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Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner is a large and sturdy carpet washer/cleaner featuring two separate tanks, 12 rows of rotating Dual DirtLifter Power Brushes, three cleaning modes, a wide cleaning path, etc.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat is very similar to the somewhat older BISSELL 1548 ProHeat (note missing 'F') carpet washer/cleaner, but they share the same design philosophy, and most of the features and specifications are practically the same.

Updated: November 5, 2022.

bissell 1548f 1

Bissell 1548F ProHeat Features and Specifications

Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner is intended for deep cleaning of carpets and area rugs that tolerate such cleaning/washing using the cleaning solution (warm tap water mixed with the liquid detergent/cleaning formula) and a pair of rotating brushes.

A cleaning solution is sprayed over the cleaned area, after which the rotating brushes deeply clean carpets and area rugs, removing dirty liquids, embedded dirt, pet hair, lint, and other types of dirt.

The dirty liquid is stored in a separate tank and can be easily removed after the cleaning task is completed.

bissell 1548f 2

The main cleaner foot consists of 12 rows of rotating Dual DirtLifter Power Brushes and edge bristles and is used for dispersing the cleaning solution via a trigger on the handle, ensuring that the user has complete control over the amount of dispersed cleaning liquid and hence the drying time.

The cleaning path is 11 inches wide (~28 cm), helping the user to clean a relatively large area quickly.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat is rated at 6.8 Amps and is powered via 22 feet (~6.7 m) long power cord, which is manually wrapped around wrap hooks at the back of the unit.

At first, 22 feet long power cord doesn't sound very long (some vacuum cleaners feature 30+ feet long power cords), but Bissell 1548F ProHeat comes with additional 7 feet (~2.1 m) long cleaning hose and a set of cleaning tools for cleaning/washing upholstery, stairs, furniture, pet beds, and similar surfaces.

Also, the cleaner foot features a low profile, allowing the user to clean under the beds and similar objects, although the unit's reach is usually not long enough to be able to clean under the full bed's width.

bissell 1548f 4

Bissell 1548F ProHeat weighs ~18 pounds (~8.2 kg) with empty tanks and is not the lightest carpet washer/cleaner on the market, but it is also far from being heavy.

Most of the unit's weight rests on a pair of large wheels, enabling the unit to glide over various carpets and area rugs easily.

Although Bissell 1548F ProHeat combines spinning brushes and suction to pick up dirt and liquids, it is NOT intended to be used as a vacuum only.

In fact, it is recommended by Bissell to vacuum heavily soiled carpets first with a carpet vacuum cleaner and only then to wash them using Bissell 1548F ProHeat or any similar carpet washer/cleaner.

The clean water tank features a 1-gallon capacity, enabling the user to clean large areas without interruptions. Bissell 1548F ProHeat doesn't come with a classic water heater, but the use of warm (up to 140°F, 60°C) tap water is recommended to improve the cleaning.

Also, Bissell's so-called Heatwave Technology keeps the water warm.

Note: tap water hotter than 140°F/60°C may damage the unit. Also, before cleaning, check your carpets to ensure that they can be washed/cleaned with warm water. Bissell 1548F ProHeat is a relatively simple-to-use and maintain carpet washer, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

bissell 1548f 5

 Bissell 1548F ProHeat comes with three cleaning modes:

  • Express Clean mode is used for light cleaning tasks and for refreshing the carpets. With the recommended cleaning pace of 12 inches per second (1 foot per second; 30 cm per second), the average carpet drying time in laboratory conditions is ~30 minutes. In real life, this drying time can be even shorter, depending on the amount of applied liquids, room temperature, draft over the cleaned carpets, and similar.
  • Deep Clean mode is used for regular, thorough carpet cleaning. Drying time again depends on the local conditions, which can take several hours. Note: Express Clean mode uses half of the amount of the cleaning formula used in the Deep Clean mode.
  • Max Clean mode is used for cleaning extra dirt carpets. Even in laboratory conditions drying time is ~8 hours, but it can be shorter if the room is warm and if the draft is present.

Note: depending on the amount of applied liquid, cleaning liquid can penetrate the whole height of the carpet, down to the surface below the carpet. If the carpet is regularly washed with Bissell 1548F ProHeat or any similar carpet washer/cleaner, it is recommended that the surface under the carpet is water/moisture resistant - glazed tiles, for example. Sealed hardwood floors are resistant to moisture, but if they develop cracks over time, moisture from the carpet can enter the wood and cause it to buckle and even rot.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat is intended for carpet cleaning/washing, and by default, it can't be used for bare floor cleaning.

But, Bissell manufactures the so-called Bare Floor Tool, which can be purchased from online shops rather cheaply - personally, I have no idea why it is not included with the Bissell 1548F ProHeat.

bissell 1548f 3

Bare Floor Tool is easily attached to the front part of the main cleaner foot of the Bissell 1548F ProHeat, allowing the user to quickly and rather easily wash bare floors, too.

In order to successfully clean various types of dirt from the carpets and bare floors (if Bare Floor Tool is available), Bissell's cleaning formulas are added to the warm tap water in the clean water tank. bissell 1548f 6

By default, Bissell 1548F ProHeat comes with Bissell's Professional Deep Cleaning Formula and Deep Clean + Antibacterial Formula - trial bottle sizes.

It is recommended to use only Bissell's cleaning formulas intended for upright carpet cleaners/washers and to use them strictly according to the instructions - when used as such, these cleaning formulas are safe for both pets and kids.

Note: some users complain from time to time that their carpets' surfaces feel "soapy." A clean water tank comes with a water fill line and the cleaning formula fill line, so be sure not to add too much cleaning formula. But, if your carpets nonetheless feel soapy or sticky after washing, add just half of the cleaning formula or perhaps rinse the carpets with water only.

Bissell offers a broad range of upright carpet cleaning formulas, so be sure to choose according to your personal needs and preferences.

The most popular Bissell cleaning formulas are:

  • Bissell Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula,
  • Bissell PRO MAX Clean,
  • Bissell Pet Stain & Odor,
  • Bissell Deep Clean + Oxy, etc.

For cleaning extra dirty stains and tough messes, it is recommended to pretreat the stains and messes with the Bissell Pretreat and Boost formulas.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Cleaning Tools

For deep cleaning of pet beds, stairs, beds, sofas, smaller carpets, and area rugs, Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet comes with two additional cleaning tools that are attached to the cleaning hose:

3" Tough Stain Tool

bissell 1548f tough stain tool

3" Tough Stain Tool is used for manual cleaning of stains on carpets, area rugs, stairs, and similar.

By pressing Spray Trigger, cleaning liquid is released over the dirty area, after which the user must manually scrub the carpet spot while the strong suction removes dirty liquid and dries the surface.

Pet Stain Tool

bissell 1548f pet stain tool

Pet Stain Tool operates at a very similar principle like the Stain Tool, except that the Pet Stain Tool also features spray tips that reach deep into the carpet fibers and directly soak deeply embedded dirt, helping the user thoroughly clean tough pet messes and similar "issues."

Pet Stain Tool is also a manual cleaning tool, requiring the user to scrub the soiled area while the strong suction removes the dirty liquid and dries the surface.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Bissell 1548F ProHeat Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common Frequently asked questions about Bissell 1548F ProHeat.

How do I use my Bissell ProHeat Pet Revolution?

Bissell ProHeat Pet Revolution is a very simple to use and maintain carpet cleaner, but when it arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide/manual in order to get accustomed to your new carpet cleaner.

Generally, add tap warm water to the Clean Water Tank, add some cleaning formula, place the tank back into the unit, plug the unit in the wall, choose the cleaning mode and - clean the carpets and other similar surfaces. It is that simple.

After the cleaning task is done, rinse and clean your carpet cleaner - for exact cleaning procedures, check the manual.

Is the Bissell Revolution Pet Pro a vacuum? Can Bissell carpet cleaner be used as a vacuum?

Bissell Revolution Pet (Pro) features good suction, but it should not be used as a vacuum cleaner only.

The suction is used to remove the dirty liquids off the cleaned carpets, area rugs, and similar surfaces.

When there is a need to clean/wash heavily soiled areas, it is even recommended to vacuum such areas with a dedicated carpet vacuum cleaner and only then with the Bissell Revolution Pet (Pro) carpet cleaners.

Why is my Bissell Pet Pro not suctioning?

If there is power available and the brushrolls are spinning, check for potential blockages.

What does a Bissell Pet Pro do?

It deeply cleans carpets, area rugs, pet beds, stairs, upholstery, and similar surfaces by combining cleaning formula/solution, spinning brushes, and relatively strong suction to remove dirty liquids from the floors.

For Short: Bissell 1548F ProHeat washes various types of carpets deeply and thoroughly, and when the Bare Floor Tool is available, it can also be used for cleaning bare floors.

Thanks to the 12 rows of rotating Dual DirtLifter Power Brushes, three cleaning modes, Heatwave Technology, dual tanks, etc. Bissell 1548F ProHeat can help the user keep the floors and elevated surfaces much cleaner.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Bissell 1548F ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Full Size Upright Carpet Cleaner Amazon link (the link opens in the new windows).

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