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Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is mid range robotic vacuum cleaner, very similar to RoboVac 11S and RoboVac 30C in design and size, sharing with them most of the best features, but also differing slightly from them.

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C features good suction and triple air filtration, a pair of side brushes, several cleaning modes, WiFi connectivity, compatibility with Amazon Alexa, but it can also be controlled via simple IR remote.

Updated: August 8, 2019.

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Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Features and Specifications

When unit arrives, package contains Eufy RoboVac 15C, remote control (2 AAA batteries included), charging base, AC power adapter, cleaning tool, extra set of high-performance filters, 4 side brushes, 5 cable ties, and the manual.

Note: Although Eufy RoboVac 15C is relatively simple to use and maintain robot vacuum, it is highly recommended to read the manual first to get accustomed to the unit.

Eufy RoboVac 15C is designed for cleaning small and medium range homes and apartments. It doesn't feature any advanced navigation system, but during a single battery charge cleaning, it can clean rather large area - actual size depends on the type and amount of dirt and type of floors, since vacuuming, for example, pet and human hair from the medium-pile carpets requires more power, discharging the robot's battery faster.

Unit is powered via lithium ion battery that provides up to 100 minutes of operation on bare floors and low-pile carpets. When BoostIQ system is used, suction is increased to its maximum of 1300 Pa, but maximum operating time is decreased to 'just' 35-40 minutes.

Such decrease of operating time when maximum suction is used is common for all robot/cordless vacuums, not just for RoboVac 15C.

But, unlike some similar robot vacuums, Eufy RoboVac 15C does a good cleaning job even on medium pile carpets. But, it performs the best on the bare floors.

Eufy RoboVac 15C automatically docks itself for a recharge, but it doesn't resume the cleaning task after being fully recharged.

When positioning the charging station, it is recommended to leave some 3 feet of free space on both sides and some 6-7 feet of free space in front of the charging station - this helps the robot locate and dock with the charging station.

Using IR remote or smartphone app, user can set 7-day cleaning schedules. Since this is very quiet unit, many users set it to clean during the night in the areas where nobody sleeps or when there is nobody at home.

Although Eufy RoboVac 15C features very low profile (just 2.85 inches, ~7.3 cm), it can easily traverse various floor types, with the height difference of up to 0.63 inches (16 mm). If the unit gets stuck, it will 'beep' for help.

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Eufy RoboVac 15C cleans combining two side brushes that clean edges and corners well and 'push' the dirt toward the central suction inlet, where the dirt is cleaned using main brushroll and strong suction.

Main brushroll helps clean various type of dirt, but it is not of tangle-free design and the user has to periodically clean the entangled pet and human hair, lint, fibers and similar dirt.

Although Eufy RoboVac 15C is rather compact unit, it features triple air filtration system and 0.6 liters dirt bin.

Although air filtration is not true HEPA, air filtration is rather good and it is based on the combination of dual-layer air filter and one high-performance air filter.

Depending on the use, dirt bin should be emptied regularly, preferably after each use, especially when the unit is used for cleaning heavily soiled floors. Dirt bin can be emptied quickly and easily, directly into the trash can.

To navigate the area, Eufy RoboVac 15C uses set of sensors:

- cliff sensors to avoid dropping off the cliffs, like stairs and similar obstacles,

- IR sensors to avoid bumping the objects like walls, furniture, sofas and similar,

- it also features a soft bumper, since robot vacuums will occasionally bump into something, especially when cleaning in 'edge' mode along the baseboards, stairs etc.

Note: Eufy RoboVac 15C also features an anti-scratch tempered glass top cover to protect it from items that might fall onto it. Also, it can be used for carrying the pets and drinks around the home, but that is not what it is designed for :)

Eufy RoboVac 15C Maintenance

eufy boostiq robovac 15c 3Eufy RoboVac 15C is simple to maintain robot vacuum cleaner. Maintenance tasks include:

- emptying the dirt bin, preferably after each vacuuming,

- since main brushroll and the side brushes pick various hair and lint that get entangled around the bristles, they must be cleaned manually,

- primary screen and foam filters must be periodically washed, while HEPA-style filter can be tapped onto the trash can to remove as much dirt as possible. Some users even vacuum it using the main vacuum cleaner. Also, filters should be replaced from time to time, depending mostly on the vacuum's usage, floor and dirt type, etc.

- check sensors and wheels periodically, and if required, clean them.

If you are unsure about certain procedures, read the manual again.

Since side brushes, air filters and the main brushroll must be replaced periodically, it is a good practice to have spares ready.

The most cost-effective solution is to get OEM's Eufy RoboVac Replacement Kit (Amazon link, link opens in the new window), which includes 4 side brushes, 3 sets of high-performance filters and foam filters, and 1 rolling brush.

Eufy RoboVac 11S vs. Eufy RoboVac 15C vs. Eufy RoboVac 30C

Eufy RoboVac 11S, Eufy RoboVac 15C, and Eufy RoboVac 30C are very similar units, differing in few, very important details. The list of their similarities and differences are given in the following table:

Model Eufy RoboVac 11S Eufy RoboVac 15C Eufy RoboVac 30C
Photo eufy robovac 11s table eufy boostiq robovac 15c m eufy boostiq robovac 30c table
Maximum Suction 1300 Pa 1300 Pa 1500 Pa
BoostIQ Technology Yes Yes Yes
Dirt Cup Capacity 0.6 liters 0.6 liters 0.6 liters
Height 2.85 inches 2.85 inches 2.85 inches
Maximum Climb Height 0.63 inches 0.63 inches 0.63 inches
Boundary Strips No No Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity No Yes Yes
Voice Control No Yes Yes
Surface Types Hard floors, low- and medium-pile carpets  Hard floors, low- and medium-pile carpets Hard floors, low- and medium-pile carpets 
Triple-Filter System Yes Yes Yes
Daily Scheduling Yes Yes  Yes
Maximum Cleaning Time 100 min 100 min  100 min
Amazon Link Eufy Boost IQ RoboVac 11S Slim Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30C

Note: Amazon links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the latest prices and offers.

As one can see, these are three very similar units.

Eufy RoboVac 11S vs Eufy RoboVac 15C - unlike Eufy RoboVac 11S, Eufy Robovac 15C features WiFi connectivity and can be controlled using Eufy smartphone app. Also, Eufy RoboVac 15C support voice control using Amazon Alexa.

Eufy RoboVac 15C vs Eufy RoboVac 30C - unlike Eufy RoboVac 15C, Eufy RoboVac 30C support the use of magnetic boundary strips in order to limit the areas where robot vacuum is allowed to clean. Also, Eufy RoboVac 30C features somewhat stronger suction (1500 vs. 1300 Pa) - although 200 Pa doesn't sound much, in certain situations can be important, for example, when vacuuming medium-pile carpets.

Note that older Eufy RoboVac 30 (without the 'C' after the number '30'), also support the use of magnetic strips, but doesn't support WiFi connectivity.

For more about these vacuums, feel free to check our Eufy RoboVac 11, RoboVac 11+, RoboVac 11c and RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuums - Reviews and Comparison and Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 30 and RoboVac 30C Robotic Vacuum Cleaners articles.

Long Story Short: Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C is slim and compact robot vacuum cleaner that gets its job done.

It doesn't come with advanced navigation, 'recharge and resume' feature, magnetic boundary strips etc. but it is easy to use, control and maintain, and it doesn't cost very much, especially not considering what it is offering to its new owners - a way to clean the home floors automatically, day after day, with minimum attention from its owners.

If you are interested in home robotic vacuum, consider this model - the use of Eufy Home app is not mandatory, but people who like new gadgets will find out that its use is not complicated. On a contrary ...

For more reviews and recommendations, check Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Amazon link (link opens in the new windows).

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