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BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J Powerseries 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner & Hand Vac

BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J is a convertible 2-in-a cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner designed for quick cleanups of bare and carpeted floors and elevated surfaces.

While BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J can't replace a full-size vacuum cleaner, especially not in larger homes and apartments, it is commonly used as a second vacuum cleaner in large homes but also as the main vacuum in smaller homes, dorm rooms, RV, etc.

Published: July 18, 2023.

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 BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J Features and Specifications

When used in cordless stick configuration, BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J weighs ~6 pounds (~2.7 kg), allowing the unit to be easily pushed/pulled over various floor types and to be carried up and down the stairs.

The main cleaner head features a swivel neck and in combination with a pair of wheels, ensures good maneuverability around most common floor objects like furniture, stairs, walls, etc.

The main cleaner head also features a rather low profile and can reach and clean under various types of furniture.

low profile

Also, strong LED headlights allow the user to clean in low light conditions and to spot dirt ahead of the main cleaner head, especially on bare floors.

BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J comes with two sets of controls, one on the foldable handle for use in cordless stick configuration and another on the detachable Dustbuster handheld vacuum cleaner.

Controls on the handle feature two buttons, one allowing the user to turn the unit On and Off and another button to engage Boost Mode for vacuuming hard-to-clean floor messes.

Controls on the detachable Dustbuster vacuum is "just" one On/Off button, allowing the user to turn the unit On/Off.

Note: such simple use is a great plus for many users who need a simple vacuum to clean everyday messes and emergencies.

As a stick cordless vacuum, BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J is intended for bare floors and low-pile carpets, and thin rugs - it has relatively good suction but is not strong enough to be able to deeply vacuum high-pile carpets and thick rugs.

The main cleaner head also comes with a spinning brushroll that can be easily detached for maintenance - the main cleaner head doesn't feature a tangle-free brushroll.

2 in 1 feature

Conversion from a cordless stick to a cordless handheld vacuum is done in seconds, allowing the user to quickly switch from vacuuming floors to vacuuming elevated surfaces and vice versa.

For vacuuming elevated surfaces, the user has several cleaning tools available, including a wide-mouth nozzle (default cleaning), cleaning brush, and crevice tool.

brush attachment

The brush nozzle is used for dusting but also for removing stubborn dirt like pet and human hair from upholstery, carpets, stairs, and similar.

After cleaning, remove any dirt that is stuck to the brush.

crevice tool

The crevice tool is intended for vacuuming narrow and hard-to-get areas, including edges, corners, crevices, etc. The crevice tool is very simple to use, and it does its job well, but it could be a few inches longer, IMHO, of course.

Note: Both the brush tool and crevice tool are carried onboard behind the handheld unit.

When the unit arrives, the battery must be recharged before the very first use - it usually takes up to 5 hours to fully recharge a fully discharged battery.

The good news is that the battery charger is intelligent one, allowing the users to leave the unit connected indefinitely to the charger.

The maximum runtime of the unit is ~30 minutes which is good for the unit in this class. However, when the Boost Mode and the brushroll are used, the runtime is shorter but still long enough for most cleaning tasks.

Note: when the unit arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide thoroughly to familiarize yourself with your new vacuum.

bare floor

BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J features a transparent dirt cup, allowing the user to monitor vacuumed dirt and air filter assembly.

Air filtration is good, but it is not HEPA level. Air filtration is based on cyclonic action, mechanical air filtration by air pre-filter, and mechanical air filtration by the air filter.

spare filter

Air filter assembly consists of air pre-filter and air filter - air filters are washable, keeping the maintenance costs low.

BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J uses an SVF12 air filter which is relatively cheap - some users order a spare air filter assembly right away, allowing them to have one set in the unit, ready for cleaning, and another set thoroughly air dried.

If/when required, spare air filters can be ordered from online stores.


BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J is a simple-to-use and maintain vacuum cleaner. The most important maintenance tasks include:

  • Regularly charging the battery,
  • Emptying the dirt cup,
  • Removing tangled hair and lint from the brushroll,
  • Washing the air filter and its assembly.

For exact maintenance procedures, check the Owner's Guide.

Long Story Short: BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J comes at an acceptable price, offers good performances, a 2-year limited warranty, and is very easy to use and maintain.

It is commonly used for quick cleanups and cleaning in emergencies - it is a cordless unit, allowing the user to simply grab it and clean the mess without worrying about where to plug it - the unit is self-standing and can be easily stored nearby thanks to the folding handle.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the BLACK+DECKER HSVB420J Powerseries 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner & Hand Vac Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).

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