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Bissell 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2254 CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet Vacuum Cleaner is an upright vacuum cleaner with additional flexible hose and cleaning wand, being designed as the main vacuum cleaner for cleaning practically all surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments, from the floor to the ceiling.

Bissell 2254 is corded, bagless vacuum, featuring automatic power cord rewind system and additional cleaning tools, with the emphasize on cleaning the pet and human hair and other similar dirt, often hard to clean.

Updated: October 25, 2019.

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Bissell 2254 CleanView - Features and Specifications

When used as classic upright vacuum cleaner, thanks to its swivel mechanism, Bissell 2254 is very manueverable unit, being able to clean around the various objects and obstacles commonly found on the floors.

Bissell 2254 weighs 16 pounds (~7.25 kg) and it is far from being lightweight unit to be carried around, especially for elderly people.

However, most of the weight is low to the ground and rests on large wheels - unit is easy to use and traverse the floors.

Unit is designed for cleaning various floor types, including area rugs, carpets, bare floors, pet beds, stairs, upholstery etc.

Bissell 2254 CleanView is powered via 8 Amps motor, providing plenty of suction via 27 feet (~8.2 m) long power cord. Bissell 2254 features automatic power cord rewind system, allowing the user to store the power cord with the simple press of the button.

Flexible cleaning hose is 8 feet (~2.44 m) long, and in combination with 27 feet long power cord, extension wand and additional cleaning tools, provides very long cleaning range of 35+ feet from the single wall power socket.

bissell 2254 main cleaner head

Main cleaner head is used for cleaning various types of floors.

It features 'Triple Action' brushroll, designed to loosen, lift and remove deeply embedded dirt, including pet and human hair, lint, fibers, pollen, dust and other dirt and potential allergens.

Brushroll is not of 'tangle-free' design and periodically user has to clean it from entangled hair and fibers.

Main cleaner head also features so-called 'Scatter-Free' technology, which basically prevents the dirt from being scattered around instead of being cleaned in one or two passes.

Maximum cleaning width is 13.5 inches (~34.3 cm), allowing the user to clean large areas quickly. Although main cleaner head is wide, thanks to the swivel mechanism and low center of gravity, unit can clean around obstacles easily. And if the gaps are too narrow for the main cleaner head, feel free to use cleaning hose with the extension wand and some of the available cleaning tools and attachments.

bissell 2254 height selectorMain cleaner head comes with the manual height selector, positioned low on the cleaner head, with 5 height settings.

Such position simplify mechanical design, but it can also cause issues for people with the back problems.

Bissell 2254 doesn't feature brushroll on/off button - brushroll is gentle even on the hardwood floors, but just in case, when vacuuming delicate and sensitive floors, increase the main cleaner head height so that the brushroll bristles don't touch the floor.

Also, Bissell 2254 lacks variable suction control, but constant air flow is very important for proper air filtration.

To avoid issues with the edge cleaning, Bissell 2254 also features dual edge cleaning brushes.

Although the main cleaner head is well designed, it lacks LED headlights which can be very useful when cleaning in low light conditions.

Note: Bissell 2254 is very simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, just be sure to read the manual before the very first use. Also, when the unit arrives it must be assembled, which can be done quickly and easily, just following the instructions.

Bissell 2254 CleanView Cleaning Attachments

bissell 2254 cleaning tools

To help with the cleaning of various surfaces, Bissell 2254 CleanView comes with several, very important cleaning tools and attachments:

- Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool: this 2-in-1 cleaning tool is used for cleaning the dust and other similar dirt from elevated surfaces and for cleaning upholstery.

- Crevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool, used for cleaning edges, corners, gaps and other hard to reach and clean areas. Since Bissell 2254 features dual edge bristles, crevice tool is rarely used for baseboard edge vacuuming, but nonetheless, there are many other surfaces that require such specialized cleaning tool.

- Pet TurboEraser Tool features air turbine that powers small brushroll. Pet TurboEraser Tool is excellent cleaning tool not only for vacuuming pet and human hair, but all other types of dirt from stairs, sofas, small carpets and similar. Note that this is not maintenance free cleaning tool and the user must from time to time clean the tool from hair, lint and other dirt.

- Pet Hair Corner Tool is cleaning tool designed for cleaning hair and other dirt from corners.

bissell 2254 dirt bin emptyDirt bin is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of vacuumed dirt. Maximum capacity of the dirt bin is 1.0 liter, allowing the user to vacuum large area without the need to empty the dirt bin during vacuuming.

But, it is highly recommended to empty the dirt bin after each use - 1.0 liter is good capacity, but for heavily soiled floors and for people with several shedding pets, the dirt bin could be even larger.

Note: Bissell 2254 is designed for dry dirt only.

Dirt bin features bottom-empty system, allowing the user to detach the dirt bin from the unit and empty it directly into the trash can, quickly and easily, without making additional mess.

Multilayered air filtration does very good job, although Bissell doesn't state the HEPA air filtration level - actually, they state that the Bissell 2254 is not sealed to be considered HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Personally, such statement is great 'plus' in my opinion, since they say things as they are - no marketing nonsense here!

Air filtration is based on the cyclonic action, combined with carbon and foam pre-motor air filters and one post-motor air filter.

Bissell 2254 CleanView comes with 4-year limited warranty.

 Bissell Pet Upright Vacuums Comparison

Bissell manufactures several, rather similar models of upright vacuums designed for cleaning both floors and elevated surfaces. These vacuums don't differ much, but there are details that can be rather important.

The following table lists 4 uprights and their main features and specifications:

Model CleanView Swivel Pet (2252) CleanView Swivel Rewind Pet (2254) PowerGlide Pet (2215) PowerGlide Lift-Off Pet Plus (20431)
Photo bissell 2252 table bissell 2254 table bissell 2215 table bissell 20431 table
Brushroll Type Triple Action Triple Action Triple Action Triple Action
Swivel Steering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic Power Cord Rewind System No Yes No No
Power Cord Length 25 feet (~7.6 m) 27 feet (~8.2 m) 27 feet (~8.2 m) 30 feet (~9.1 m)
Power Rating 8 Amps 8 Amps 9.5 Amps 10 Amps
Cleaning Path Width 13.5 inches (~34.3 cm)  13.5 inches (~34.3 cm) 12.5 inches (~31.7 cm) 12 inches (~30.5 cm)
Main Cleaner Head Height Settings 5 5 Auto Height Adjustment  Auto Height Adjustment 
Lift-Off Vacuum Technology No No No Yes
Brushroll On/Off No No Yes Yes
SmartSeal Allergen System No No Yes Yes
Cleaning Tools Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Pet TurboEraser Tool  Combination Dusting Brush/Upholstery Tool, Crevice Tool, Pet TurboEraser Tool, Pet Hair Corner Tool  Crevice Tool, Pet TurboEraser Tool  Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush, Pet TurboEraser Tool, Pet Hair Eraser Tool 
Dual Edge Cleaning Yes Yes No Yes
Weight 14.5 pounds (~6.57 kg) 16 pounds (~7.25 kg) 17.63 pounds (~8.0 kg) 17 pounds (~7.7 kg)
Cleaning Hose 6 feet (~1.83 m) 8 feet (~2.4 m) 11 feet (~3.35 m) 6 feet (~1.83 m) 
Dirt Bin Capacity 1 liter  1 liter 0.75 liters 0.75 liters 
Warranty 3-Year Limited 4-Year Limited 5-Year Limited 5-Year Limited 
Amazon Link BISSELL 2252 Cleanview Swivel Pet BISSELL 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet BISSELL 2215 PowerGlide Pet BISSELL 20431 Powerglide Lift-Off Pet Plus

Note: Amazon affiliate links in the table open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, Bissell 2252 and 2254 are two very similar units:

- Bissell 2252 has slightly shorter power cord (25 vs 27 feet), according to the official Bissell's web site,

- Bissell 2252 lacks the automatic power cord rewind system,

- Bissell 2252 has somewhat shorter cleaning hose (6 vs 8 feet),

- Bissell 2252 is slightly lighter (14.5 vs 16 pounds),

- Bissell 2252 lacks Pet Hair Corner Tool, while other cleaning tools are the same,

- Bissell 2252 has shorter warranty (3 vs 4 years).

As one can see, these models are very similar, but Bissell 2254 has more very useful features. Also, it is slightly more expensive.

Compare the prices:

When compared with Bissell 2254, Bissell 2215 and 20431 upright vacuums feature:

- auto height adjustment system vs manual height adjustment system on Bissell 2254,

- brushroll on/off controls,

- SmartSeal Allergen System,

- stronger motors, but narrower cleaning cleaning paths,

- longer warranty period (5 vs 4 years),

- both units are heavier than Bissell 2254,

- Bissell 2254 has more cleaning tools, especially when compared with Bissell 2215,

- smaller dirt cup (0.75 vs 1.0 liters), etc.

Auto height adjustment system in combination with brushroll on/off controls can be very important when vacuuming different floor types, including sensitive wooden and other delicate floors and when the user must traverse from one floor type to another very often during single cleaning task.

Also, Bissell 20431 features Lift-Off pod, allowing the user to easily reach elevated surfaces holding Lift-Off pod in one hand, and cleaning tool in another hand.

Also, both 2215 and 20431 units cost slightly more than Bissell 2254, but this also depends if the models are on sale or not.

Long Story Short: if you are looking for versatile and balanced vacuum cleaner to be used as the main vacuum cleaner at home or apartment, consider Bissell 2254 vacuum.

It has good suction, long reach using single wall power socket, good air filtration, versatile main cleaner head etc.

For more reviews and recommendations, check BISSELL 2254 Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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