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ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum - Pet Hair Care Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum is an entry level robotic vacuum cleaner, designed and optimized for cleaning various types of dry dirt, including pet and human hair from laminate, tiles, hardwood, linoleum and low pile carpets.

It is very compact unit with low profile, being able to clean under most furniture and beds. It can't clean whole house on its own, but it is of great help for busy people who has the need to vacuum flat floor surfaces on a daily basis.

Published: August 22, 2018.

ilife v3s pro 1

ILIFE V3s Pro robotic vacuum is simple to use unit - it is controlled using remote control or using autoclean function with simple one touch.

Note: Although ILIFE V3s Pro is very simple to use robotic vacuum cleaner, before the very first use read the manual/instructions thoroughly and, of course, charge the battery.

When the battery is low, ILIFE V3s Pro is designed to automatically find charging station/dock and recharge.

ILIFE V3s Pro - Missing Features

Since it is simple and affordable unit, it lacks certain features commonly found at more expensive robotic vacuums. Also, because of its simplicity, it is preferred model of many people:

- it lacks mapping feature and since there is no path planning, it will clean the same spot several times before the battery runs low and the unit returns to the charging station. Note: after the ILIFE V3s Pro recharges, it will NOT resume with the cleaning taks,

- unit features no LCD display or any sort of voice prompt - when there are issues, unit beeps (once, twice or three times). Also, cleaning status is signaled using LED lights.

- unit is designed for dry only dirt. While some robotic vacuums do support wet mopping, ILIFE V3s Pro does not! Actually, cleaning of the wet dirt or even smaller spills can ruin/damage the unit.

- ILIFE V3s Pro is not Wi-Fi enabled unit. Also, it doesn't support Amazon Alexa nor Google Assistant.

- also, it doesn't support virtual wall or any similar cleaning range limiting system.

- ILIFE V3s Pro is designed with bare floors and low-pile carpets in mind. It doesn't feature Carpet Boost or any similar technology that would increase the suction on medium- and high-pile carpets.

- unit also doesn't come with 'dirt detect' sensors and it lacks full dirt bin indicator.

Again, most of these features are found at more expensive units. In the end, what matters is that ILIFE V3s Pro actually does its job.

ilife v3s pro 2

ILIFE V3s Pro - Features and Specifications

ILIFE V3s Pro is lightweight and rather compact unit. It weighs 4.41 pounds (~2 kg), its diameter is ~11.8 inches (30 cm), and it is ~3 inches (76 mm) high.

Unit is low enough to be able to reach under most sofas and beds and narrow enough to be able to navigate around many obstacles commonly found at home. Nonetheless, large flat surfaces with no obstacles are the best for optimum cleaning - if you are unable to remove furniture, beds and similar, at least remove cables and similar floor clutter that can interfere with the vacuum's operation.

When it arrives, ILIFE V3s Pro comes with charging dock, adapter, 2 side brushes, extra HEPA filter, cleaning tool, remote control (batteries included), and perhaps the most important, the manual/instructions.

Note: in order to dock properly, place the docking/charging station next to the wall with 3 feet of free space on both sides and some 6-7 feet in front of the dock.

ilife v3s pro features

During operation, ILIFE V3s Pro is very quiet unit with the noise level of just 55 dB.

Its suction level is 850 Pa, and that could be perhaps better, but it is more than enough for the tasks it is intended for. Unit also features two side brushes that agitate the dirt and channels it toward the suction port.

Unit is powered with 2600 mAh lithium battery, which provides enough energy for the unit to clean up to 1292 square feet (120 square meters) or to operate up to 120 minutes on a single battery charge. When the battery is discharged, it takes up to 280 minutes (slightly less than 5 hours) to fully charge the battery. And when the battery is fully charged, it is safe to leave the ILIFE V3s Pro in the docking station - it will charge the battery with trickle charge to keep it ready for the next cleaning task.

Although very low, ILIFE V3s Pro is capable of traversing carpets up to 0.59 inches (15 mm) high, allowing it to clean homes with mixed flooring. Nonetheless, the best results are achieved on the bare floors and low-pile carpets.

Cleaning modes - unit features three basic cleaning modes:

- auto cleaning mode is used for general cleaning. Unit is activated by pressing Clean button on the unit, by using remote control, or by scheduling the cleaning task. Cleaning task itself lasts until the user press Pause or the battery runs low. Again, scheduled task will not resume after the battery is fully recharged.

- edge cleaning mode is used for cleaning edges and similar areas.

- spot cleaning mode is used for cleaning areas with plenty of dirt. In this mode unit moves in a spiral, cleaning the dirty spot - hence the name.

ilife v3s pro low profile

Dirt bin capacity is 300 ml (~10.5 oz) which isn't much, but considering the size of the unit, size is very good.

ILIFE V3s Pro feature multilevel air filtration based on the mechanical pre-filter and HEPA air filter. Although the filters are washable, they should be replaced after some time, depending on the vacuum's use and type and amount of dirt.

Note: never assemble the unit if the filters are still wet.

ILIFE V3s Pro Safety

In order to prevent damage to the robot, it comes with the set of sensors, including Cliff/Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors.

Also, when in trouble, unit signals the user that it requires attention:

- one beep: wheels and/or side brushes don't work. Solution: check wheels and side brushes and remove entangled dirt, hair, lint, cables etc.

- two beeps: cliff sensor or bumper sensor failure: Solution: clean problematic sensors and remove any visible dirt that might interfere with the sensors.

- three beeps: unit is stuck and can't move anymore: Solution: move the unit and start the cleaning task again.

 ILIFE V3s Pro is not able to detect all the possible issues, but by observing the unit, user can easily spot the problem - for the whole list of error appearances, causes and solutions, check the manual that comes with the unit.

Or you can download ILIFE V3S Pro manual from the ILIFE's official web site: ILIFE V3S Pro manual (pdf).

Battery safety: ILIFE V3S Pro is powered with lithium battery and such batteries generally don't tolerate over-charging and over-discharging very well. ILIFE V3S Pro comes with smart charger that monitors the battery parameters and adapts the charging according to the battery status.

Thus, never, but really never charge ILIFE V3S Pro with some other battery charger, or the battery may overheat, catch fire or even explode.

ILIFE V3S Pro comes with the 12 months warranty.

ILIFE V3s vs ILIFE V3s Pro

ILIFE V3s Pro is newer version of the older ILIFE V3s vacuum cleaner. Their differences and similarities are given in the following table:

Model ILIFE V3s ILIFE V3s Pro
Self-Charging Yes Yes
Task Scheduling Yes Yes
Cliff and Collision Sensors Yes Yes
Dry Mop Function Yes No
Infrared Sensor No Yes
Main Wheels Size 2.28 inches (58 mm) 2.56 inches (65 mm)
3 Cleaning Modes Yes Yes
Operating Time 90-110 minutes 120-140 minutes
Cleaned Surfaces Hardwood, Tiles, Thin Carpets Hardwood, Tiles, Thin Carpets

As one can see, ILIFE V3s Pro comes with improved sensors, larger wheels for traversing the higher carpets and it has slightly longer operating time on the single battery charge.

Also, ILIFE V3s Pro doesn't feature 'Dry Mop Function' any more - it was deemed not so important for the cleaning tasks ILIFE V3s Pro is designed for.

 ILIFE V3s Pro Maintenance

ILIFE V3s Pro is not maintenance-free robotic vacuum cleaner.

Dirt bin must be emptied frequently due to its small size (300 ml, ~10.5 oz). Every time the dirt bin is emptied it is recommended to tap the filters to remove loose dirt particles.

Depending on the use frequency, wash and/or replace the air filters - check the manual regarding filter maintenance.

From time to time, side brushes should be cleaned from the lint, pet and human hair, fibers and similar dirt.

Also, check the wheels and sensors and remove any visible dirt.

Note: it is also up to the user to check robot's behavior and to act accordingly.

Generally, ILIFE V3s Pro is low-maintenance robotic vacuum cleaner, but it is NOT maintenance-free unit!

Long Story Short: ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is compact and affordable robotic vacuum. Although it is compact unit, it cleans bare floors and low-pile carpets very well.

However, it can't replace manual cleaning with main home vacuum cleaner - after all, it can't reach elevated surfaces.

ILIFE V3s Pro lacks certain features found on larger and more expensive robotic vacuums, but because of that its price tag is rather acceptable and it is easy to set up and use.

If you are considering a simple to use, but reliable robotic vacuum cleaner to help you keep your floors cleaned, consider ILIFE V3s Pro.

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