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Hoover LiNX BH50010 and LiNX BH50020 Cordless Stick Vacuums - BH50010 vs BH50020

Hoover LiNX BH50010 and LiNX BH50020 Cordless Stick Vacuums are two very similar vacuum cleaners. They share the same design philosophy, features and specifications, differing only in few minor details.

Hoover LiNX is very popular cordless, bagless, stick vacuum cleaner, featuring motorized brushroll, power fade-free 18V removable battery, good suction and relatively long operating time on a single battery charge.

Published: April 1, 2019.

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Differences Between Hoover LiNX BH50010 and BH50020 - BH50010 vs BH50020

The differences between Hoover LiNX BH50010 and BH50020 are really minor - main differences are in color (BH50010 is mostly gray, while BH50020 is mostly black), BH50010 features red baffle tube, while BH50020 features black baffle tube.

Also, BH50020 features improved, smoother wheels. While BH50010 features fully transparent dirt bin, BH50020 features slightly dimmed, but still transparent dirt bin.

There are also other small differences in color and design, but since BH50010 is one of the most popular stick vacuums on the market, Hoover has no need to dramatically redesign the new model.

Hoover LiNX Cordless Stick Vacuum - Features and Specifications

Hoover LiNX is powered via 5-cell, 18V power fade-free lithium ion battery.

Battery is removable and charged in the battery charger that comes with the unit.

hoover linx battery

Battery stores enough energy to provide Hoover LiNX (which is rated at 110 Watts) with up to 20 minutes of operating time when the brushroll is turned on and up to 40 minutes with the brushroll turned off.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the discharged battery. Since these batteries are lithium ion batteries, they don't feature memory effect and there is no need to discharge them fully prior charging.

Hoover LiNX comes with three LED lights to indicate battery condition:

- 3 LEDs lit: battery charge > 75%

- 2 LEDs lit: battery charge > 50%, but less than 75%

- 1 LED lit: battery charge > 25%, but less than 50%

- 1 LED blinking: battery charge less than 25%, it is recommended to charge the battery immediately.

Note: after the battery is fully charged, it is not recommended to be left in the charger indefinitely. Also, Hoover LiNX is simple to use and maintain cordless vacuum, bu nonetheless, when it arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the manual. Better safe than sorry ...

Hoover LiNX is optimized for vacuuming floors. It is not convertible unit or 2-in-1 unit or anything similar - but it is optimized to do its job well and that is the reason why it is one of the most popular cordless stick vacuums for years.

Hoover LiNX features simple, but very effective controls:

- Off position: unit is turned off.

- Brushroll off: unit is turned on, but the brushroll doesn't spin. This setting is suitable for vacuuming bare floors, including hardwood, laminate and similar sensitive wooden floors.

- Brushroll on: unit is turned on and brushroll starts to spin. This setting is suitable for vacuuming carpets and area rugs. As the brushroll spins, it pulls out deeply embedded dust, hair and similar dirt, cleaning the carpets thoroughly.

Controls are on the handle, easily accessible during vacuuming, allowing the user easy transition from carpets to bare floors and back.

hoover linx cleaner head

Main cleaner head also features so-called Hoover's 'WindTunnel Technology' - main cleaner head features several suction channels to lift and remove both surface debris and deeply embedded dirt. Main cleaner head doesn't require manual head height adjustment - it is up to the user just to turn the brushroll on or off, depending on the surface type.

Brushroll is of classic design, doing its job very well, but from time to time it is up to the user to manually remove the entangled hair, fibers and similar debris from the brushroll.

Also, main cleaner head doesn't feature LED headlights, which can be very helpful when cleaning in low light conditions, for example under beds and sofas. Since Hoover LiNX feature recline handle and can reach under furniture with ease, LED headlights would be very helpful.

hoover linx edge cleaning

Hoover LiNX also features edge bristles, allowing the user to clean along the baseboard and similar surfaces.

Unit weighs 7.3 pounds (3.3 kg) with battery and can be even used by elderly people. It is very maneuverable unit, able to clean around common floor objects and obstacles.

Hoover LiNX is suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments, and as second vacuum cleaner in large homes and apartments for both regular cleanups and cleaning in emergencies.

Dirt cup capacity is 0.23 gallons (~0.9 liters) which is fairly good for the vacuum cleaner in this class. Dirt cup is detachable and features bottom emptying mechanism, allowing the user to quickly and easily empty the dirt cup.

hoover linx filters

Hoover LiNX air filtration is good, and is based on cyclonic action and foam/sponge air filter.

Air filter is washable using cold, running water, decreasing the operating costs. However, after washing, it should be left to dry thoroughly for at least 24-36 hours. Using Hoover LiNX with wet filter or no filters can damage the vacuum cleaner.

Thus, many users purchase few spare sponge/foam filters - while one filter is being washed, another one (dry, of course) is assembled back into the unit. This was, if something should happen and the Hoover LiNX is required, it is ready at the moment notice.

Similarly, some users purchase additional lithium battery for their Hoover LiNX vacuum cleaner.

Hoover LiNX comes with 2 year limited warranty.

Long Story Short: Hoover LiNX is suitable for vacuuming both bare and carpeted surfaces. It is not suitable for vacuuming elevated surfaces, as it is NOT convertible 2-in-1 unit, nor it features flexible cleaning hose or similar cleaning tools and attachments.

But, its main cleaner head based on Hoover's WindTunnel Technology and motorized brushroll does excellent job, which is tested in real life by many user during last few years.

With new Hoover LiNX BH50020, Hoover is playing 'safe' - after all, why not? "If it ain't broken, don't fix it" :)

If you are looking for reliable and durable cordless stick vacuum cleaner for cleaning floors only and keeping your home cleaner and safer to live, and Hoover LiNX fits your needs, consider it - both BH50010 and BH50020 models are so similar that one should look only at the price and get the cheaper one.

Note: IMHO, BH50020 comes with improved and quieter wheels, and if the price difference is not significant, go for newer Hoover LiNX BH50020 model.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Hoover LiNX BH50010 and Hoover LiNX BH50020 Amazon links (links open in the new window).

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