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Makita XCV05Z Cordless HEPA Backpack Vacuum/Dust Extractor

Makita XCV05Z is a backpack, bagged, cordless vacuum cleaner, and dust extractor. It is 36 volts unit, powered with two 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries and offered as a tool only, or it can be purchased with batteries, with charger, additional tools, etc.

Being a cordless backpack vacuum, Makita XCV05Z offers great flexibility during vacuuming/dust extracting and is useful at construction sites, in large office buildings, hotels, as workshop vacuum, etc.

Published: March 1, 2019.

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 Makita XCV05Z Features and Specifications

Makita XCV05Z is designed as a cordless backpack vacuum cleaner/dust extractor, allowing its users great operational maneuverability when vacuuming surfaces from the floor to the ceiling. Also, when used as a dust extractor, it allows the user to work with the tool, and collect the dust.

makita xcv05z cordless hepa backpack vacuum 2Note: Makita XCV05Z is usually sold as a 'tool only' model, including XCV05Z brushless backpack dust extractor/vacuum cleaner, three tool adapters, HEPA filter, harness, flexible hose (1x39 inches), telescopic wand with 20 - 34 inches (51 - 86 cm) reach and filter dust bag.

From time to time, Makita XCV05Z is offered with additional cleaning attachments, but by default, it doesn't come with the batteries, charger, or drilling/cleaning attachments.

Makita XCV05Z is powered via an efficient brushless motor and 2 (two) durable power fade-free lithium-ion 18V LXT batteries.

Since LXT batteries are not cheap, Makita XCV05Z is recommended for users that already have required batteries and chargers or that they plan on obtaining more Makita tools powered with these batteries, other models of vacuums included.

To power Makita XCV05Z, 5 Ah 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries are recommended. Two such batteries can provide up to 60 minutes of operation at a higher power setting or 90 minutes on a lower power setting - the brushless motor is electronically controlled for improved efficiency and longer operating time.

With the pair of 5.0 Ah 18V LXT batteries, Makita XCV05Z weighs only 9.4 pounds (~4.26 kg) - we say 'only' since it is strapped to the user's back with relatively comfortable straps (it depends on how the straps are set).

Makita XCV05Z physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 7.25 x 9 x 14.75 inches (185 x 230 x 373 mm) excluding the harness.

Batteries are attached low at the vacuum, helping the user with stability (just behind the waist harness).

makita 18v lxt batteryEach battery features onboard 4 LED battery condition indicators:

- all 4 LEDs ON: remaining capacity 75% - 100%

- 3 LEDs ON, 1 OFF: remaining capacity 50% - 75%

- 2 LEDs ON, 2 OFF: remaining capacity 25% - 50%

- 1 LED ON, 3 OFF: remaining capacity 0% - 25%

- 1 LED blinking, 3 OFF: charge the battery

- alternating 2 LEDs ON, 2 LEDs OFF: the battery error - it may have malfunctioned.

Makita 18V LXT batteries should be charged only with Makita chargers designed for such batteries. Makita rapid chargers can charge 18V 5 Ah LXT batteries rather quickly - in ~45 minutes.

makita 18v lxt dual port rapid chargerSo, even when Makita XCV05Z cordless vacuum/dust extractor is used at full power, its user needs just two sets of these batteries (4 batteries in total) for continuous vacuuming operation with some spare time left for battery cooling.

Note: Makita XCV05Z is relatively easy to use and maintain the unit, but before the very first use, be sure to read the manual thoroughly. Also, LXT batteries are designed to be used in many of Makita's tools, so owners of these batteries can purchase additional tools as 'bare tool' relatively cheap.

People planning on purchasing more Makita tools should consider purchasing a battery/charger starter pack.

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Such starter packs include battery (or batteries) and proper charger for maintaining and charging such batteries. For Makita XCV05Z dual port rapid charger with two 5.0 Ah 18V LXT lithium-ion batteries is recommended.

Makita XCV05Z Suction, Air Filtration and Dirt Collection

While Makita XCV05Z is carried on the back, the unit's controller is attached to the waist belt and easily accessible by the user.

Unit's brushless motor provides air flow of 53 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) or ~1.5 m3 (cubic meters) and with 28.5 inches (~72.4 cm) of water lift suction, which is enough for most common dust extractor or general vacuuming tasks. However, note that the flexible hose that comes with Makita XCV05Z is only one inch (2.54 cm) in diameter and any larger debris can cause clog or blockage of some kind.

makita filter dust bags

Makita XCV05Z uses disposable filter bags with a dirt capacity of 0.53 gallons (2.0 liters). These filter bags are typical Makita product: they are not cheap, but they are made from high-quality material, they are sturdy, they filter even fine particles very well and they don't allow any dirty air to bypass them - for short, what you pay is what you get.

However, it is also possible to purchase reusable dust bags, which have a slightly smaller capacity (0.40 gallons vs 0.53 gallons), but can be used repeatedly - recommended choice for heavy-duty users.

makita hepa filter

Makita XCV05Z also features an additional HEPA air filter which captures 99.75% of 0.3 microns or larger particles. This air filter is washable and depending on the use, it should be washed every 1-2 months, dried properly, and only then reassembled back into the unit.

When OEM filter/dust bags and OEM HEPA air filter are combined, Makita XCV05Z achieves true HEPA air filtration - it captures at least 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles.

Makita XCV05Z Safety Features

In order to protect the batteries and the vacuum, Makita XCV05Z comes with several safety features, including:

- overload protection: when the unit starts to draw abnormally high current due to the clog or some kind of blockage, the vacuum automatically shuts off. If that happens, turn off the vacuum, remove the blockage and turn the unit on again.

- overheat protection: when the unit starts to overheat, it automatically shuts itself off. If that happens, shut off the unit, remove any clogs, blockages, full dirt bags, clean the air filter and let the unit cool down.

- over-discharge protection: when the batteries are fully discharged, the unit shuts off. When that happens, remove the batteries and charge them.

For Short: Makita XCV05Z is a very good cordless, bagged, backpack vacuum cleaner/dust extractor. It has enough power to do its job properly, but like a vacuum cleaner, it can't be compared with full-size vacuums. As a dust extractor, it is as good as the dust extraction attachment it is fitted with - if you use Makita tools with Makita dust extraction attachments, Makita XCV05Z does its job well.

For more reviews and recommendations, and the most up-to-date offers and prices, check Makita XCV05Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 1/2 gallon HEPA Filter Backpack Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the window).

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