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Hoover C2401 Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum

Hoover C2401 Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum is lightweight, corded, bagged, shoulder/backpack vacuum cleaner. Unit is rather compact allowing it to be freely used for vacuuming both open spaces and confined areas. Thanks to its design, Hoover C2401 has excellent suction, true HEPA air filtration and can be used for cleaning surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Published: August 1, 2018.

hoover c2401

Hoover C2401 weighs only 9.2 pounds (~4.16 kg) and can be easily used as both shoulder or backpack vacuum cleaner.

hoover c2401 strapsCarrying straps are ergonomically designed and padded, allowing the user to easily carry unit around for prolonged time - thus, the use of unit as backpack vacuum is strongly recommended.

Hoover C2401 is powered with 8.5 Amp (1000 watts) motor and it features short 'pigtail'  power cord. However, it comes with 48 feet (~14.7 m) 3-wire quick-change SJT long extension power cord, allowing the user to clean large area without the changing wall power socket.

Note: if 48 feet long power cord is too short, feel free to get a longer one, just have in mind that this unit requires 8.5 Amps and at least 18 gauge cable - preferably 16 or even 14 gauge 3-wire SJT extension power cord.

Unit obviously doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system, but it comes with hook on the top of the frame for storing the power cord.

Hoover C2401 features very good suction, and the air flow of 120 CFM (~900 gal/min).

During operation, it is very quiet vacuum cleaner with noise levels of only 66 dB, making it one of the recommended models where both performances and low noise levels are important, for example in hotels, hospitals, schools and offices during the working hours and similar.

hoover c2401 bagsHoover C2401 is advertised as true HEPA vacuum cleaner - unit captures 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles, which is very important for people having health issues with asthma and allergies.

Such air filtration is rather hard to achieve in commercial units which are required to operate for hours on a daily basis and vacuum large areas and filter huge amounts of air.

In order to filter air properly, Hoover C2401 combines vacuum dirt bag with mechanical HEPA air filter.

Hoover C2401 uses both cloth and paper bags - it is up to the user to choose according to individual needs and preferences. Cloth bags are more cost-effective, but it can be quite messy to empty them daily, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

Dirt bags are quite large and can store large amount of dirt, up to 6.4 quarts (~1.6 gallons, ~ 6 liters), but due to the commercial use, even such bags can be filled on a daily basis, especially when vacuuming heavily soiled floors.

Note: cloth dirt bags is actually 'shake-out cloth liner' and it doesn't even look like a vacuum dirt bag. Nonetheless, it has to be emptied regularly. When paper bags (paper liners) are used, cloth bag (cloth liner) remains in the vacuum.

Disposable paper bags are relatively cheap and can be found at around $1 per bag packages (14 bags per package, for example). IMHO, disposable paper bags are recommended choice for commercial units, since there is no waste of time for emptying and cleaning cloth bag and additional cleaning costs are rather low.

hoover c2401 filtersMechanical air filter is made using HEPA media and by combining high-quality dirt bags and HEPA air filter, unit achieves true HEPA air filtration.

Thus, it is recommended to use OEM only vacuum dirt bags and air filters, although there are cheaper options on the market.

Note: Hoover C2401 Backpack vacuum is easy to use and maintain, but just in case, before the very first use, be sure to thoroughly read the manual/instructions.

It is recommended to remove the air filter once a week and tap it at the hard surface, so that embedded dirt falls out.

Nonetheless, after some time air pressure drop on the filter increases, leading to suction loss - when that happens, change the filter.

Note: Unit also features external motor air filter - it filters that air that passes through the motor. This filter should also be cleaned once a week.

Hoover C2401 Cleaning Tools

hoover c2401 accessories

Hoover C2401 Commercial comes with various cleaning tools, including:

- 52 inches (~1.32 m) flexible hose,

- 38 inches (~96.5 cm) two piece metal wand,

- 6 inches (~15 cm) crevice tool,

- 11 inches (~28 cm) turbo floor tool,

- 2 inches (~5 cm) dusting brush,

- 4 inches (~10 cm) upholstery tool.

Unit features more than enough cleaning tools to clean practically all surfaces commonly found at homes and offices from the floor to the ceiling.

Note: both flexible cleaning hose and metal wand are long enough to allow even the taller users to clean with proper body posture, causing less back stress and strain.

Hoover C2401 comes with two year warranty.

Long Story Short: Hoover C2401 is one of the most popular backpack vacuum cleaners. It is easy to use and maintain, it can operate for hours, day after day. During operation it is quiet and it can clean various types of debris from both floors and elevated surfaces.

Also, it is not cheap, but far from being expensive, especially considering the suction, quality of air filtration and dirt capacity.

If you need a good backpack vacuum cleaner, even for commercial use, consider Hoover C2401 Commercial Backpack vacuum cleaner.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Hoover C2401 Commercial Lightweight Backpack Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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