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Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner is a very popular and rather affordable full-scale carpet cleaner machine and carpet shampooer.

Bissell 2085 features a two-tank system, 4-row rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush, and strong suction for ease of use, thorough cleaning, and fast carpet drying.

Published: October 11, 2019.

bissell 2085 1

Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner Features and Specifications

Bissell 2085 is designed for cleaning and washing carpets and area rugs. For cleaning bare floors, users can order the so-called Bare Floor Tool - since it is a rather cheap, but useful attachment, one may wonder why Bissell doesn't include it by default.

Bissell 2085 weighs only 12 pounds (~5.44 kg) with empty tanks, making it one of the lightest carpet washers/shampooers on the market, and at the moment, the lightest Bissell carpet washer/shampooer.

Thanks to the carrying handle, it can be carried easily around the house and even up and down the stairs.

By default, Bissell 2085 is intended for washing carpets and area rugs using its 4-row rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush, warm water and cleaning formula mix, and relatively strong suction (for carpet washer/shampooer).

bissell 2085 brush

Bissell 2085 doesn't feature a water heater, but the use of warm water is recommended in order to improve the cleaning.

Note: Maximum allowed water temperature is 140°F (60°C). If you have sensitive carpets, check if they may be washed with warm water or with carpet washers at all.

The cleaning path width is 9.5 inches (~24.1 cm) and perhaps could be wider, but that would increase the weight and probably the price of the unit. Bissell 2085 doesn't have a brushroll On/Off button - as soon as the unit is turned on, brushroll starts to spin and the main suction motor creates suction required for vacuuming and removing excess water/dirty liquid from the carpets.

Thanks to the edge sweeping brushes, Bissell 2085 may be used for cleaning along the walls and baseboards, with no spot left uncleaned.

The handle is collapsible, helping with the storage of the unit. A spray trigger is positioned on the handle, allowing the user to spray cleaning liquids only when required and in the amounts that are required.

Note: before actual washing/shampooing, it is highly recommended to vacuum the carpets with a carpet vacuum. Although Bissell 2085 is simple to use and maintain a carpet washer, when the unit arrives, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read the manual and get accustomed to your new carpet washer/shampooer.

Bissell 2085 is rated at just 3.4 Amps, but it is a compact and lightweight unit that does its job well.

The power cord is 20 feet (~6.1 m) long and perhaps could be longer. But, Bissell 2085 doesn't feature an automatic power cord rewind system and the power cord is manually wrapped, so a longer power cord would be perhaps even an overkill - if required, the unit can be easily carried from one to another cleaning area.

bissell 2085 2 tanks

Clean water tank capacity is 0.5 gallons (~1.8 liters) which is enough for most cleaning tasks - if required, clean water may be filled and dirty liquids may be spilled out easily.

When filling the clean water, fill the tank with clean tap water up to the water fill line and then add the cleaning formula up to the formula fill line.

Bissell Cleaning Formulas

Bissell recommends using only their cleaning formulas with their carpet cleaners/washers/shampooers.

Since cleaning formulas in combination with warm water greatly improve the cleaning, it is highly recommended to actually use Bissell's cleaning formulas.

Bissell 2085 comes with trial size Deep Clean + OXY cleaning formula - when ordering Bissell 2085, it is also highly recommended to order cleaning formula according to your personal needs and preferences.

Note: these are chemicals and when used properly, they are safe even for pets and kids. So use them according to their instructions.

pet stain removal pack

Bissell cleaning formulas may be divided onto:

- carpet and bare floor cleaning formulas, optimized for various types of dirt,

- boost cleaning formulas that increase the cleaning effect of the water/cleaning formula mix,

- pretreat cleaning formulas that are used to pretreat stubborn stains and messes, before cleaning with Bissell 2085 or similar units.

One may purchase individual cleaning formulas, or more cost-effective cleaning kits and combos.

Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Maintenance

Bissell 2085 is a relatively low-maintenance unit.

The most important maintenance tasks include is keeping the tanks clean and dry when the unit is not in use.

Brushroll features a transparent cover, allowing the user to see the condition of the main cleaner head.

bissell 2085 removable nozzle

Brushroll cleans carpets thoroughly, pulling out deeply embedded stubborn dirt and hair - it is up to the user to periodically manually remove tangled hair and lint from the brushroll.

Also, hair and lint should be removed from other inner parts of the unit, especially the red gasket in the base of the unit (but don't remove that red gasket!)

If required, the belt and brushroll should be replaced if worn out.

Dirty liquids tank features vent foam filter that should be rinsed from time to time.

Other than that, there isn't much one should do in order to keep the Bissell 2085 running for a long time.

Bissell 2085 Hard Floor Tool

Bissell 2085 is intended for the cleaning of carpets and area rugs and NOT for hard/bare floors.

However, Bissell manufactures the so-called Hard Floor Tool, which is a cheap cleaning tool that may be ordered later, if required.

bare floor tool

Hard Floor Tool is simply attached to the front of the main cleaning nozzle and it allows the user to clean the bare floors just as easily as carpets and area rugs.

When done cleaning bare floors, detach the Hard Floor Tool, clean it, and let it dry. And that is all.

Bissell Carpet Washers/Shampooers

Bissell manufactures several carpet washers/shampooers which differ in size, suction, tank capacity, and other, sometimes very important features. The following table lists some of the most popular Bissell carpet washers:

Model Bissell 1622 Bissell 2085 Bissell 1623 Bissell 1887 Bissell 1548
Photo table 1622  table 2085  table 1623  table 1887  table 1548 
Weight 16.4 lbs 12 lbs 17.5 lbs 20 lbs 18 lbs
Heatwave Technology No No No Yes Yes
Two Tanks Technology Yes Yes Yes (2-in-1 Tank) Yes Yes
Clean Water Tank Capacity 0.75 gal 0.5 gal 0.75 gal 1 gal 1 gal
Power Cord 20 ft. 20 ft. 25 ft. 22 ft. 22 ft.
Rated Amps 6.25 Amps 3.4 Amps 6.25 Amps 6 Amps 6.8 Amps
Rows of Brushes 4 4 5 6 12 (2x6)
Brush On/Off Switch No No No (Ready Tools Dial) No (Ready Tools Dial) No (Cleaning Mode Switch) 
Cleaning Path Width 11 inches 9.5 inches 10.5 inches 11 inches 11 inches
Edge Sweeping Brushes No Yes No Yes Yes
Carrying Handle Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Cleaning Formula Sample Included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes (2x)
Recommended Surface Types Carpets and Rugs Carpets and Rugs  Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery  Carpets, Rugs and Upholstery 
Cleaning Hose No No 6 ft. 7 ft. 7 ft.
Bare Floor Tool Optional (Not Included) Optional (Not Included) Optional (Not Included)  Optional (Not Included)   Optional (Not Included)
Cleaning Tools and Attachments - - 3" Tough Stain Tool 3" Tough Stain Tool; Spraying Crevice Tool; 6" Stair Tool 3" Tough Stain Tool
Warranty 1-Year Limited 1-Year Limited  1-Year Limited  2-Year Limited  3-Year Limited 
Amazon Link BISSELL 1622 BISSELL 2085 BISSELL 1623 BISSELL 1887 BISSELL 1548

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

Note: Amazon affiliate links in the table open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, Bissell 2085 is the lightest of them all and is optimized for carpet washing/cleaning. It doesn't feature an additional cleaning hose and it doesn't come with cleaning tools for cleaning/washing elevated surfaces, which significantly simplifies the construction, helping with the durability and weight.

As the number of features increases, so does the weight and in most situations, the price.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a simple and affordable carpet washer, consider Bissell 2085. It is a newer and improved version of Bissell 1622, optimized for one purpose only - washing your carpets and if a Hard Floor Tool is purchased, your bare floors as well.

It is a simple to use and maintain the unit, one of the most popular units in its class.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Bissell 2085 Turboclean Powerbrush Pet Carpet Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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