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Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless Vacuum

Bissell 2390 is bagless, handheld, cordless vacuum cleaner, designed for quick cleanups of pets, kids and other messes at homes and apartments. It is powered via lithium ion battery and features relatively large dirt cup, number of cleaning tools, good suction and air filtration and it comes at very acceptable price.

Bissell 2390 is simple and easy to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, suitable not only as 'pet hair eraser', but also as car/boat vacuum cleaner, in emergencies, for regular cleanups of small areas etc.

Published: January 2, 2019.

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Bissell 2390 Pet Hair Eraser Features and Specifications

Bissell 2390 is powered via 14.4 volts lithium ion battery, providing fade-free power for 15-20 minutes on a single charge - operating time depends on the battery condition (age, for example), but it also slightly depends on the cleaning tool being used.

When unit arrives, it must be charged first - for the safety reasons, lithium batteries in general are transported semi-charged.

Note: Bissell 2390 is really easy to use handheld vacuum, but before the very first use, it is highly recommended to read the manual first.

It takes up to 8 hours to charge the fully discharged battery. However, since lithium ion batteries don't suffer from memory effect like older NiCd batteries (or older NiMH batteries), Bissell 2390 can be charged after each use, but that is not required. To charge the unit, charger jack is simply plugged into the unit - there is not charging dock/cradle or wall mount.

Controls and signal LED are clearly visible and simple to use.

Power button is next to the handle and it is used to turn the unit on/off.

Dirt cup release button is next to the dirt cup and is used to quickly detach the dirt cup in order to empty it.

Between power button and dirt cup release button is signal/charging LED.

When charging, LED light blinks RED every second, and when the battery is fully charged, LED light turns GREEN for ten minutes and then blinks every 1 minute.

When in use, LED light is solid GREEN, which turns to blinking RED light every half second when LOW POWER condition is met.

If the LED light turns to solid RED during use, it signals NO POWER or, if it turns RED and then turns off the unit, a BRUSH STALL condition.

Bissell 2390 weighs only 3.1 pounds (~1.4 kg) and can be even used by elderly people and kids (under supervision of adults, of course).

Dirt cup is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of cleaned dirt. Its capacity is 0.7 liters which is excellent capacity for the vacuum in this class. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to empty the dirt cup after each use.

bissell 2390 cleaning tools

Bissell 2390 comes with several cleaning tools, allowing the user to clean pet and human hair, lint, fibers, dust and other types of dirt from various surfaces commonly found at homes and apartments.

Motorized brush is compact and lightweight cleaning tool, designed for cleaning stairs, smaller carpets, upholstery, furniture and other surfaces. Rotating brushroll pulls deeply embedded hair and other dirt from carpeted and upholstered surfaces, while strong suction pulls the dirt into the vacuum itself.

Motorized brush is not maintenance free tool and from time to time it is up to the user to manually clean it from entangled hair, lint, fibers and similar dirt.

Although motorized brushroll is rather gentle, for cleaning more sensitive surfaces, Upholstery tool is recommended. Upholstery tool features rotating neck, allowing the user to position the tool as required.

Crevice tool is long and narrow cleaning tool, intended for cleaning tight and narrow areas and spaces, including beds, sofas, corners, edges, between car seats and similar.

Note: in order to extend the reach, it is possible to combine Upholstery tool and Crevice tool.

bissell 2390 filtration

Air filtration is not true HEPA, but still very good. 3 stage air filtration is based on plastic mesh of the filter cup, pleated air filter and foam/sponge air filter.

Filter cup and air filters are washable using warm water and mild detergent.

Note: always dry filter thoroughly before assembling them into the unit. Never use unit with wet filters or no filters at all. For exact maintenance procedures - check the manual!

Bissell 2390 comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Bissell 2390 Cons

Considering the price and its use, there isn't much to add or remove, but there are few things to consider:

- Bissell 2390 battery is not removable - if it dies, whole unit must be replaced,

- indicator LED light doesn't indicates level of battery charge,

- wall mount or charging station would be nice to have.

Other than that, this is fine, compact and well balanced design.

Long Story Short: Bissell 2390 is affordable cordless handheld unit, designed for users with pets and kids, but also for general use at home and apartments.

With 15-20 minutes of operation on a single battery charge, it can do plenty of cleaning, especially when the motorized brushroll is used.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Bissell 2309 Pet Hair Eraser Lithium Handheld Cordless Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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