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Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX 20 Volt Cordless Lithium Pivot Vacuum

Black+Decker BDH2000PL vacuum cleaner is cordless, handheld vacuum cleaner, powered using 20 V lithium battery. Thanks to its innovative, pivoting design, it is a very compact unit, with excellent suction for a cordless unit, good air filtration, and dust bin of decent size. For short, an excellent addition to any kitchen or other living space that requires an emergency vacuum cleaner.

Updated: August 20, 2020.

black decker bdh2000pl 1

BDH2000PL nozzle pivots around the central section (which contains motor, filter and dirt bowl) to clean up hard-to-reach and tight spaces and to keep the unit very compact when stored on charging station. Charging station/base is designed so that it allows both wall and table charging locations - BDH2000PL with charging station don’t require much space, so place them where you can reach them quickly.

Unit comes with high performance motor, which provides excellent suction capability when compared even with more expensive units. For example, Dyson V6 Cordless in normal operation has 28 AW (Air Watts) of suction power and 100 AW in burst mode – burst mode depletes V6’s battery in approximately 6 minutes. On the other hand, BDH2000PL provides 35 AW of suction power – when battery is fully charged, unit can operate for 12-15 minutes. Thanks to the lithium technology, unit’s power is almost constant, regardless of the battery condition. When power starts to fade away, stop vacuuming, let the battery cool down for 15-20 minutes and place the unit on the charging station – this ‘cooling’ period is not required when the unit is used for limited amount of time, but when the battery is pushed to the limit, letting it cool down at least a little bit before charging, can prolong battery’s operating life.

black decker bdh2000pl 3When being fully discharged, it takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery again.

3 stage air filtration is based on the cyclonic action which spins dust and debris away from the mechanical filter keeping suction power strong even when dirt bowl is almost full. Unit doesn’t have filter sensor, dirt bowl sensor or clog sensor, so it is up to the user to determine if the unit has any issue with dirty filter, full dirt bowl or there is a clog in the system.

Personally, for a unit in this price range, one can’t expect all of these – after all, dirt bowl is transparent and one can easily see if it is full or not. Dirt bowl is emptied quickly and easily and IMHO, it should be emptied after each cleaning. For a more thorough cleaning of the dirt bowl, simply remove it from the unit and wash it in the sink with warm water.

Dirt bowl capacity is 15 ounces – acceptable for the unit of this size and purpose.

Unlike many similar cordless units, BDH2000PL has relatively large nozzle, designed to clean up larger debris, too. To aid in cleaning, unit comes with onboard Brush and Crevice Tool. These tools help in cleaning various delicate surfaces like upholstery, aluminum blinds or in cleaning tight places, like between seats and cushions, or around the edges, corners, stairs etc.

black decker bdh2000pl 2

BDH2000PL cordless vacuum weighs 3 pounds (1.36 kg) – it is light enough to be used with just one had, but elderly people and kids will probably use it with both hands, especially when cleaning for longer period of time.

Kids and BDH2000PL – if you have kids, teach them to clean their own messes. This unit can be very helpful for that task, just be sure that it is used under supervision of adults.

For short, Black and Decker BDH2000PL MAX lithium cordless vacuum cleaner is very good and affordable lithium vacuum. There are larger and stronger lithium powered cordless units, but they also cost more. Also, there are smaller and cheaper cordless units, but they can match BDH2000PL in terms of suction, onboard tools, filtration and similar.

BDH2000PL cordless vacuum – excellent balance between price and features it offers.

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