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Coredy R300 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy R300 is a simple to use and maintain, rather affordable robot vacuum cleaner. Coredy R300 is an entry level robot vacuum that doesn't support many advanced features, but in the end, it does its cleaning tasks well, allowing the user to save both the money and effort.

Strong suction in combination with a pair of side brushes, and recharge and resume function, ensures that the Coredy R300 is able to maintain clean relatively large areas.

Published: February 21, 2020.

coredy r300 1

Coredy R300 Features and Specifications

Coredy R300 is not WiFi enabled unit - it is controlled using control buttons on the top of the unit, or preferably using the IR control device (with 2 AAA batteries included).

Some users prefer WiFi enabled units that even support the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant, while other users prefer simpler units.

Coredy R300 is rather compact unit with diameter of 12.6 inches (32 cm) and height of only 2.7 inches (~6.9 cm), allowing the unit to clean under most beds and sofas.

coredy r300 low profile

Unit is powered with high-capacity 14.4V 2600 mAh battery, allowing the unit operating time up to 110 minutes and ability to clean almost 1615 ft2 (150 m2) on the single battery charge.

Despite not having intelligent mapping navigation system, Coredy R300 not only it is able to recharge automatically, but also it is able to resume cleaning task once the battery is being recharged.

When positioning the charging station, be sure to leave some area free around the charging station, to help the unit locate and dock the charging station.

When the battery is fully discharged, it takes on average 4 hours to fully charge the battery.

During automatic scheduled cleaning, Coredy R300 uses random moving pattern, but it cleans all the surfaces rather well.

Coredy R300 cleans by combining a pair of side brushes, relatively strong suction of 1400 Pa and bare floor dust scraper - Coredy R300 doesn't feature motorized brushroll, making it less efficient on high-pile and thick carpets and area rugs.

coredy r300 bare floor

Coredy R300 comes with the set of sensors that allows the unit to navigate ever-changing environment, gently touching (or bumping) the walls and furniture.

To prevent the unit from falling down the stairs, Coredy R300 features cliff sensors that prevent the unit from falling off the stairs. Nonetheless, it is recommended to physically block the unit from navigating such areas - better safe than sorry.

Since the unit doesn't have intelligent navigation mapping system and it doesn't support the use of magnetic strips or virtual walls of any kind, the best way to contain the Coredy R300 in a single room is to close the - doors.

Note: some users put matte dark/black duct tape on the floor to prevent the unit from crossing - as the unit reaches the matte black tape, cliff sensors detect 'false' cliff and the unit turns the other way. Since cliff sensors do their job well, this is not 100% sure way of preventing the unit from entering certain area. Also, it is not officially supported, of course, by Coredy.

Coredy R300 features three wheels, like most similar robot vacuums, ensuring good manueuverabilty and keeping the unit's drive system as simple as possible.

Coredy R300 is intended for vacuuming of the most types of the bare floors, like hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl and similar, and for vacuuming low-pile carpets and area rugs. In order to navigate on and off the carpets and area rugs, Coredy R300 is designed to be able to climb 0.59 inches (15 mm) tall obstacles.

coredy r300 dirt bin

Vacuumed dirt is collected into the center positioned dirt bin featuring 0.3 liters capacity - dirt bin could be larger, but it is easily removed from the unit and quickly emptied into the trashcan.

Air filtration is good, although Coredy doesn't state actual HEPA level of their Coredy R300 robot vacuum.

Air filtration system is based on the combination of mechanical pre-filter and high-performance exhaust air filter.

High-performance air filter is not washable, but when emptying the dirt bin, be sure to tap it onto the inner side of the trashcan to remove fine dirt from its surface.

Note: Coredy R300 is simple to use and maintain robot vacuum, but nonetheless when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly and get accustomed to your new robot vacuum.

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Coredy R300 Cleaning Modes

In order to do its tasks properly, Coredy R300 features several cleaning modes, including:

Auto Cleaning - Coredy R300 navigates the area using random pattern, gently touching the walls, furniture and other floor objects, changing the direction. Auto Cleaning mode is used most of the time when the unit has to clean large(r) area, scheduled or not.

Spot Cleaning - Coredy R300 intensively cleans in spiral motion area around 1 meter in diameter twice, once going outward from the starting point and another time by going inward to the starting point. Spot Cleaning mode is commonly used when very dirty areas must be thoroughly cleaned.

Lower Suction Cleaning - Coredy R300 cleans the area using reduced suction. This mode is commonly used when vacuuming during the night for example, because the reduced suction also reduces noise - Coredy R300 is not noisy unit, but sometimes every dB counts.

Edge Cleaning - Coredy R300 locate the walls and edges of furniture and cleans them thoroughly. Edge Cleaning mode is the cleaning mode that is used at the end of every cleaning cycle, but by choosing Edge Cleaning Mode manually, user can speed things a little bit.

coredy r300 edge cleaning

Single Room Cleaning - Coredy R300 cleans intensively for 30 minutes and then stops the cleaning cycle. This mode is intended for cleaning smaller areas, single rooms (hence the name) and similar. Since Coredy R300 doesn't feature advanced navigation system, it is necessary to somehow confine the unit it that room - again, close the doors.

Although robot vacuums can't replace manual vacuuming, they can be of great help - in most situations, it is the best practice to set Scheduled cleaning via remote control and let the unit regularly clean your home.

Coredy R300 Maintenance

Coredy R300 is simple to maintain robot vacuum cleaner. Its maintenance tasks include:

- Dirt Bin: empty it after each use. For example, let the unit clean your home every day and in the morning/evening, empty the dirt bin.

- High-Performance Air Filter: tap it once or twice per week onto the hard inner surface of the trashcan in order to remove dust and other small dirt particles from the air filter. Since performances of the unit depend on this air filter, be sure to replace it every 2 months.

coredy r300 brushes air filter

- Side Brushes: replace the side brushes when they are visibly worn out - replacement frequency highly depends on the floor types and the surface condition.

Other tasks include keeping the unit clean - every month gently clean charging station, charging contacts on the vacuum, side brushes, caster wheel, main wheels, cliff and floor sensors etc.

Spare parts may be ordered from online shops or from Coredy directly.

Coredy R300 vs iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

irobot roomba 690 miRobot Roomba 690 is one of the most popular robot vacuums on the market and it set many standards for other robot vacuums.

When trying to determine how good or bed a robot vacuum cleaner is, it is often compared with Roomba 690.

When compared with iRobot Roomba 690, Coredy R300 is very similar in appearance, but there are also many differences:

- Coredy R300 is only 2.7 inches tall, while Roomba 690 features height of 3.7 inches,

- Coredy R300's diameter is 12.6 inches, while Roomba 690 diameter is 13 inches,

- Coredy R300 comes with 300 ml dirt cup and iRobot Roomba 300 comes with 600 ml dirt cup - the price of being a really compact robot vacuum,

- Coredy R300 comes with two side brushed, but Roomba 690 features only one. On the other hand, Coredy R300 doesn't feature main brushroll and have issues with deep carpet cleaning, while Roomba's brushroll cleans very well low- and medium-pile carpets and area rugs,

- Coredy R300 operating time on the single battery charge is up to 110 minutes, while Roomba 690 may clean up to 60 minutes on the carpets and up to 90 minutes on the bare floors,

- Coredy R300 is not WiFi enabled unit, while Roomba 690 not only that is WiFi enabled unit, but it also support the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant,

- Coredy R300 is controlled using remote control unit, while Roomba 690 is controlled via iRobot Home App,

- Coredy R300 doesn't support the use of virtual walls or barriers, while iRobot Roomba support the use of Dual Mode Virtual Wall Barrier,

- Coredy R300 support the recharge and resume feature, while iRobot Roomba 690 doesn't - although Coredy R300 doesn't navigate and clean accurately, with some spots being cleaned multiple times.

- Coredy R300 is cheaper robot vacuum cleaner.

As one can see, iRobot Roomba 690 is more advanced robot vacuum cleaner, but Coredy R300 does its job well, too.

If You are looking for a simple, affordable, entry-level robot vacuum cleaner that will help you keep your home clean and you don't need 'advanced' features found at more expensive models, consider Coredy R300 vacuum cleaner.

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