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Housmile Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - Model 3071C

Housmile 3071C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is a small, lightweight and very affordable robotic vacuum cleaner. It is suitable for cleaning of the bare floors and low-pile carpets, between the cleaning tasks of the main home vacuum cleaner, which it can't replace. Housmile 3071C doesn't come with some advanced features larger robotic vacuums might have, but such vacuums do cost a lot more.

Published: December 15, 2017.

housmile robot vacuum cleaner 1

 Housmile 3071C phyiscal dimensions are 9.9 x 9.8 x 2.9 inches (~25.1 x 24.9 x 7.4 cm) - unit is very compact and can reach and clean under the beds and furniture.

housmile robot vacuum batteryUnit is powered with the pair of lithium ion 18650 batteries which enable the unit to operate for approximately 90 minutes. Vacuum doesn't feature automatic return to the docking station (which after all doesn't exist). To charge the batteries, user must manually use the charger to charge the batteries.

When the onboard batteries are discharged, LED will turn red ('small room mode') or flashing red ('large room mode'). If for some reason battery voltage drops below normal value, unit (and thus the signal LED) will turn off.

Unit must be assembled prior the first use - batteries are well protected in their box, so be sure to install them too.

Housmile 3071C comes with standard set of sensors and other features commonly found on modern robotic vacuum cleaners, including:

- Infrared sensor which helps the unit to detect obstacles and walls.

- Drop down sensors that prevent unit from falling down the stairs. Unit has three such sensors and when maintaining the unit, be sure to clean them - any accumulated dirt can prevent them to operate properly, leading to potential hazardous situations for the robotic vacuum.

3071C robotic vacuum cleaner is very simple unit to operate and can be controlled easily, simply by pressing a button - once for 'small room mode' and 30 minutes of operation or twice for 'large room mode' and 60 minutes of operation.

housmile robot vacuum replacement kitCleaning itself is done using two side brushes which push dust, debris, hair and other dirt toward the center of the unit, where the dirt is sucked into the unit. Side brushes are long enough to be able to reach wall edges, leaving no uncleaned area.

Note: side brushes can get entangled - when that happen, unit will automatically try to get them free by rotating them in the opposite direction.

Air filtration is done using HEPA style mechanical air filter, which filters around 99.7% of small particles - it is not true HEPA vacuum cleaner, but rather good in this price class.

What's in the box? Housmile 3071C vacuum cleaner comes with an AC power adapter (110-240C, 50/60 Hz), HEPA-style filter, 4 side brushes, 1 screw driver, and 4 screws.

Note: Although this is very simple to use robotic vacuum cleaner, be sure to read the manual/instructions that come with the unit. Also, be sure to charge the batteries fully before the first use.

During operation, unit is very quiet, much quieter than normal size vacuums.

Few potential problems:

- thanks to the drop down sensors, unit will protect itself from falling off the cliffs. However, it can have issues with traveling over dark floors (black carpet stripes, for example). This behavior is common for other robotic vacuums, too.

- unit can climb onto the thin carpets, and also off the thick carpets and rugs. Returning back onto such thick carpets and rugs can be problematic.

- cleaning of the multiple rooms is possible, just be sure to limit the space by closing required doors.

- carpets vs bare floors? Housmile 3071C does much better cleaning job on the bare floors.

housmile robot vacuum cleaner 2

Long Story Short: Housmile 3071C robotic vacuum cleaner is excellent entry level unit. It can't be compared with features that come with larger units, like iRobot Roomba vacuums, but such units often cost much more.

Best results are achieved on bare floors, but low-pile carpets are cleaned as well. Maintenance is easy, just be sure to charge the battery pack fully when required.

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