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Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All-in-One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Bissell 2554A CrossWave is a multi-surface, 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner and mop, powered by 36V onboard lithium battery and featuring 30 minutes of operation on the single battery charge.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave comes with dual tank technology, relatively strong suction, improved edge cleaning, Wi-Fi connectivity and few more features, ensuring thorough cleaning of sticky and stubborn messes from various bare floors and area rugs and carpets.

Published: April 22, 2020.

bissell 2554a 1

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Features and Specifications

Bissell 2554A CrossWave is intended for vacuuming and cleaning/washing of a multitude of surfaces, including sealed wooded and laminate floors, linoleum, stone, glazed ceramic tiles, area rugs, carpets and similar.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave cleans by combining cleaning solution (clean water + cleaning formula) from the clean water tank, spinning action of the brushroll, and vacuum suction. Vacuumed dirty liquids are stored onboard in the dirty liquids tank and are removed easily after washing.

Note: Bissell 2554A CrossWave is very simple to use and maintain a wet-dry vacuum/washer, but when it arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the manual in order to get accustomed to your new unit.

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Cleaning path is 10.5 inches (126.7 cm) wide and in combination with 25-30 minutes operating time, swivel neck, and improved edge cleaning, allows the user to clean large area rather quickly.

Despite the weight of 19.72 pounds (with empty tanks), Bissell 2554A CrossWave is rather maneuverable unit with most of the weight resting on the floor.

Clean tank features several filling lines, allowing the user to quickly fill the tank with water and cleaning formula, depending on the expected surface to be cleaned: Large Area fill line for areas up to 700 sq.ft. and the Small Area fill line for areas up to 350 sq.ft.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave doesn't feature onboard water heater, but the use of warm water (140°F/60°C max) is recommended for more thorough cleaning.

bissell 2554a features

Bissell 2554A CrossWave controls are on the handle and they include:

- Power Button: turns the unit On and Off,

- Floor Mode Button: changes the cleaning mode from 'Hard Floor' to 'Area Rug Mode' and back. While in Area Rug Mode, unit dispenses twice as much of cleaning solution,

- Solution Spray Trigger: releases the cleaning solution when required.

While Bissell 2554A CrossWave doesn't have a water heater and doesn't have hot air fan, drying time can be shortened by using warm water and using several 'dry' passes over the cleaned area, allowing the unit to remove as much dirty water as possible.

bissell 2554a trayBy default, Bissell 2554A CrossWave comes with two multi-surface brushrolls, two trial-size Hard Floor cleaning formulas, two trial size Multi-Surface cleaning formulas, brushroll drying tray, and 3-in-1 docking station.

3-in-1 docking station is used for storing, cleaning, and charging of the Bissell 2554A CrossWave.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave is Wi-Fi enabled unit and the use of Bissell App (available for both Android and iPhone) provides the user with the maintenance, support, and cleaning tips, and a usage dashboard.

Most important user's tasks include filling the clean water tank with clean water and cleaning formula, emptying the dirty water tank, cleaning the strainer and the washable filter and cleaning the unit after each cleaning using the so-called 'Self-Cleaning Cycle' which flushes out the accumulated dirt, hair, and debris.

bissell 2554a filter

'Self-Cleaning Cycle' is activated by placing the unit on the 3-in-1 docking station and by pressing the 'Self-Cleaning Cycle' button. After 40 seconds of intensive cleaning, empty the dirty water tank and remove the brushroll so that it can dry.

While the unit is in the 3-in-1 docking station, the battery is being charged (not during the 'Self-Cleaning Cycle') and after at most 4 hours, the battery is fully charged and ready for the next cleaning/washing.

Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cleaning Formulas and Brushrolls

By default, Bissell 2554A CrossWave some with two trial size Multi-Surface formulas, two trial size Hard Floor cleaning formulas and two multi-surface brushrolls.

cleaning formulas

Cleaning formulas can be found in different sizes (32 and 64 oz) and are available for different floor types including:

- Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Formula,

- Wood Floor Cleaning Formula,

- Area Rug Cleaning Formula,

- Multi-Surface PET with Febreze Floor Cleaning Formula,

- Hard Floor Cleaning Formula.

Having proper cleaning formulas increases the cleaning effect of this and similar units significantly.

Note: Don't use Hard Floor Cleaning Formula on the carpets and area rugs.

Depending on the floor types, the cleaning effect may be improved by using brushrolls optimized for the particular floor and dirt type:

- Multi-Surface Brush Roll comes by default with the Bissell 2554A CrossWave (two of them). They are intended for thorough cleaning of various floor types, including both bare floors and carpeted areas.

brushroll multi surface

- Multi-Surface Pet Brush Roll is very similar to Multi-Surface Brush Roll, but it is more specialized for picking up of pet hair, lint, and similar debris, and for cleaning pet messes.

brushroll multi surface pet

- Wood Floor Brush Roll is designed for cleaning sensitive sealed wooden and similar floors. It is softer and more gentle than Multi-Surface brushes.

brushroll wood floor

- Area Rug Brush Roll is optimized for cleaning of deeply embedded hair and other debris from area rugs and carpets.

brushroll area rug

Additional cleaning formulas and brushrolls may be ordered from online shops when required.

Long Story Short: Bissell 2554A CrossWave is full-size, two tank, cordless wet-dry vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner/washer.

Regardless if you have pets or not, Bissell 2554A CrossWave helps the user to thoroughly clean large floor areas relatively quickly regardless of the floor type.

Having proper cleaning formula and the brushroll helps a lot in cleaning stains and messes, although most people are quite happy with the Multi-Surface Cleaning Formula and multi-floor brushroll.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Bissell 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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