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Hoover UH30301 WindTunnel T-Series Tempo Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover UH30301 WindTunnel T-Series Tempo is a full-size upright vacuum cleaner with an additional cleaning stretch hose and a set of cleaning tools, making the unit suitable even for large homes and apartments.

Hoover UH30301 is a corded and bagged vacuum cleaner with excellent air filtration, and a multi-floor main cleaner head with adjustable cleaner head height, ensuring thorough cleaning of both bare floors and different types of carpets and area rugs.

Published: August 28, 2021.

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Hoover UH30301 WindTunnel T-Series Tempo Features and Specifications

When the Hoover UH30301 arrives, it has to be assembled, which can be done rather quickly and easily, just follow the instructions in the Owner's Guide/manual.

Assembled Hoover UH30301 features physical dimensions of (W x D x H) 13.5 x 13 x 44 inches (~34.3 x 33 x 111.8 cm) and it weighs 15.9 pounds (~7.2 kg)) - Hoover UH30301 is a large, powerful and robust vacuum cleaning system intended for fast cleaning of large flat areas and elevated surfaces, practically from the floor to the ceiling.

Although Hoover UH30301 is anything but a lightweight upright vacuum cleaner, most of the weight rests on the floor and a pair of relatively soft wheels - when the main cleaner head height is adjusted properly, Hoover UH30301 is rather easy to clean with.

Hoover UH30301 is rated at 12 Amps (~1440 Watts), and features a rather strong suction motor, ensuring strong suction over the entire cleaning width.

The power cord is 30 feet (9.15 m) long ensuring long cleaning reach when using just one wall power socket. Hoover UH30301 doesn't feature an automatic power cord rewind system - the power cord is manually wrapped by the user around the cord wrap hooks.

brushroll on off

Hoover UH30301 vacuum comes with a multi-floor main cleaner head. Rotating brushroll features a transparent cover, allowing the user a direct view of the brushroll in order to verify its condition.

The main cleaner head features a height selector with 5 different positions - the lowest position is intended for the bare floors and low-pile carpets, while the highest position is intended for high-pile and deep, soft carpets.

Note: height selector is low on the main cleaner head, which can be a problem for people with back issues.

While the rotating brush is relatively soft, it should be nonetheless turned off when vacuuming sensitive wooden and similar floors. Brushroll switch is on the left side and is foot-operated, allowing the user to easily switch the brushroll On and Off.

bag replacement

Hoover UH30301 features a large vacuum dirt bag which is the first layer of air filtration.

Hoover UH30301 features a Bag Check Indicator which allows the user to check the condition of the vacuum bag. However, when vacuuming carpets, pet and human hair, lint, and similar dirt, the vacuum bag can be filled without triggering the indicator - it is recommended to periodically check the bag even if the indicator is not red.

Also, if the indicator is red, that means that the bag is full (change the bag), the bag's pores are filled with dirt although the bag itself is not full (change the bag), or there is some sort of blockage (clean the blockage).

Note: Despite its size, Hoover UH30301 is a simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner. But, when it arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the Owner's Guide/manual, before the assembly.

vacuum bags

In order to keep the air filtration at the desired level, always use OEM filter bags, in this case, Hoover HEPA Type Y Bag.

Hoover HEPA Type Y Bag capture 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles, making Hoover UH30301 a true HEPA vacuum cleaner.

Hoover offers two types of Hoover HEPA Type Y Bags, including (Amazon links, links open in the new window):

- Hoover HEPA Type Y Bag Part #902419001: "classic" HEPA vacuum bag, being able to capture 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles,

- Hoover Carbon HEPA Type Y Bag Part #902481001: a true HEPA vacuum bag, being able to capture 99.97% of 0.3 microns or larger particles, combined with a layer of activated carbon to help fight pet and household odors and smells.

Carbon HEPA bags cost somewhat more, but they are highly recommended for people having pets and those wanting an exceptional level of air filtration.

Additional air filtration is ensured by:

- motor protection air filter,

- exhaust air filter.

Both air filters are washable, decreasing the maintenance costs, but if they get dirty over time and can't be washed properly, replacement air filters can be ordered from online shops.

Note: after washing air filters, be sure to dry them thoroughly - if they are assembled back into the unit while still wet/moist, the unit may not operate properly and can even get damaged (like any other vacuum cleaner with wet air filters), rendering its 2-year limited warranty void.

Hoover UH30301 Additional Cleaning Tools and Attachments

In order to clean elevated surfaces and for detailing around the home, Hoover UH30301 comes with additional cleaning tools and attachments, including:

cleaning tools

 - cleaning stretch hose, which is 8 feet (~2.4 m) long, ensuring long reach when cleaning elevated surfaces,

- extension wand, allowing the user to extend the reach even further,

- Crevice Tool, long and narrow cleaning tool, intended for vacuuming edges, corners, gaps, and similar hard-to-reach areas,

- Upholstery Tool/Dusting Brush, intended for vacuuming upholstered surfaces like beds and sofas (Upholstery Tool) and for dusting (Dusting Brush).

- Air-Powered Hand Tool (Pet Tool), intended for deep cleaning of stairs, smaller carpets, upholstered surfaces, pet beds, and similar. Air-Powered Hand Tool features a small rotating brushroll that ensures vacuuming of the deeply embedded stubborn dirt, including pet and human hair, lint, fibers, and similar.

But, the Air-Powered Hand Tool is not a maintenance-free cleaning tool, requiring the user to periodically clean the tangled hair from its brushroll. Also, sensitive surfaces should be vacuumed using the Upholstery Tool and not the Air-Powered Hand Tool.

Note: Hoover UH30301 also comes with the so-called Stair Cleaning Handle, allowing the user to directly clean the stairs using the vacuum's main cleaner head, but also requiring the user to lift and balance almost 16 pounds heavy unit by holding it by the main handle and Stair Cleaning Handle.

Personally, when vacuuming stairs, use a stretch hose, an extension wand if needed and one of the tools available with the unit which best suits your needs.

hoover uh30301 mLong Story Short: Hoover UH30301 is a large, powerful, and versatile corded, bagged upright vacuum cleaner with an additional cleaning stretch hose.

With the cleaning range of 30 feet when vacuuming floors and almost 40 feet when vacuuming elevated surfaces and the set of rather useful cleaning tools and attachments, Hoover UH30301 is suitable even for large homes and apartments.

For the most up-to-date offers and prices, feel free to check the Hoover UH30301 WindTunnel T-Series Tempo Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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