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Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hard Floor Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner/Washer

Tineco Floor One S3 is an advanced 2-in-1 hard floor cleaner, designed as a wet-dry vacuum cleaner and hard floor washer in one unit. Thanks to the cordless operation, it can be used for regular cleaning tasks, but also in emergencies for cleaning wet and dry messes and stains, but also spilled liquids.

Tineco Floor One S3 comes with separate clean and dirty water tanks, power fade-free lithium battery, strong suction, motorized brushroll, HEPA air filter, and other important features, required for thorough cleaning of sealed bare floors.

Updated: December 28, 2021.

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Tineco Floor One S3 Features and Specifications

Tineco Floor One S3 is rated at 220 watts with the power provided by the 6-cell 21.6 volts 4000 mAh power fade-free lithium-ion battery.

The physical dimensions of the unit are 11.3 x 10 x 43.3 inches (~28.7 x 25.4 x 110 cm) and it weighs 9.9 pounds (~4.5 kg).

Tineco Floor One S3 is designed as a dual-tank cleaning system, with the Clean Water Tank (CWT) capacity of 0.6 liters and the Dirty Water Tank (DWT) capacity of 0.5 liters.

The actual cleaning is very simple - as the soft cleaning brushroll spins, clean water with some cleaning detergent is applied to the cleaning surface, improving the cleaning effect, after which the dirt and liquids are vacuumed into the unit via strong suction.


Tineco Floor One S3 features Tineco's so-called 'iLoop Smart Sensor Technology', allowing the Tineco Floor One S3 to detect the various wet and dry messes on various sealed hard floors including sealed hardwood, sealed laminate, glazed tiles, marble, granite, linoleum, etc., and to auto-adjust the suction and the clean water flow as required.

Tineco Floor One S3 is advertised as a self-propelled unit, but it actually generates weak, floor-dependent, pulling force, allowing the user to easily cover a large area in a single move. However, if the push-pull motion is required, the 'pulling' part requires just a little bit more force.

Suction is strong enough to ensure picking up of both dirt and liquids in a slow-motion, leaving floors slightly moist (they dry quickly) and streak-free, especially if distilled or demineralized water was used.

The use of distilled or demineralized water is not required, but if You happen to live in an area with rather hard water and your floors are not left glossy and shiny, try cleaning them with distilled or at least demineralized water.

Note: although having some rather advanced features, Tineco Floor One S3 is rather easy to use and maintain hard floor vacuum/washer. But, when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly in order to get accustomed to your new unit. Better safe than sorry.

Controls are simple and include the On/Off button, Mode selector button, and Self-wash button.

- On/Off Button turns the unit On and Off. When Tineco Floor One S3 starts, it starts in Auto Cleaning Mode.

- Mode Selector Button is used for switching between Auto and MAX cleaning modes. In Auto cleaning mode, thanks to the advanced sensors, Tineco Floor One S3 monitors the amount of dirt and adjusts the clean water flow and suction, prolonging the runtime up to 35 minutes.

In MAX cleaning mode, cleaning is optimized for performances with the maximum suction and water flow, but with shorter runtime of up to 25 minutes. Depending on the conditions, clean water flow varies between 50 and 200 ml per minute.

- Self-Wash Button turns on the so-called 'Self-Wash' mode. The unit is placed in the docking station, with CWT filled at least 40% - after the self-wash button is pressed, the unit automatically washes the spinning brushroll, making the maintenance of the unit much easier.

docking station

Tineco Floor One S3 features a 3-in-1 Docking Station which is used for docking/storage, self-cleaning, and for charging - when the battery is almost fully discharged, it takes ~4 hours to fully charge it again.

All relevant information and statuses of the unit are displayed on the LCD digital monitor/display, including Self-cleaning status, Battery level indicator, WiFi indicator, brushroll tangle/blockage alarm, DWT full or blocked alarm, CWT empty alarm, power indicator, AUTO mode indicator, Dirt monitor loop (blue to red, depending on the amount of dirt).

Thanks to the WiFi connectivity, Tineco Floor One S3 supports the Tineco smartphone app, which can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play, and Tineco Official website.

Tineco smartphone app features real-time performance monitoring, maintenance reminders, tech support, troubleshooting, etc.

Also, Tineco Floor One S3 supports the Voice Prompts with reminders for 25+ unit statuses.

Tineco Floor One S3 Air Filtration System

Tineco Floor One S3 air filtration is based on the washable HEPA air filter which is able to capture up to 99.99% of particles, including particles as small as 0.3 microns.

However, Tineco doesn't state the actual HEPA level and it doesn't state that Tineco Floor One S3 is able to filter out 99.99% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

hepa air filter 1

Nonetheless, air filtration is very good, which is very important for making homes safer and more pleasant to live in.

In order to keep the peak performance, the HEPA filter must be washed periodically. Although Tineco Floor One S3 is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner, after washing, the HEPA air filter must be fully dry before assembling it back into the unit.

Fortunately, Tineco Floor One S3 comes with one spare HEPA air filter and one spare brushroll - while one air filter is being air-dried, another air filter may be placed into the unit right away.

hepa air filter 2

Over time, the HEPA air filter, brushroll, and other parts of the unit can get clogged, damaged, worn out - if/when that happens, spare parts may be ordered directly from Tineco or from other online shops.

What's in the Box?

When the unit arrives, the box contains:

cleaning formula- Tineco Floor One S3 wet/dry vacuum,

- 2x Brushrolls,

- 2x HEPA Air Filters,

- 3-in-1 Cleaning Tool,

- Charging/Docking Station,

- Hard Floor Cleaning Solution,

- Instructions/Manual.

When the unit arrives, again, be sure to read the manual, assemble the unit and recharge the battery - for safety reasons, lithium-ion batteries are shipped semi-charged.

According to Tineco, Tineco Floor One S3 can be used without a hard floor cleaning solution, but using such cleaning detergent significantly improves the cleaning effect, especially when cleaning sticky and smelly messes and dirt.

Note: Tineco's cleaning solution/detergent is safe for pets and kids when used as instructed. If other cleaning solutions are used, again, be sure to read the instructions of each used cleaning solution and avoid harsh chemicals, especially around pets and kids.

Tineco Floor One S3 comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Tineco Floor One S3 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common questions about Tineco Floor One S3:

Can you use the Tineco Floor One S3 on concrete floors?

Yes, Tineco Floor One S3 can be used on concrete floors.

Can you use the Tineco Floor One S3 floor on the carpet?

In theory, yes, but in real life, Tineco Floor One S3 should not be used on the carpeted areas - its suction, brushroll, and the whole unit are designed and optimized for cleaning the hard floors.

Can you use Tineco Floor One S3 on real hardwood?

Yes, if the hardwood is sealed with the seal without cracks. However, just in case, it is recommended to test it first on a small floor area.

Can you use the Tineco Floor One S3 as just a vacuum?

Tineco Floor One S3 features 30 Air Watts suction, which is a relatively weak suction for a vacuum-only device.

Is Tineco Floor One S3 worth it?

Tineco Floor One S3 can save plenty of time and effort by keeping the bare floors clean - for users having large areas of bare floors, it is an excellent choice.

How do You self-clean with Tineco Floor One S3?

Tineco Floor One S3 is placed on the cleaning/docking station and the Self-Clean button is pressed.

Where to buy Tineco Floor One S3?

If You can't find it in local shops, it can be easily ordered from online stores.

Is the Tineco Floor One S3 good for pet hair?

Yes, it picks the pet hair, human hair, and lint very well. But, the brushroll doesn't feature hair detangle technology and it is up to the user to periodically clean the brushroll from the tangled hair.

What solution does Tineco Floor One S3 use?

Tineco Floor One S3 uses Tineco's cleaning solution for the bare floors, which can be ordered from Tineco's Web Site or from Amazon.

Of course, there are other similar cleaning solutions on the market, but this one also does its job well.

Tineco iFLOOR, Tineco iFLOOR3, and Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Wet-Dry Vacuums Comparison

Tineco iFLOOR, Tineco iFLOOR3, and Tineco Floor One S3 are very similar wet dry vacuum cleaners and hard floor washers, featuring similar design, but also differing in many very important details.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most important features and specifications of these units:

Model Tineco iFLOOR Tineco iFLOOR3 Tineco Floor One S3
Photo table tineco ifloor h300px  table tineco ifloor3 h300px  table tineco floor one s3 h300px 
Normal/Eco/Auto Mode Runtime up to 22 min up to 25 min up to 35 min
Maximum Mode Runtime - up to 18 min up to 25 min
Lithium Battery 2500 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell) 3000 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell) 4000 mAh 21.6V (6-Cell)
Rated Power 120 watts 220 watts 220 watts
Suction Power 8.6W 30W 30W
Charging Time ~4 hours ~4 hours ~4 hours
Operation Noise 82 dB 78 dB 78 dB
CWT Capacity 0.55 liters 0.6 liters 0.6 liters
DWT Capacity 0.4 liters 0.5 liters 0.5 liters
Water Flow Normal Mode: 40 ml/min
Spot Mode: 220 ml/min
Eco Mode: 50 ml/min
Max Mode: 200 ml/min
Auto Mode: 50 ml/min
Max Mode: 200 ml/min
Empty CWT Alarm No Yes Yes
Full DWT Alarm No Yes Yes
Blocked Brushroll Alarm No Yes Yes
iLoop Sensor No No Yes
Auto-Control Suction and Water Flow No No Yes
LED Control Panel Display No Yes Yes
Smartphone App Support No No Yes
Voice Assistant No No Yes
Docking Station Self-Cleaning Storage Tray 3-in-1 Docking Station: Docking/Storage, Self-Clean, Charging 3-in-1 Docking Station: Docking/Storage, Self-Clean, Charging
HEPA Air Filter No Yes Yes
3-in-1 Cleaning Tool Yes Yes Yes
Cleaning Solution Included Yes Yes Yes
Extra Brushroll No No Yes
Amazon Link Tineco iFLOOR Tineco iFLOOR3 Tineco Floor One S3

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

As one can see, Tineco Floor One S3 features the battery with the largest capacity (21.6V, 4 Ah, ~85 Wh), it features the longest runtime (up to 25/35 min), it comes with AUTO cleaning mode which improves the cleaning and prolongs the runtime, WiFi connectivity, smartphone app, voice prompts, improved LED digital display, etc.

All these features come at a certain price, making Tineco Floor One S3 more expensive than Tineco iFLOOR and Tineco iFLOOR3 models.

But, if You are looking for an advanced, versatile, cordless, bare floor wet-dry vacuum cleaner/washer, consider this unit.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floor Cleaner/Washer Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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