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Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Eufy HomeVac H11 is very compact and ultralight cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, designed for quick cleanups around the home and in emergencies.

Eufy HomeVac H11 is powered by a lithium-ion battery charged via USB port, providing enough power to ensure thorough cleaning of various types of dirt, including hair, crumbs, dust, and similar.

Published: March 1, 2021.

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Features and Specifications

Despite weighing only 1.2 pounds (~0.55 kg) and being of rather compact design, Eufy HomeVac H11 is rated at 70 watts with an operating life of ~13 minutes on a single battery charge.

Actual Air Watts are not known, but the Eufy HomeVac H11 features very good suction of 5500 Pa, which is enough for everyday cleaning.

When the unit arrives, for safety reasons, the battery is not fully charged - charge it fully for 2-3 hours using USB cable and USB charger that is able to provide 5V and 2 Amps of current.

Note: most laptops and desktops feature USB ports that are not able to provide 2 Amps, so be sure to use USB chargers in order to charge Eufy HomeVac H11. Also, when the unit arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the manual - Eufy HomeVac H11 is very simple to use and maintain vacuum, but better be safe than sorry.


Eufy HomeVac H11 comes with three status LED lights, providing information of the unit to the user.

When charging:

- LED 1 flashing white: charging, battery charge low,

- LED 1 solid white, LED 2 flashing white: charging, battery charge medium,

- LED 1 & 2 solid white, LED 3 flashing white: charging, battery almost fully charged,

- LED 1, 2 & 3 solid white, turned automatically off after 90 seconds: battery fully charged.

When vacuuming:

- LED 1, 2 & 3 solid white: battery almost fully charged,

- LED 1 & 2 solid white: medium battery charge level,

- LED 1 solid white: low battery charge level,

- LED 1 flashing white 5 times, then off: battery discharged.

When having issues:

- LED 1, 2 & 3 slowly flashing white for 7 times, then off: unit overheated,

- LED 1, 2 & 3 quickly flashing white for 11 times, then off: motor issues.

Eufy HomeVac H11 is intended for vacuuming of dry dirt only - wet/moist dirt may damage the unit and render its 24-month warranty void.


Eufy HomeVac H11 cleans using its main suction nozzle or using a 2-in-1 cleaning tool that comes with the unit by default.

2-in-1 cleaning tool is the combination of Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush.

- Crevice Tool is a long and narrow cleaning tool, intended to clean hard-to-reach areas and surfaces.

- Dusting Brush is used for cleaning dust, crumbles, and other similar dirt from sensitive surfaces.

2 in 1 cleaning tool

Dust cup is translucent, allowing the user to check the amount and type of vacuumed dirt. Due to its dimensions, the dust cup should be emptied after each use.

Layered air filtration system ensures good air filtration. Eufy HomeVac H11 features two mechanical air filters, primary air filter, and high-performance air filter.

Both air filters are washable, and depending on the vacuum's use and type of dirt, they should be washed once or twice per week and should be replaced every 6 months.

eufy homevac h11 air filters kit

Note: after washing, air filters should be fully air dried before reassembling back into the unit. Since replacement air filter kits are rather cheap, it is recommended to have at least one spare air filter kit: while one kit is being air-dried, another kit is in the unit.

Long Story Short: Eufy HomeVac H11 is a compact and lightweight cordless vacuum that comes at a very acceptable price. Considering its dimensions, it has very good suction (5500 Pa) and long operating time (up to 12-13 minutes).

If you are looking for a dedicated cordless handheld vacuum cleaner for quick cleanups at home and in emergencies, consider this unit.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Eufy HomeVac H11 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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