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ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum is versatile autonomous robotic vacuum, suitable for multi-surface cleaning, featuring 5-stage cleaning system, laser-based navigation, dry/wet mopping system, automatic recharge and resume cleaning etc.

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is WiFi enabled unit, using custom App for monitoring and controlling the unit. Also, it comes with full Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support.

Published: October 27, 2018.

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ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum Features and Specifications

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is typical robot vacuum cleaner - it is compact and round, with diameter of 14 inches (~35.6 cm) and height of 4 inches (~10.2 cm).

As one can see, it is slightly higher than most of the unit due to the Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) housing at the back of the robot's upper side.

Although ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 has higher clearance than most of the robot vacuum cleaners, it is still low enough to be able to clean under most of the beds and sofas. But, thanks to the LDS, it is able to map home/apartment and vacuum area using most efficient path.

Unit weighs 7.7 pounds (3.49 kg) and if required, it can be easily carried back to the charging station.

DEEBOT R95 features so-called '5-Stage Cleaning System', which includes:

ecovacs deebot r95 2- two sweep side brushes pick dirt aside and sweep it toward suction inlet and the brushroll. Also, side brushes are used for cleaning wall edges.

- V-shaped brushroll for picking deeply embedded dirt from carpets. Also, DEEBOT R95 features 'direct suction inlet', designed for picking up pet and human hairs without tangling around the brushroll. The 'direct suction inlet' should also be used for cleaning sensitive wooden floors, although the brushroll bristles are relatively gentle - better safe than sorry :)

- lifts the debris using suction 1430 Pa strong. Although there are much stronger upright, stick or canister vacuums, 1430 Pa for robot vacuum is very good suction.

- filters using multistage air filtration, including high-efficiency air filter.

- mops and dries in a single pass using onboard water tank and microfiber mop cloth. The use of water tank and microfiber mop cloth is optional and recommended only on bare floors, of course.

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is recommended for bare floors like hardwood, laminate, tiles and similar and for low-pile carpets. It can be used on medium-pile carpets with good results, but high-pile carpets and thick area rugs can be of an issue for this unit (and most similar units).

In order to clean such broad types of surfaces, R95 features automatic height adjustment system for driving wheels and main brushroll. Also, thanks to the relatively large wheels, it can climb carpets up to 16-18 mm (up to 0.7 inches).

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 features 2850 mAh lithium battery, providing up to 90 minutes of operation on a single battery charge. When the battery is depleted, thanks to LDS, smart navigation and mapping features, unit can locate its charging station, charge itself in ~4 hours and if required, it can automatically resume the cleaning task.

During operation, R95 makes some 69-70 dB of noise, although level of noise depends on the use of the brushroll, floor type and similar. In any case, it is not the quietest robotic vacuums on the market.

ecovacs deebot r95 3Using single battery charge, unit can clean up to 1615 square feet (~150 square meters), making this unit suitable for medium to large homes and apartments, with the SINGLE floor - unit obviously can't drive up and down the stairs and clean other floors.

Dirt bin capacity is 0.52 liters, which is good size for units like this one. Water tank capacity is 300 ml, and is filled using flask that is included with the unit.

Note: the use of water tank and microfiber mop pad is optional. If you have bare only floors, this feature can help in keeping floors dust free. However, if you really want to sanitize your floors, a good steam mop will do much better job. For people having mixed floors who want to use this feature, simply map the home and using smartphone App restrict your DEEBOT R95 to bare floors only - it is that simple :)

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Sensors and Navigation System

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 features full set of sensors, required for operating in ever-changing environment, like homes and apartments, even with pets and kids.

To prevent unit from falling off the stairs, it features anti-cliff sensors. For anti-collision, it features infra-red collision sensors, but also a bumper rail, to sense actual hits and to adapt to them.

And the best of all, there is a laser sensor used for mapping purposes.

As the unit maps the area, it adapts to it and calculate optimum trajectory for cleaning mapped area in the most efficient way. Map can be seen on the smartphone and used for planing and monitoring, for example, user can opt which room the robot can clean first, user can set virtual wall to prevent robot from accessing and cleaning that area, etc.

Note: at the moment, unit can store only one map. Also, many actions from the user (like lifting it from the docking station) and similar simply erase the current map, which can be very annoying. Manufacturer is aware of this 'issue' and there is a great chance that it will be addressed in the future versions of firmware, App and vacuum itself.

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 doesn't feature classic IR remote control. It does have AUTO button for automatic cleaning, but in order to use its potential fully, one has to use smartphone App. Also, thanks to the WiFi, unit also supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant - for short, user can simply tell the unit what to do and R95 robot vacuum will do it.

echo dot 3rd gen

In order to use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, additional components must be purchased (since they are sold separately).

For example, if you would like to use Amazon Alexa, Echo Dot device is required, which can be used for other purposes, too, not just for controlling DEEBOT R95, like playing music, reading the news, checking the weather etc.

For more information about it, check Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Using App, user can receive various reports from the unit. Also, R95 features 'voice reporting' in real time - unit can tell the user its current state, like 'charging', 'cleaning' and similar.

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 ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Cleaning Modes

Using smartphone App, R95 can be scheduled to clean at the specific time, using several of cleaning modes:

- Auto cleaning mode: unit starts with the cleaning, maps the terrain (or check the onboard map), calculates the optimum cleaning path and cleans the area until the area is cleaned, or until the battery runs low. When low battery condition occurs, R95 finds the charging dock, recharges the battery automatically and resumes with the cleaning task (if set to do so).

- Area cleaning mode: unit cleans only designated area at the given time. This way, for example, unit can clean rooms while kids are at school, and kitchen when everybody is sleeping, and similar.

- Spot cleaning mode: unit cleans only one designated area in one room.

 ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Maintenance

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is not maintenance free robot vacuum:

replacement kit- dust bin should be emptied after each cleaning.

- dust bin and filter net can be washed using plain water. High performance filter is not washable - it can be tapped to release the fine dust, but again, it can't be washed. When the high performance filter gets dirty, replace it with the new one.

- microfiber mop pad can be washed by hands or using washing machine.

- V-shaped brushroll is excellent for picking dirt and hair, but it is not tangle-free brushroll. From time to time it must be removed from the unit and cleaned manually.

- side brushes, wheels, sensors and rest of the unit should be cleaned using dry cloth.

Maintenance and replacement frequency depends on the frequency of use, cleaned area, type of dirt and other reasons.

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is not the simplest robot vacuum on the market, so in order to get yourself familiarized with the unit, be sure to thoroughly read the manual.

ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 comes with 1-year limited warranty.

When it arrives, box contain R95 robot vacuum, main brush, suction inlet, extra mop cloth, mot attachment, extra filter, 2 extra side brushes, user manual, measuring cup, charging base, adapter and cleaning tool.

ecovacs deebot r95 mLong Story Short: ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 is versatile robot cleaner that comes with excellent navigation system, good cleaning capabilities, good suction, reporting etc. Also, considering its features, it is far from being pricey, IMHO of course.

There is only one thing that can be really annoying - when the unit is manually moved, or turned for changing the mop or anything similar, unit rebuilds the map. Again, manufacturer is aware of this 'issue' and it is possible that it will be addressed in the future versions of firmware, App and the robot itself.

If you are looking for advanced robot vacuum cleaner, with advanced features and with medium price tag, consider ECOVACS DEEBOT R95.

For more reviews and recommendations, check ECOVACS DEEBOT R95 Robotic Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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