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Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac is a compact and a lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner, intended for floor cleaning only - it is not 2-in-1 vacuum, designed for cleaning both floors and elevated surfaces.

But, Oreck CK93010 combines relatively strong suction and spinning brushroll, with lifetime belt and washable air filter to achieve good floor cleaning, with minimum maintenance costs.

Published: June 28, 2019.

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Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac Features and Specifications

Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac is designed as a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, with no detachable handheld unit. This makes this unit less versatile, but its construction is simpler, sturdier and better optimized for vacuuming both bare and carpeted areas.

When Oreck CK93010 arrives, it must be assembled, which can be done rather quickly, just follow the manual.

Also, Oreck CK93010 is simple to use and maintain unit, but when it arrives read the manual thoroughly to get accustomed to the vacuum and its features.

Oreck CK93010 weighs 7.3 pounds (~3.3 kg) and although it is not the lightest stick vacuum on the market, it is very easy to push-pull around and very maneuverable.

oreck m pwr battery

Unit is powered via Oreck's M-PWR 20V lithium ion batteries, offering some 20-25 minutes of operating time on the single battery charge with the brushroll being turned on. When the brushroll is turned on, operating time is longer.

When the unit arrives, package contain one battery and one charger per vacuum. Also, batteries are shipped in semi-charged condition for safety reasons - so, when the unit arrives, its battery must be fully charged prior the first use.

Note: these batteries are 5-cells lithium ion batteries with actual voltage of ~18 volts and maximum charging voltage of 20 volts - hence the '20V' part of their label. Also, one of very important features of these batteries is their 'power fade-free' discharging features - regardless of the battery charge level, vacuum cleaner operates at maximum power.

oreck ck93010 2

When the battery is discharged, simply remove it from its slot by pressing the red button and pulling the battery out - whatever you do with the battery, there is no need to use much force. If one needs larger force to remove the battery, battery is probably stuck, so be very careful - and read the manual again, especially regarding the battery!

Note: If required, spare battery can be ordered from online shops and stores.

If the user has two batteries, unit can be ready to be used (or used), while the second battery is being charged. Oreck's M-PWR 20V lithium ion batteries should be charged only with the lithium ion charger intended for charging of these batteries.

oreck m pwr charger


Oreck's M-PWR 20V battery charger features several signal lights, including blue (battery is charging) and red (error).

When there are no lights on the charger, the battery is fully charged and it can remain in the charger.

Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac Cleaner Head

Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac is intended for floors only and its cleaner head features several important details.

Main cleaner head features rotating brushroll, designed for deep cleaning of area rugs and carpets. As the brushroll spins, its bristles agitate deeply embedded dirt and pull out dirt like hair, lint and fibers. This dirt is then picked up by strong suction into the dirt cup.

oreck ck93010 brushroll

Main cleaner head features very low profile, allowing it to reach and clean under objects like beds and sofas. Also, its cleaning path is 10 inches (~25.4 cm), helping the user to clean rather large area quickly.

In order to protect the walls and furniture, main cleaner head comes with scuff guard - a rubber protection that prevents scuffs on sensitive objects. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to avoid bumping into the walls, objects and obstacles during vacuuming.

oreck ck93010 brushroll 2

To help the user clean both large and small debris, main cleaner head features gaps with suction channels helping the unit pick up such dirt, without scattering the dirt.

Also, to prevent scattering and to protect bare, sensitive floors, brushroll can be turned off via simple controls on the handle.

Brushroll does very good job in pulling out pet and human hair, but it is not maintenance free tool - periodically it must be removed from the unit and manually cleaned from the tangled lint, hair, fibers and similar dirt.

Dirt cup is transparent, allowing the user to see type and amount of vacuumed dirt. In order to empty the dirt cup, it is detached from the unit and using bottom emptying system, emptied directly into the trash can, without the need to touch the dirt.

oreck ck93010 3

Air filtration is good and is based on the cyclonic action and washable air filter.

Washable air filter decreases the maintenance costs, but when it is washed, it must be air dried for at least 24 hours before reassembling it back into the unit - never operate the vacuum with no air filter or wet/moist air filter. Such use can damage the vacuum and void its 1-year warranty.

Oreck CK93010 features thermal protection system - when the air flow through the unit is decreased due to the clog or blockage of some kind, its internal temperature starts to rise. In order to protect the unit, thermal protection system turns off the vacuum.

If the unit stops with no apparent reason and the battery is not fully discharged, turn the unit off, remove the battery and check for clogs or blockages. Also, check and if necessary wash the air filter using just plain cold water and replace it with another clean and dry air filter.

Let the unit cool down for at least 30 minutes and use the unit as you normally would.

Note: this and other maintenance procedures are described in even greater detail in the unit's manual.

Long Story Short: If you are looking for relatively simple cordless stick vacuum cleaner that does its job well, consider this unit.

It has good suction, rotating brushroll can be turned off for vacuuming bare floors, dirt cup capacity is enough for most situations, battery lasts for 20-25 minutes with the brushroll turned on etc.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Oreck CK93010 Commercial TaskVac Amazon link (link opens in the new windows).

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