to mop around.

Note: ILIFE V5s Pro comes with so called i-Dropping technology, which enables the unit to sprinkle the water over the floor as long as the unit is moving. When the robots stops, the water tank stops dispensing the water, saving the water and preventing the floor damage. Also, when used as the robot mop, ILIFE V5s Pro should not charge itself automatically - water and electric power don't go well together. For short, when the unit arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the manual.

floor mopping

300ml water tank enables the unit to mop area up to 180 m2 for up to 80 minutes.

When being used as the 'classic' robot vacuum, ILIFE V5s Pro uses its two side brushes to sweep the bare floors and then to vacuum swept dirt into its 300 ml dirt cup.

Since ILIFE V5s Pro lacks central brushroll, ILIFE V5s Pro cleans well bare floors, but it is able 'just' to sweep the carpets. Generally, motorized brushroll is used for cleaning deeply embedded dirt from carpets and without it, ILIFE V5s Pro is able to do just surface cleaning/sweeping.

Note: although main brushroll can be very useful, it is also one more item that must be cleaned and maintained, that draws power from the onboard battery, that increases the unit's weight and the price. You win some, you lose some :) Also, during operation, unit is rather quiet, creating 55-60 dB of noise.

Air filtration is well and is based on the mechanical filter screen and HEPA air filter, which is able to filter out 99% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

Due to its compact dimensions, both water tank and dirt cup are smallish - be sure to empty the dirt cup and clean air filter after each use and be sure to replace the air filter every month, or when drop in suction is noticed.

ILIFE V5s Pro comes with full range of sensors, allowing it to navigate the area, without bumping into the walls and furniture and to avoid falling off the cliffs/stairs. Unit doesn't support the use of magnetic strips or virtual walls and it is not WiFi enabled unit - it doesn't support Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

Note: some users use black matte duct tape to mimic the cliff - when the unit sense the 'cliff' (false positive event by cliff sensor), unit turns away. However, this is not officially supported and thanks to the improved cliff sensors it is not 100% reliable method. If you want to limit the range of ILIFE V5s Pro, just close the door...

automatic recharge

Thanks to the sensors, unit is able to locate the charging dock and to recharge itself automatically. However, ILIFE V5s Pro doesn't feature advanced navigation system and it doesn't create virtual map of the cleaned area, so it doesn't support 'Recharge and Resume' option.

When setting the charging dock, be sure to leave clean, empty area on the sides (at least 3 feet, ~1m) and in front (at least 6-7 feet, ~2m) in front of the dock. Also, be sure to remove any cables and similar objects that might interfere with the robot's operation.

ILIFE V5s Pro comes with several cleaning modes:

- in the Spot cleaning mode, unit cleans specific, designated area,

- in the Edge cleaning mode, unit follows the wall and clean its edge,

- in the Auto mode, unit navigate around the home in the random fashion, cleaning entire level where it can reach,

- in the Schedule mode, unit cleans home at the scheduled intervals, set by the user.

Using its onboard sensors and thanks to its compact dimensions, unit will clean the home avoiding stairs and obstacles and when the Low Battery event is detected, it will automatically find the charging dock and recharge the battery.

After recharging the onboard battery, ILIFE V5s Pro doesn't resume the job - it waits for the next scheduled interval to come or to be used by the user via IR remote control.

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 ILIFE V5s Pro vs. ILIFE V5 Pro

ILIFE V5s Pro and ILIFE V5 Pro are two very similar robot vacuums and mops, that differ in few very important features.

Both units support self-charging, scheduling, wet mopping, come with the set of onboard cliff and anti-collision sensors, and are optimized for bare floors' cleaning and for sweeping of the low-pile carpets. However, there are few important differences:

- while 850 Pa suction doesn't sound much, it is enough for bare floors. Also, ILIFE V5s Pro comes with so-called Max. mode, allowing the user to increase the suction when required.

- i-Dropping technology allows ILIFE V5s Pro to stop water dispensing (via tank valves) when the water is not required.

- ILIFE V5s Pro features larger wheels (65 vs 58 mm), allowing the unit to climb obstacles up to 10 mm in height and up to 15° max.

Also, ILIFE V5s Pro comes with more efficient motors, allowing the unit to operate some 10-20 minutes longer.

ilife v5s pro mLong Story Short: ILIFE V5s Pro is designed and optimized with bare floor cleaning in mind - both vacuuming and wet mopping. It can be used on the carpets as well, but since it lacks central motorized brushroll, it is unable to deep clean the carpets - it sweeps carpets and remove dirt and debris from their surface.

Since it lacks central brushroll and WiFi connectivity, ILIFE V5s Pro is rather simple to use and maintain robot vacuum cleaner, helping the user to keep the bare floors clean.

Also, it comes at rather affordable price.

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