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Deik Car Vacuum Cleaner - Model SVC1021-C

Deik SVC1021-C is very affordable and versatile specialized car vacuum cleaner. Unit is powered via 12V cigarette lighter adapter and uses energy stored in the main car battery. Since it draws 'only' 7 Amps, single cleaning even of larger SUV or truck can't discharge car's battery significantly.

Deik SVC1021-C comes with the set of additional cleaning tools, helping the user clean even the most awkward and hard to reach surfaces in the car.

Published: December 15, 2017.

deik car vacuum cleaner 1

According to the manufacturer, power cable is 16 feet long (~4.9 m), but some users claim that their vacuums have 14 feet (~4.3) long power cables. In any case, such power cable is more than long enough to enable cleaning even of the large SUVs and trucks easily.

During operation, unit draws 7 Amps of current (~85W of power) and provides around 4.5 kPa of suction. Such suction is good enough for thorough cleaning of various types of dirt one can commonly found in the car: cigarette ash, sand, dust, hair, lint, gravel etc. Note that this vacuum is not designed for moist or wet dirt and especially NOT liquids.

During 20 minutes of operation, unit discharge ~2.33 Ah from the main battery, which is nothing for modern car batteries, designed to support all kinds of electronic equipment especially when the car is not running. Just to be sure, if you already have issues with your battery, don't vacuum the car using this or any similar vacuum cleaner - go to the car workshop and get yourself a new battery.

Note: some users complain that this vacuum cleaner doesn't work unless the engine is running. This only happens in the cars where cigarette light adapters are powered down (offline) when the engine is not running - or at least dashboard must be powered up.

It is recommended to make a break after 30 minutes of constant operation, so that the unit can cool down - personally, if your car is that dirty that it takes more than 30 minutes to vacuum it, go to the commercial car wash and clean the car with the commercial vacuum.

Deik SVC1021-C vacuum comes with multilayered air filtration - cyclonic dirt-air separation, stainless steel mechanical filter and mesh filter. Air filtration is very good, just be sure to regularly empty the dust cup and clean the filters.

Filters and attachments are washable, but for exact cleaning procedures and to get accustomed to your new vacuum, read the manual thoroughly.

Note: never operate vacuum without filters and never assemble the unit with wet filters.

Deik SVC1021-C is very useful car vacuum cleaner and it comes with lifetime warranty - although it is rather cheap, most parts are made using metal, not some cheap plastic commonly found in similar models. Nice touch!

Deik SVC1021-C Cleaning Attachments

Deik SVC1021-C comes with several well designed and more important, very usable attachments that actually can help when cleaning your car.

deik car vacuum cleaner attachments

Crevice Tool is designed for cleaning tight and narrow gaps and edges, between seats and other hard to reach surfaces.

Dusting Brush bristles agitate dust, sand and other particles on various surfaces, helping the air stream to pick them into the vacuum itself.

Extension Wand and Flexible Cleaning Hose increase the reach of both Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush, helping the user to clean the car more thoroughly.

Carry Bag is used for storing and carrying the vacuum and all its accessories.

Long Story Short - Deik SVC1021-C is excellent choice for people requiring 12V car vacuum cleaner. It is cheap, reliable, has great set of cleaning attachments and a lifetime warranty. Suction is good, perhaps could be stronger, but this is not mains powered unit. Air filtration is not true HEPA class, but nonetheless very good.

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