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Shark ION W1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum - Model WV201

Shark ION W1 Cordless Handheld Vacuum, Model WV201 is compact and rather stylish cordless, bagless, handheld vacuum cleaner, powered via power fade-free lithium ion battery, featuring intelligent battery charger built into the ION Charging Dock.

There are several models of Shark ION W1 cordless, handheld vacuum cleaners, differing practically only in available cleaning tools and attachments.

Published: January 22, 2019.

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Shark ION W1, Model WV201 - Features and Specifications

Shark ION W1, Model WV201 is ultralight and very powerful, handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.

It is powered with 3-cells lithium ion battery running at 10.8 volts, providing power output of 120 W (11.1 Amps) for about 9 minutes.

Although 10.8 volts doesn't sound much, especially not when compared with 25.2 V batteries found in some cordless vacuums, actual power of the vacuum are watts, not volts and at 120 watts, Shark ION W1 features excellent suction for such small vacuum, weighing just 1.4 pounds (~0.64 kg).

Also, some users find 9 minutes of operation at full power too short. But, Shark ION W1 is designed and intended as lightweight and compact, cordless vacuum for quick cleanups and for cleaning in emergencies.

shark ion w1 cordless chargingWhen it arrives, the box contains the vacuum itself, ION Charging Dock (with the charger), Dual Onboard Accessory Storage, Multi-Surface Pet Tool, Duster Crevice Tool and the manual/instructions.

Note: Shark ION W1 is very simple to use and maintain vacuum, but just to be sure, read the manual when the unit arrives.

Due to the safety reasons, when the unit arrives, its battery is at ~30% of full charge - it is recommended to discharge the unit fully and let it charge for at least 2.5 hours.

Since lithium ion batteries don't suffer from memory effect like older NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) batteries, and due to the built-in intelligent charger, it is recommended to store the vacuum cleaner in the ION Charging Dock and keep the battery always fully charged.

Shark ION W1 comes with the blue indicator light, allowing the user to easily determine the status of the unit and its battery:

- blinking blue light: low battery, unit should be charged.

- blue light blinks twice, then pauses: there is a blockage or clog in the unit. Turn off the unit, and clean the blockage.

- solid blue light: unit is turned on, everything is OK.

- blue light fades in and out: unit is charging.

- dim blue light: unit is fully charged and can be used at the moment notice.

- no light: power is off, or unit should be recharged.

Shark ION W1 Cleaning Tools and Attachments

shark ion w1 cordless attachments

Shark ION W1 and its cleaning tools are all stored on ION Charging Dock, combined with Dual Onboard Accessory Storage.

Total dimensions are just (L x W x H) 4.1 x 8.1 x 15.2 inches (~10.4 x 20.6 x 38.6 cm) - unit, charging dock and cleaning tools have very small storage footprint and can be easily stored where can be reached quickly, when required.

Cleaning tools include:

- Duster Crevice Tool combines two tools in one. The Crevice tool gives the user extended reach to clean in tight and narrow spaces and gaps, while the soft dusting brush help the user to clean the dust and other debris from sensitive and delicate surfaces.

- Multi-Surface Pet Tool is designed to pick up pet and human hair and large piles of different dirt and debris from upholstery, carpets, and other surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments.

Shark ION W1 cordless vacuums come with different cleaning tools and attachments, for example:

- WV200: Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Pet Tool, ION Charging Dock.

- WV201: Duster Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Pet Tool, Dual Onboard Accessory Storage, ION Charging Dock.

- WV205: Crevice Tool, Multi-Surface Pet Tool, Dual Onboard Accessory Storage, ION Charging Dock.

When buying Shark ION W1, check the model and available attachments.

Other optional attachments are also available and can be ordered online, if required. These attachments include: Soft Dusting Brush, Scrubbing Brush and Mattress Tool.

Dirt cup is of decent size, considering the size of the vacuum. It is transparent, allowing the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt.

Dirt cup can be emptied quickly and easily, with the single press of the button.

shark ion w1 cordless filterAir filtration is achieved using one mechanical air filter. Air filter is pleated, fabric filter, providing good air filtration, but it is not HEPA air filter.

Air filter in Shark ION W1 vacuum is washable, using just a plain water - soap should not be used, and the filter should not be cleaned using brush of some kind since both the soap and the brush can damage the filter.

After washing, let the air filter thoroughly air-dry for 24 hours.

Dirt cup is also washable and can be washed using both plain and soapy water.

Note: dirt cup should be emptied after each use. Also, never assemble the unit with wet air filter and/or dirt cup and never operate the vacuum without the air filter in place.

Shark ION W1 comes with 2-year limited warranty.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a compact and strong cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner, consider Shark ION W1 Model WV201 - it has good suction, relatively strong motor (120 W), very usable cleaning tools, can be used at the moment notice.

shark ion w1 cordless mAlso, it looks good and so does his price - if you are looking for a cheap, cordless unit that will be used occasionally, Shark ION W1 is perhaps not your the best choice.

However, if you are ready to spend some more and get the unit that will be ready for quick use for months and years to come, consider Shark ION W1 cordless vacuum. It is very compact and light unit that can be used even by elderly people and kids (kids only under supervision of adults, of course).

For more reviews and recommendations, check Shark ION W1 Corldess Handheld Vacuum (WV201) Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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