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Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UD20015

dirt devil ud20015 1Dirt Devil UD20015 upright vacuum cleaner is very affordable, lightweight, corded, bagless upright vacuum with a stretch hose. It doesn’t features often found on more expensive uprights, but in the end, it will do its job and clean the home. It is suitable as main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments.

Published: April 10, 2017.

With the weight of only 9 pounds (~4.1 kg), Dirt Devil UD20015 is very light unit and can be carried around easily. During use, it is very easy to push/pull over various surfaces, little bit harder on high pile carpets and rugs.

Dirt Devil UD20015 is corded unit – it is powered via 20 feet (~6.1 m) long power cord. Unit doesn’t have automatic rewind system, but it comes with cord quick release system. After cleaning, cord must be manually wrapped back. This is not big issue with 20 ft power cord, but personally, I like just to press the button, preferably with my foot and to have my power cord automatically stored back.

Anyway, 20 ft power cord is enough for smaller areas and rooms. If you need to clean larger area, you will have to change wall sockets or get an additional extension hose.

Suction of the unit is rather good for such cheap unit – it is powered by 840 W motor (draws 7 Amps at 120 V) which enables 11.25 inches (~28.6 cm) wide nozzle to clean rather large area quickly. Wider nozzle would enable the unit to cover even the larger area, but that would lead to suction drop and heavier unit.

Height adjustment of the cleaning nozzle/head is automatic.

To improve the cleaning on various surfaces, Dirt Devil UD20015 comes with the brush roll, which agitates the dust, hair and other dirt and help the stream of air remove them into the vacuum cleaner. Brush roll can’t be turned off.

Also, unit comes with so-called ‘Scatter Guard’ which prevents debris to be scattered around by the rotating brush roll.

From time to time, rotating brush roll must be cleaned, especially if there are pets and people with long hair in the household.

Dirt cup is transparent and it is easy to clean. Air filtration is based on the single cyclonic air system and mechanical filtration. Note that although HEPA media is used, the unit is not true HEPA vacuum cleaner. Nonetheless, air filtration is rather good.

Bagless design and washable HEPA filter keep maintenance costs at minimum.

One of the interesting features of this vacuum cleaner is 8 feet stretch hose which, in combination with crevice tool and combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, enables cleaning hard to reach surfaces, upholstery, stairs, edges, corners etc.

When it arrives, Dirt Devil UD20015 must be assembled first, which can be done easily using screw driver. Just to be sure, read the manual before assembling the unit and especially before the first use.

Dirt Devil UD20015 vs Dirt Devil UD20010

Dirt Devil UD20015 Vacuum Cleaner Quick Lite Plus Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum is very similar to Dirt Devil UD 20010 Extreme Cyclonic Bagless Upright Vacuum.

Main difference between UD20015 and UD20010 vacuums is that UD20010 has telescopic handle and that UD20010 comes with the crevice tool and dusting brush, while UD20015 comes with the crevice tool and combination dusting brush/upholstery tool.

Also, UD20010 has Performance Check Indicator, which signals when there are performance issues with the unit, while UD20015 users must rely on their own senses.

UD20010 unit has dual cyclonic filtration system versus single cyclonic filtration system found in UD20015 model.

Dirt Devil UD20015 has standard bumper, while UD20010 comes with soft bumper – can be important when there are plenty of furniture and other objects around the house.

Both units come with 1 year limited warranty and both units lack telescopic wand – telescopic wand would really make a difference when comparing these uprights with similar canister vacuums.

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