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Coredy L900 LIDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Coredy L900 LIDAR Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an advanced robot vacuum cleaner, supporting the use of the smart navigation system based on a broad set of sensors including LIDAR sensor, WiFi connectivity and control/management via Coredy Robot App, Amazon Alexa, Google Home Assistant, etc.

Also, it can be used as a robot vacuum cleaner or as a combination of robot vacuum/mop. Note: mopping attachment is sold separately.

Published: July 6, 2021.

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Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Features and Specifications

Coredy L900 robot vacuum can be controlled using control buttons on top of the unit, but the full set of options is available only using Coredy Robot App - Coredy L900 robot vacuum doesn't support the use of IR remote control or anything similar.

Connecting the unit to the WiFi and to Coredy Remote App is rather simple and can be done in few quick steps - just be sure to follow the instructions in the Owner's Guide.

Using control buttons on top of the unit, the user can turn the unit On/Off and turn on the automatic cleaning mode.

Using Coredy Remote App, user can set everything, including Zone Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Manual Cleaning, set a suction power, set a water flow level (if Hybrid Water Tank/dust Bin is used), set cleaning schedule, set no-go zones, set virtual walls, etc.

Coredy L900 robot vacuum is a very good robot vacuum regarding the cleaning - it features a pair of side-brushes, a central brushroll, and a very good suction of up to 2700 Pa.

As such, the Coredy L900 robot vacuum is suitable as a robot vacuum cleaner even for larger homes and apartments with different types of floors, including tiles, carpets, area rugs, hardwood, and similar.

Set of sensors include infrared sensors, cliff (anti-drop) sensors, bumper, and LIDAR, allowing the unit to map the area accurately, and to plan the cleaning path, covering the required area in the most efficient way.

When the battery is discharged down to ~15%, the unit stops with the vacuuming, locates the charging dock, and if required, resumes the cleaning task where it stopped due to the low battery event.

Note: when positioning the charging dock, be sure to place it along the wall with some free area around it - 3 feet (~1 m) on its sides and 6-7 feet (~2 m) in front of the docking/charging station. This free space allows the unit to accurately locate and to actually connect with the charging station.

Coredy L900 robot vacuum comes with a 14.4 V 5200 mAh battery, ensuring a cleaning time of up to 200 minutes, depending on the floor type, suction strength, and similar.

And when the battery is fully discharged, it takes 4-5 hours to fully charge it again.

water tank kit

By default, the Coredy L900 robot vacuum is a vacuum-only unit featuring 0.5 liters dirt bin, which is large enough for the unit of such dimensions - the dirt bin can be emptied quickly and easily and when the unit is scheduled to clean daily (recommended!) the dirt bin should be also emptied on a daily basis.

Coredy Water Tank Kit (again, sold separately) allows the user to use Coredy L900 robot vacuum as both robot vacuum and robot mop at the same time - a true 2-in-1 robot cleaning system.

Coredy Water Tank Kit consists of a Hybrid Water Tank/Dust Bin and a Washable Mopping Cloth.

The hybrid water tank/dust bin consists of a 380ml water tank and 320ml dust bin, allowing the unit to vacuum and mop at the same time, which is an excellent feature, saving both time and effort.

Note: mopping should be done only on the bare floors, and NOT on the carpets. Since the Coredy L900 robot vacuum doesn't differentiate between floor types, it is up to the user to make no-go zones when the unit is used as a robot vacuum/mop.


As a bare floor mop, the Coredy L900 robot vacuum is able to pick dust and similar debris that is not vacuumed by side-brushes, main brushroll, and suction.

The water tank also allows the user to set the water flow to the desired level (using the Coredy Robot App), including:

- Low flow: up to 190 minutes,

- Medium flow: up to 150 minutes,

- High flow: up to 120 minutes.

This allows the unit to mop a large area while allowing the floors to dry quickly.

Note: as a mop, Coredy L900 robot vacuum cannot be compared with, for example, steam mops and bare floor washers - it is not recommended to mop stubborn stains, coffee stains, wine stains, and similar. Such dirt does require stronger means of cleaning ... But, for people having large areas of bare floors, a water tank kit is highly recommended. mopping cloth

Mopping cloth physical dimensions are ~12.4 x 7.0 x 0.2 inches (~31.5 x 17.8 x 0.5 cm). Also, mopping cloths are washable - it is recommended to wash the mop cloth after each cleaning.

Note: although water flow is stopped when mopping is stopped/paused, it is recommended to remove the mopping cloth when the robot is not in use or when charging - wet/moist mop cloth can damage the sensitive floors due to the moisture retained in the mop cloth.

hepa air filter

Air filtration is very good and is based on the mechanical HEPA air filter consisting of foam filter and high-performance air filter.

The air filter is washable, keeping the operating costs to a minimum.

Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Maintenance

Coredy L900 robot vacuum must be maintained properly in order to keep the performance at the required level. Maintenance procedures include:

- air filter: clean it once per week (twice per week if You have pets), replace it every 2-3 months,

side brush

- side brushes: clean them once per week (twice per week if You have pets), replace them every 2-3 months or when visibly worn out,

- brushroll: clean it once per week (twice per week if You have pets), replace it every 5-6 months,

- brush guard: clean it once per week, replace every 5-6 months,

- dust bin: empty it after each use, replace every 12 months.

Other parts like sensors, charging contacts, wheels, and similar, clean once per week.

Note: For the exact maintenance procedures, check the Owner's Guide. Also, although the Coredy L900 robot vacuum is an advanced robot vacuum/mop cleaning system, it is relatively simple to use and maintain. But, when it arrives, be sure to read the manual/instructions thoroughly in order to get accustomed to your new vacuum cleaner. Better safe than sorry.

Long Story Short: Coredy L900 robot vacuum is an advanced robot vacuum/mop cleaning system that must be controlled/managed using Coredy Robot App. Also, it supports the use of Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant with all their benefits like voice commands, voice prompts, etc.

If You are looking for an efficient cleaning system that will help You keep your home cleaner and more pleasant to live it, consider this vacuum.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Coredy L900 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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