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Bissell 2156A Zing Canister Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2156A Zing is very affordable bagless, corded, canister vacuum cleaner. Although rather cheap, it comes with many features commonly found only at more expensive models. Bissell 2156A Zing features good suction, large transparent dirt bin, 3-layer air filtration, washable air filters, etc.

Bissell 2156A Zing is suitable as entry-level vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments, and is capable of cleaning surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Published: September 10, 2018.

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Bissell 2156A Zing Features and Specifications

Bissell 2156A Zing is designed for cleaning bare floors, carpets, stairs, upholstery, etc. Its power rating is 9 Amps, and is powered using 16 feet (~4.9 m) long power cord. Such power cord sounds short, but Bissell 2156A Zing also features 4'8" (~1.42 m) long flexible cleaning hose and 2-piece wand, enabling the user to clean both floors and elevated surfaces.

Also, Bissell 2156A Zing features automatic power cord rewind system, which is not a common feature in this price class.

To help clean various surfaces, unit features variable suction control.

Note: Bissell 2156A Zing is very simple to use unit, however, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read the manual when unit arrives - before the very first use!

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Bissell 2156A Zing features transparent, 2 liters capacity, dirt bin. Dirt bin is emptied quickly and easily from the bottom, just be sure to empty it directly in the trash can, and NOT few feet above it!

Unit weighs 10.23 pounds (4.63 kg) and although it doesn't sound light, unit is actually carried with both hands - one hand carries the canister via carrying handle and another carries the wand.

Generally, unit is easy to carry around, even up and down the stairs, although elderly people could have problems due to the weight of the unit - but, this is highly individual.

Large wheels ensure that the unit is easily pulled across various surfaces during the cleaning.

Bissell 2156A Zing Cleaning Tools

Bissell 2156A Zing comes with three main cleaning tools:

- main floor multi-surface tool is designed for cleaning bare floors, low- and medium-pile carpets and area rugs. Transition between surfaces is done using foot activated switch. Since floor multi-surface tool is not motorized tool, it is not the best cleaning tool for cleaning thick, high-pile carpets. Also, deeply embedded dirt and long human and pet hair are not easily picked up from medium- and high-pile carpets - they require several passes of the floor multi-surface tool over the same area in order to clean such dirt. On the other hand, since there is no rotating brush or other moving parts, pet and human hair does not get entangled within the cleaning tool itself.

Cleaning width of the floor multi-surface tool is 10.1 inches (~25.7 cm), allowing the user to cover and clean large area rather quickly. Also, due to the swivel mechanism, main floor multi-surface tool is rather maneuverable, and is able to clean around various objects and obstacles, commonly found at home.

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- crevice tool is used for cleaning narrow and tight areas and spaces, like between car seats, cushions, mattresses, along the baseboard edges, in the corners and similar. Note that crevice tool focuses suction, and when vacuuming sensitive surfaces, consider lowering the suction.

- dust brush is used for dusting elevated surfaces, but also for general cleaning of stairs, sofas and similar. Dust brush features row of bristles that glide over the cleaned surfaces and agitate the dirt, which is then picked by strong suction.

Bissell 2156A Zing doesn't feature any motorized cleaning tool.

Bissell 2156A Zing Air Filtration

Air filtration is based on the cyclonic action, combined with washable AND non-washable, mechanical filters. Air filtration is good, but this is not true HEPA air filtration.

Pre- and post-motor foam air filters are washable and should be washed using warm water and some mild detergent. Before returning them back into the unit, they must be thoroughly dried. Never assemble the unit with wet filters and never use the unit without the filters or with wet filters.

Filter assembly with pleated air filter is NOT washable - when it gets dirty, it can be tapped over the trash can, in order for the loose dirt to come off the filter.

Depending on the use, change filters every 3-6 months.

Bissell 2156A Zing - What's missing?

bissell zing bagless canister 2156a mThere are few features that are missing from Bissell 2156A Zing and that would perhaps be nice to have. However, adding all those features would increase the weight, mechanical and electronic complexity and in the end, the price of the unit.

For example:

- main cleaning head with rotating brush would increase the cleaning capability of the unit on the high-pile carpets,

- there are no LED headlights to help the user to spot the dirt and to help with the cleaning under the beds, sofas and similar areas,

- there is no clean filters, dirt bin, or clog sensors and indicators,

- power cord perhaps could be longer, etc.

Obviously, these and similar features would increase the price of the unit.

Long Story Short: if you need entry-level bagless canister vacuum cleaner, consider Bissell 2156A vacuum. It has good suction and air filtration, dirt bin is large enough for even the most soiled floors, cleaning tools do their job well etc.

And it comes with one year warranty.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Bissell 2156A Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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