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Eureka NEU192A Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner

eureka neu192A swivel plus 1Eureka NEU192A Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner is bagless, corded upright vacuum cleaner with flexible extension hose and several very useful cleaning attachments. It also features strong LED headlights, extra large dirt bin, large wheels and few other interesting features.

Also, it is rather affordable unit suitable as the main vacuum cleaner for cleaning surfaces from the floor to the ceiling that also has few cons/issues that should be addressed in the future models. But all in all, very good upright, worth its price.

Published: July 29, 2018.

Eureka NEU192A Features and Specifications

Eureka NEU192A is powered with 8 Amps motor, providing plenty of suction, more than enough for common domestic cleaning tasks.

Also, it comes with 25 feet (~7.6 m) long power cord, which in combination with deluxe stretch hose provides rather large cleaning radius using just one wall power socket.

Eureka NEU192A doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system - it would be nice, but such system would increase the weight and mechanical complexity of the unit, and in the end, the price of the unit.

Unit weighs 12.4 pounds (~5.6 kg) which is acceptable for the unit of these specifications. Unit feature carrying handle for easier carrying around, if required.

Thanks to the swivel mechanism and large transport wheels, unit is easy to maneuver over various surfaces, including both bare floors and carpeted areas.

Potential maneuvering issues come from the fact that suction is so strong that it can prevent the unit to maneuver properly on carpeted areas - if that happens, user can decrease the suction using so-called 'Suction Release Valve', which is positioned rather low.

IMHO, electronic power adjustment controls should be introduced in the future models and positioned directly on the handle.

Main cleaning head is designed to traverse easily from bare floors to carpeted areas and back. Also, so-called 'PowerSpeed Pro Nozzle' features automatic height adjustment system, saving time and effort when cleaning different types of floors.

Again, if the unit is hard to move on carpeted areas and on the rugs, decrease the suction.

Eureka NEU192A is easy to use unit, but before the first use, be sure to read the manual/instructions.

Main cleaning head features 12.6 inches (32 cm) cleaning width and multi-surface brush roll, allowing the user to thoroughly clean rather large area quickly and without much effort. On the other hand, brush roll can't be turned off, and that can be problem when cleaning sensitive wooden floors or delicate carpets and rugs as the brush roll can damage them.

eureka neu192A swivel plus 2

Brush roll cover is transparent, allowing the user to see the condition of the brush roll - it must be periodically removed and cleaned from hair, lint, fibers and other similar debris.

If you have sensitive floors at your home, before vacuuming them with this unit, be sure to decrease the suction and test clean smaller area, just to be sure - better safe than sorry.

Strong LED headlights help the user when vacuuming in low light conditions and for spotting dirt and other debris on the floors.

Dirt bin is transparent allowing the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt. Dirt bin capacity is 4.0 liters, which is excellent, especially for cleaning heavily soiled floors.

Dirt bin is emptied quickly and easily - although it has rather large capacity, if possible, empty it after each use.

Air filtration is good - unit capture 99.9% of vacuumed particles. Air filter is mechanical and it is washable, decreasing the maintenance costs. Nonetheless, it is recommended to replace the air filter every ~12 months, even more often if required.

Eureka NEU192A Cleaning Tools and Attachments

Thanks to the main cleaning head, stretch flexible cleaning hose and few other cleaning tools, Eureka NEU192A is suitable for cleaning various surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

eureka neu192A tools

Deluxe stretch flexible cleaning hose extends up to 4x its original length, allowing the user to clean elevated surfaces with ease using quick release handle and other cleaning attachments.

Crevice tool is 7 inches (~18 cm) long, enabling the user to clean narrow and tight areas and gaps and along the baseboards edges, various corners and similar hard to reach areas.

Turbo brush features small air turbine which powers small brush roll (hence the name). Turbo brush is suitable for cleaning smaller areas like stairs, smaller carpets and similar. It is very efficient cleaning tool for removing human and pet hair, lint, fibers and similar dirt.

Dusting brush cleans dust from surfaces like curtains, lampshades, desks, furniture etc.

Upholstery tool is designed for cleaning of various delicate surfaces commonly found at homes.

Long Story Short: Eureka NEU192A is very good and affordable upright vacuum cleaner with additional cleaning hose. It can be used as classic upright vacuum cleaner, but also it can clean elevated surfaces with ease.

It does have few cons like lack of electronic suction control, brush roll on/off switch and automatic power cord rewind system, but if you do need vacuum like this one and its lacking features are not of an issue, consider this vacuum.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Eureka NEU192A Swivel Plus Upright Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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