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McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Canister Steam Cleaner

McCulloch MC1275 is a rather versatile heavy-duty canister steam cleaner intended for chemical-free cleaning of various surfaces that allow such type of cleaning like glazed tiles, stone, marble, granite, sealed laminate, sealed hardwood, vinyl, and similar.

McCulloch MC1275 features a large water tank, strong water heater, and a large set of available cleaning tools and accessories, allowing the user to clean stubborn and sticky dirt with ease. However, due to the type of cleaning (hot steam!), one must be extra careful.

Published: April 26, 2021.

mcculloch mc1275 1 w300

McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner Features and Specifications

McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner is very compact unit, featuring physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 17.2 x 10.5 x 13.5 inches (~43.7 x 26.7 x 34.3 cm) and it weighs 9.95 pounds (~4.51 kg).

Water tank capacity is 48 ounces (1.42 liters) which is enough for 45 minutes of constant steam cleaning, allowing the unit to cover and clean a large area with a single water tank.

McCulloch MC1275 comes with 1500 watts (12.5 Amps) water heater and features 8 minutes heating time.

Unit is corded and comes with 15.7 feet (~4.8 m) long power cord. The power cord is long enough for most cleaning tasks, since McCulloch MC1275 also comes with a flexible cleaning hose (9 feet, 2.75m) and a two-piece cleaning wand (2 x 19", 2 x 0.48 m), extending the cleaning range.

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Of course, McCulloch MC1275 water tank doesn't have to be filled full each time. Steaming time depends on the amount of water:

- 16 oz (0.47 liters): ~15 minutes,

- 32 oz (0.95 liters): ~30 minutes,

- 48 oz (1.42 liters): ~45 minutes,

with an average steam consumption of 33-37 grams per minute.

One of the very important features of McCulloch MC1275 is the "steam on-demand" feature, allowing the user to increase or decrease the amount of steam, which is very important when steaming sensitive floor types like sealed wooden floors, laminate, and similar.

Note: unsealed and unglazed surfaces should not be steam cleaned - as the steam enters the material, it can cause the material to buckle or rot, especially if it is wood or some similar material. McCulloch MC1275 is very simple to use and maintain a heavy-duty steam cleaner, but when it arrives, be sure to thoroughly read the Owner's Guide - better safe than sorry.

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McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaner features a broad set of cleaning tools and accessories, including 19" extension wands (2), 12" x 6" mop head, triangle brush, brass utility brush, nylon utility brushes (5), scrub pad, and microfiber pads (2), steam jet nozzle, 8.5" squeegee and 16 oz measuring cup with water funnel.

Microfiber pads are machine washable, just be sure to use liquid detergent, with no softeners and no bleach.

Tap Water or Demineralized/Distilled Water?

According to the manufacturer, tap water can be used for cleaning, however, such water can lead to mineral build-up and can shorten the lifetime of the steam cleaner.

So, in order to prolong its operating life and to clean the surfaces with no streaks or dull appearance, use either distilled or demineralized water.

McCulloch MC1275 comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a heavy-duty, tough, and durable steam cleaner, consider this model - it comes with a large water tank, strong water heater, and a set of cleaning tools and accessories that allows the user to reach and clean various surfaces commonly found at home.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Canister Steam Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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