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Shark IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Shark IX141 Pet is a 2-in-1 convertible bagless cordless vacuum cleaner intended as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller to medium homes and as an advanced second vacuum cleaner in larger homes and apartments.

Shark IX141 Pet can be easily converter from a stick vacuum cleaner to a handheld vacuum and back, allowing the user to clean various types of surfaces from the floor to the ceiling.

Thanks to the relatively good suction, efficient main cleaner head, multilayered air filtration system, and affordable price, Shark IX141 Pet is one of the most popular vacuums in its class.

Published: August 3, 2022.

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Shark IX141 Pet Vacuum Features and Specifications

Shark IX141 Pet is a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, and in the stick vacuum cleaner configuration, the unit weighs 7.6 pounds (~3.5 kg), and in the handheld vacuum cleaner configuration, it weighs only 4.74 pounds (~2.15 kg).

As such, Shark IX141 Pet is one of the lightest cordless stick vacuum cleaners, suitable for elderly people as well.

As a handheld vacuum cleaner, Shark IX141 Pet is heavier than most vacuum cleaners designed as handheld vacuums, but the Shark IX141 Pet is also much stronger than such units.

The physical dimensions of the Shark IX141 Pet are (L x W x H) 14.96 X 10.24 X 46.06 inches (~38 x 26 x 117 cm) in the cordless stick vacuum configuration.

low profile

The main cleaner head features a very low profile and, combined with a swivel neck and long cleaning wand, allows the user to vacuum around and under most common floor objects and obstacles, including sofas, walls, furniture, and similar.

Also, the main cleaner head features LED headlights, allowing the user to clean more easily in low-light conditions and more easily spot dirt on the floor.

In order to clean more efficiently, the main cleaner head features a spinning brushroll which cannot be completely turned off - the brushroll speed depends on the chosen vacuum mode:

  • Bare Floor Mode: brushroll spins slowly, preventing any damage to the sensitive floors. But, as it spins, it agitates the floor dirt, which is then sucked into the unit via strong suction.
  • Carpet Mode: brushroll spins at the maximum speed, pulling out deeply embedded hair, lint, fibers, and other dirt from the carpets.

Note: Cleaning mode can be changed quickly using the main power switch on the handheld unit.

Shark IX141 Pet also features Boost Mode, where the suction itself is increased to the maximum - Boost Mode optimizes the performance, but it also shortens the unit's runtime on a single battery charge.

So, the battery runtime depends on the mode, and it averages:

  • Handheld Mode (Standard Suction Mode): ~40 minutes,
  • Bare Floor Mode (Standard Suction Mode): ~25 minutes,
  • Carpet Mode (Standard Suction Mode): ~25 minutes,
  • Handheld Mode (Boost Suction Mode): ~10 minutes.

Unfortunately, Shark doesn't provide actual battery runtime in Bare Floor/Boost Mode and Mode Carpet Mode/Boost Mode, but it is slightly less than 10 minutes with a new, fully charged battery.

The unit is rated at 181 Watts and is powered by a high-speed brushless motor, offering so-called HyperVelocity Suction - very strong suction thanks to the optimized air pathways and a highly-efficient suction motor.

Shark IX141 Pet comes with a lightweight, powerful, and power fade-free 6-cell 21.6V lithium battery that can be fully recharged in ~3 hours.

The battery is recharged by manually plugging the charger into the unit - there is no wall charging station or anything similar.

However, Shark IX141 Pet is designed to be stored using minimum footprint and volume - a handheld vacuum is detached from the wand and stored above the main cleaner head.


Shark IX141 Pet comes with a 5-year limited warranty for the vacuum cleaner and a 2-year limited warranty for the battery.

The battery is removable, but it is not detachable - the user can replace the old battery with the new one by opening the handheld vacuum cleaner (unscrew four screws on the bottom of the vacuum, remove the battery cover, remove the old battery, add new battery, return the cover, and screw four bottom screws - for the exact battery replacement procedure, check the documentation that comes with the unit).

But, the battery is not detachable - there is no point in having two batteries and using them interchangeably (too much time-consuming work).

The dirt cup is translucent, allowing the user to monitor the operation more easily. The dirt cup capacity is 0.83 quarts (~0.8 liters) which is an excellent dirt cup capacity for the unit in this class.

The dirt cup is emptied quickly and easily, allowing the user to dump the entire content of the dirt cup without making any additional mess.

The air filtration system is based on the cyclonic action, combined with the pre-motor air filters (foam and felt air filters) and the post-motor exhaust air filter.

All air filters are washable using plain water:

  • foam and felt air filters should be washed once a month or as required (depends on the unit's use type of dirt),
  • the post-motor exhaust air filter should be washed once a year.

After washing, the air filters should be completely air dried before returning back into the unit.

Note: Shark IX141 Pet vacuum cleaner is a very simple and easy vacuum to use and maintain, with very low maintenance costs. However, when the unit arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide to get accustomed to your new vacuum cleaner.

cleaning tools

For vacuuming elevated surfaces, Shark IX141 Pet also comes with two additional cleaning tools:

  • Pet Multi-Tool is a 2-in-1 cleaning tool consisting of an Upholstery Tool and a Cleaning Brush. The Upholstery Tool is used for vacuuming beds, sofas, stairs, furniture, pet beds, and similar surfaces, while the Cleaning Brush is used for dusting and vacuuming stubborn dirt that the Upholstery Tool is unable to clean.
  • Crevice Tool is a long and narrow cleaning tool intended for vacuuming edges, corners, crevices, and other similar hard-to-reach surfaces.

Both Pet Multi-Tool and Crevice Tool can be used with or without a cleaning wand.

Note: Shark offers other cleaning tools and attachments compatible with Shark IX141 Pet vacuum cleaner - if required, they can be ordered later from online shops.

shark ix141 mLong Story Short: Shark IX141 Pet is simple and lightweight but also a powerful and versatile cordless, convertible, stick vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to its features and performances, it is also a very popular vacuum, already used and tested by countless users in real-life situations.

If You are looking for your next cordless stick vacuum cleaner, consider this model.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Shark IX141 Pet Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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