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Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W Cordless Hand Car Vac

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is simple and affordable, but also a relatively strong and durable cordless, bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning various types of dirt from cars, pet beds, stairs, upholstery, furniture, and similar.

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W features three additional, very useful cleaning tools, helping the user reach and clean areas that are sometimes difficult to clean with full-size vacuums.

As a versatile and compact vacuum, Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W may be used for quick cleanups, regular smaller cleaning tasks, but also in emergencies - very important for people with pets and kids.

Published: February 27, 2021.

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Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W Features and Specifications

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is powered by a 4-cells 14.4 volts power fade-free lithium-ion built-in battery, offering up to 20 minutes of constant operation on the single battery charge.

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W doesn't feature a charging dock or stand - the unit is simply charged by plugging in the charger plug into the unit and when the battery is fully charged, the charger may be unplugged.

Note: Although Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is very simple to use and maintain cordless vacuum cleaner when it arrives be sure to read the manual thoroughly - better safe than sorry. Also, despite often being advertised as 'car vacuum cleaner', Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W should not be left in the car during the winter or summer.

When the unit arrives, its battery is not fully charged for safety reasons during the transport - before the very first use, be sure to charge the battery for at least 8 hours.

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W features signal LEDs that notify the user about the current condition of the vacuum:

- charging: blinking red light (1 second),

- fully charged: green light (on 10 minutes, then blinks every 1 minute),

- charger, battery, or motor problem: red and green blinking light (contact Consumer Care),

- in use: solid green light,

- low battery charge: blinking red light (0.5 seconds),

- battery discharged: solid red light (3 seconds),

- motorized brushroll stall: solid red light, then unit shuts off.

Controls of the Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W are very simple and are positioned on the handle:

- On/Off Button is used for turning the unit On and Off. Since Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W operate at a single power level, there are additional power setting buttons/sliders.

- control LED light signals to the user's current condition of the vacuum.

- Dirt Cup Release Button is used for detaching the dirt cup from the unit when emptying it.

And that is all - simplicity at its finest :)

The dirt cup capacity is 0.7 liters which is a rather large dirt cup for handheld vacuum in this class.

bissell auto mate 2284 dirt cup

Also, the dirt cup is transparent, allowing the user to see the amount and type of vacuumed dirt.

Note: Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is intended for vacuuming dry dirt only. Moist or wet dirt and especially liquids may damage the unit and render its 1-year warranty void.

Dirt cup detaches rather easily from the rest of the unit and may be easily emptied directly into the trashcan. Although the dirt cup is relatively large, it is recommended to empty it after each vacuuming.

Air filtration is based on the mechanical air filtration done by mesh filter, pleated air filter, and foam air filter.

bissell auto mate 2284 air filters

Bissell doesn't state actual HEPA level (or air filtration level), but Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is not a true HEPA vacuum cleaner, although its air filtration is good.

Note: since actual suction heavily depends on the filter condition, it is recommended to periodically tap the mesh and pleated air filters onto the hard inner surface of the trashcan - this cleans very fine dust and other debris that may clog the air filters.

Also, all three air filters are washable using mild detergent and tap water - just be sure that the air filters are fully dry before reassembling them back into the unit.

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W Cleaning Tools

Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W comes with three additional cleaning tools.

bissell auto mate 2284 cleaning tools

LED Lighted Crevice Tool is attached to the Bissell 2284W using a specialty crevice tool adapter and it will remain lit as long as the tool is connected to the adapter.

Power comes from a pair of built-in non-rechargeable lithium CR1632 batteries, which may be replaced when required.

LED Lighted Crevice Tool is intended for detailed cleaning hard-to-reach areas even in low-light conditions.

Flexible Crevice Tool is another narrow and elongated cleaning tool intended for detailed cleaning of car interiors, edges, corners, and other hard-to-reach and clean surfaces.

Motorized Brushroll Tool features spinning brushroll that deeply cleans carpeted and upholstered surfaces like car seats, smaller carpets and area rugs, stairs, pet beds, and similar.

Motorized Brushroll Tool does its cleaning task very well, but it must be periodically cleaned by the user.

bissell auto mate 2284 2

For Short: Bissell Auto-Mate 2284W is an affordable and very useful compact handheld vacuum cleaner. Since it weighs only 3.1 pounds (~1.4 kg) it can be easily used by elderly people and even kids (kids under the supervision of adults).

While many cleaning tasks can be done using an ordinary vacuum nozzle, additional cleaning tools may really help in detailed cleaning of different types of dry dirt from most common surfaces found at homes, in cars, and similar.

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