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Dyson Groom Tool

Dyson Groom Tool is a very useful tool for any pet owner – it helps keep the home clean and almost pet hair-free by cleaning the hair, while it is actually still on the dog. It also helps remove other dirt from pet coats, like dust, pollen, and other potential allergens.

Thanks to its design, collected hair and other dirt are sucked straight into the vacuum, requiring no additional cleaning of the room, or grooming tool.

Updated: April 25, 2022.

dyson groom tool 1

The Dyson groom tool has a very interesting design – grooming is done using 364 bristles which are positioned in two groups, on either side of the suction channel. Each bristle has a diameter of only 0.3 mm, helping them to easily penetrate the dog’s coat.

Bristles are angled at 35°, so when the tool is pulled, bristles flex to an upright position, pulling loose hairs and helping loose other dirt. Pulled hair is stuck onto the bristles, while dust is being sucked by the vacuum cleaner.

Grooming is very comfortable for most medium and long hair dogs and they actually enjoy it – just be sure to allow your dog some time to get accustomed to this type of grooming.

Dogs with short hair can be groomed using this tool, but one has to be very careful since bristles are very thin and can scratch the dog’s skin.

Note that the tool is not recommended for use on dogs with woolen coats.

Dyson Groom Tool is very simple to use with a single hand – adjusting bristle length, switching between grooming, self-clean and self-store modes is easily done using just one thumb.

Another hand can be used to control the vacuum cleaner or the dog – at first, let your dog smell the tool, let the dog get accustomed to the vacuum cleaner operating nearby, use low power setting on your vacuum, etc. Very quickly, dogs start to like grooming – it is like cuddling and can be very pleasant ‘bonding’ experience for the dogs. And for your home.

According to the Dyson official website, the Dyson Groom tool is suitable for most Dyson uprights with hoses and canister vacuums. However, it is not compatible with Dyson cordless vacuums.

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