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Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool is specially designed for cleaning hard floors like tile, marble, laminate, hard wood and similar.

Tool is very simple to use – just connect it to the stretch hose or extension/telescopic wand and use as and when required.

Published: January 15, 2018.

dyson articulating hard floor tool 1

Tool comes with soft nylon bristles, which help in gently removing the dust off the floor. Actually, the tool has two curtains (two rows) of bristles – the first helps remove large debris, while the second seals the tool and the floor to prevent suction loss. Of course, one has to use vacuum cleaner with good suction.

Tool’s ultra-slim profile and swivel mechanism, enables the tool to reach into awkward gaps, under furniture, in the corners, around the edges and similar.

The tool is just under 12 inches (30.5 cm) wide, enabling the user to cover rather large area quickly – just be sure not to clean too quickly, especially when cleaning heavy messes. This is because the outer bristle row, which comes first in contact with the debris is 50% bristles and 50% gap – such design helps in lifting the dirt off the floor, but it also makes some dirt get pushed in front of the tool, requiring push-pull motion when cleaning.

Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool maximum height is only 2 inches (~5 cm) allowing it to clean under low beds, sofas and similar objects.

Tool is very sturdy and well built, but some users wind it pricey up to the point.

According to the Dyson official site, Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool fits all Dyson upright and canister vacuum cleaners.

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