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Shark HZ2002 Vertex Corded Stick Vacuum

Shark HZ2002 Vertex is lightweight and versatile, designed for thorough cleaning of both bare floors and carpeted areas and for cleaning elevated surfaces as well.

Shark HZ2002 Vertex is a corded, 2-in-1 convertible stick/handheld, bagless vacuum cleaner, suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments and as a second vacuum cleaner for quick cleanups in larger homes.

Published: September 20, 2021.

shark hz2002 vertex 1

Shark HZ2002 Vertex Features and Specifications

Shark HZ2002 Vertex is a 2-in-1 convertible stick/handheld vacuum cleaner - unit can be converted from one mode to another by just attaching and detaching the cleaning wand and attaching the required cleaning tool.

Unlike cordless vacuum, Shark HZ2002 Vertex is a corded unit, featuring 30 feet (~9.1 m) long power cord, ensuring long cleaning reach using just one mains power wall socket.

Shark HZ2002 Vertex is rated at 680 watts (~5.7 Amps) and in combination with the DuoClean PowerFins and Vertex technologies, ensures very good and even suction across 8.11 inches (~20.6 cm) wide cleaning path.

main cleaner head w400px

The main cleaner head is based on Shark's DuoClean PowerFins technology - it features two different types of brushrolls, each optimized for different floor types.

Soft brushroll is intended for thorough cleaning of bare and sensitive floors, regardless of the dirt type and size.

The second brushroll is intended for deep cleaning of carpets and area rugs. The second brushroll features flexible silicone fins, ensuring constant contact with the cleaned surfaces, improving the cleaning.

Also, to help with the maintenance, the main cleaner head features no-wrap technology, which can be very helpful for homes with pets.

The main cleaner head features a low profile and swivel neck, ensuring good maneuverability and cleaning under most beds and sofas.

For cleaning in low-light conditions and for better spotting of the dirt on the floors, the main cleaner head also features strong LED headlights.


Shark HZ2002 Vertex is intended for various floor types and features floor type selector - regardless of the floor type selected, brushrolls spin, but at a different speed.

When vacuuming bare floors, brushrolls spin slowly, allowing the user to vacuum even sensitive hardwood and laminate floors.

When vacuuming carpeted areas, brushrolls spin faster, ensuring deep cleaning of various types of dirt, including dust, pet hair, lint, fibers, and similar.

When the Shark HZ2002 Vertex is in the corded stick vacuum mode, it weighs ~9.05 pounds (~4.1 kg) with the most weight resting on the floor. Also, the handheld part weighs only ~3 pounds (~1.36 kg).

When the unit is in the stick mode, its physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 10.24 x 10.24 x 45.27 inches (~26 x 26 x 115 cm).

The dirt cup is transparent, and features a capacity of 0.32 quarts (~0.3 liters) - the dirt cup could be larger, but it is also easy to empty.

For vacuuming elevated surfaces, Shark HZ2002 Vertex comes with three additional cleaning tools. If other tools are required, they can easily be ordered online, just be sure to order for the Shark HZ2002 Vertex model.

Shark HZ2002 Vertex Cleaning Tools

crevice tool

Crevice Tool is a long and narrow cleaning tool, intended for vacuuming edges, corners, gaps, crevices, piles of dirt, and similar.

Dusting Brush features bristles that agitate the dirt, which is then vacuumed into the unit via strong suction.

self cleaning pet power brush

Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush features a small brushroll with no-wrap technology, intended for vacuuming smaller carpeted and upholstered surfaces like stairs, pet beds, car seats, sofas, and similar.

Shark HZ2002 Vertex Air Filtration

Although Shark doesn't state the exact HEPA air filtration level of the Shark HZ2002 Vertex vacuum, air filtration is good.

The air filtration system is multilayered and consists of washable foam and felt pre-motor air filters and a washable post-motor (exhaust) air filter.

air filters

Foam and felt pre-motor air filters should be washed once a month or as needed, while post-motor air filter should be washed once every 9 months or as needed.

Note: Shark HZ2002 Vertex is a simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner. But, when it arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide, especially maintenance procedures. Better safe than sorry...

Shark HZ2002 Vertex vs. Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean

Shark HZ2002 Vertex and Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean are two very similar corded, convertible 2-in-1 stick/handheld units, with DuoClean and no-wrap technology.

shark hz2002 vertex 1   shark zs362 apex duoclean 1

But, Shark HZ2002 Vertex is a newer model, having several advantages over Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean vacuum cleaner:

- Shark HZ2002 Vertex is rated at 680 watts, while Shark ZS362 is rated at 600 watts. But, Shark HZ2002 also features Vertex technology which improves airflow and suction, thus having generally better suction than the Shark ZS362.

- Shark HZ2002 Vertex comes with DuoClean PowerFins main cleaner head, while Shark ZS362 comes with DuoClean with Zero-M no-wrap technology. Although both main cleaner heads feature no-wrap technology, LED headlights, low profile, and swivel neck, DuoClean PowerFins is an improvement over previous DuoClean with Zero-M technology, ensuring better vacuuming over various floors, especially carpeted areas.

- Shark HZ2002 Vertex weighs 9.05 pounds and Shark ZS362 weighs ~10 pounds - 1 pound of difference is not much, but it also counts.

- both units feature 30 feet long power cord.

- Shark HZ2002 Vertex comes with ~0.3 liters dirt cup, while Shark ZS362 features ~0.8 liters dirt cup, which is almost 3x larger dirt cup. People with heavily soiled floors should perhaps consider Shark ZS362 over Shark HZ2002 Vertex.

- Shark HZ2002 Vertex comes with Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, and Self-Cleaning Pet Power Brush, while Shark ZS362 comes with 5" Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, and Precision Duster.

Personally, for general cleaning, Shark HZ2002 Vertex features better cleaning tools.

If You already own a Shark ZS362 vacuum cleaner, You already have a very nice and capable unit, so don't look further - after all, it is for a reason one of the most popular units in its class.

But, if You are looking for a new corded, stick vacuum cleaner, consider the Shark HZ2002 Vertex vacuum cleaner.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Shark ZS362 APEX DuoClean and Shark HZ2002 Vertex Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner Amazon links (links open in the new window).

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