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Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuums - NV800, NV801, NV803 Models

Shark NV800, NV801, and NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuums are group of corded, bagless upright vacuums with Shark's DuoClean technology. Thanks to features like 'Lift-Away', canister caddy and excellent air filtration etc. these units can be used as upright vacuums, as canister vacuums, in 'Lift-Away' mode and for cleaning surfaces from the floor to the ceiling, regardless of surface and dirt type.

Updated: August 25, 2019.

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Shark NV800, NV801 and NV803 - Features and Specifications

Shark NV800, NV801 and NV803 have three modes of operation:

- Upright mode: used for cleaning carpets and hard floors,

- Lift-Away mode: used for cleaning stairs and elevated surfaces,

- Canister mode: used for cleaning carpets and hard floors, but also for above the floor surfaces. Note: at the moment, caddy is sold separately.

Shark NV800, NV801 and NV803 Powered Lift-Away upright vacuums come with so-called DuoClean technology, which features two different brushrolls in the main motorized floor nozzle. One brushroll comes with bristles and is design for deep carpet cleaning, while second brushroll is soft brushroll, designed to pick up larger particles. Brushrolls are not 'tangle-free' design and after some use, they must be cleaned from pet and human hair, lint, various fibers and similar debris.

Powered Lift-Away and additional flexible cleaning hose features give the user the ability to clean elevated surfaces using many cleaning attachments optimized for different tasks.

Although these vacuums are not the smallest uprights on the market, they are equipped with 'Advanced Swivel Steering' for easier maneuvering around the potential obstacles. Also, they are equipped with strong LED headlights, helping the user to clean in low light conditions, like under the furniture, under the beds and similar.

To help the user with asthma, allergies and other similar health issues, NV800, NV801 and NV803 are completely sealed cleaning system with a HEPA filter to remove dust and allergens from vacuumed air.

Fingertip controls on the handle allow the user to quickly switch between cleaning modes: hard floors, low-pile carpets, high-pile carpets and rugs. Due to Lift-Away feature, power switch is lower on the Lift-Away pod.

Shark NV800, NV801 and NV803 vacuums are very similar units, differing mostly in color and available cleaning attachments. Following table lists some of their features and specs:

Model Shark NV800 DuoClean Shark NV801 DuoClean Shark NV803 DuoClean
Photo shark nv800 table  shark nv801 table  shark nv803 table 
Motor 1150 W, 9.5 Amps
 Power Cord Length 30 feet (9.15 m)  
 Weight 14.5 pounds (6.56 kg)
Dimensions LxWxH 11.8x11.9x46.1 inches (~30 x 30.2 x 117 cm)  
Filters Pre-motor foam filter, pre-motor felt filter, post-motor HEPA filter
True HEPA Vacuum Yes -  99.99% of 0.3 microns particles or larger
 Dust Cup Capacity 0.9 Dry Quarts (1 liter)  
Cleaning Width 8.5 inches (~21.6 cm)
 Pet Multi-Tool Yes Yes Yes
Duster Crevice Tool Yes Yes Yes
Under-Appliance Wand No Yes Yes
Pet Power Brush No No Yes
Accessory Bag No No Yes
Amazon Link Shark NV800 DuoClean Shark NV801 Duoclean Shark NV803 DuoClean

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check the latest prices of these models. Also, we have really tried to check the list of accessories that come with individual vacuum model - this list is according to the official Shark web site. The lists of cleaning attachments can vary between sites, so be sure to double check.

Shark NV800, NV801 and NV803 differ in color and available colors (plasma blue, charcoal, cinnamon), with all other features being practically the same.

Although additional attachments can be purchased later, when required, when being bought with the vacuum cleaner, they are the cheapest - thus consider NV803 model as it comes with four cleaning attachments and the accessory bag.

Shark NV801/802/803 are powered with 1150W motors, providing plenty of power. With the 30 feet long power cord, units can cover large area using single power outlet. Unfortunately, these vacuums don't have automatic power cord rewind system - power cord is wrapped around cord wrapping hooks on the sides of the vacuum.

Having such rewind system would be great, but it would also increase complexity and the weight of the Lift-Away pod, which weighs around 6.4 pounds (~2.9 kg) and can be easily carried around in one hand, with the cleaning wand in another hand for cleaning elevated and often delicate surfaces.

Cleaning width of the motorized cleaning head could be wider. However, thanks to the DuoClean technology, there is no need for multiple cleaning passes over the same area, speeding the cleaning and saving the time.

shark nv803 filter setAir filtration is excellent. Units are based on Shark's so-called 'Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology' - vacuumed air doesn't leak out of the vacuum and vacuumed dirt and debris can't escape out of the vacuum.

Units use three mechanical filters: two pre-motor (foam and felt filter) and one post-motor filter (HEPA filter). Note that total air filtration is 99.99% of 0.3 microns and larger particles, which is even better than 'standard' definition of HEPA air filtration - 99.97% of 0.3 microns and larger particles.

Note that all three filters are washable, just be sure to dry them completely before returning back into the unit.

Since filters and belts are designed to last during warranty period of the units (7-year limited warranty), maintenance costs are very low (water for washing the filters, dust cup and similar ...).

If something should happen to the filters or belts, they can be easily replaced with the new ones.

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum Attachments

According to the official Shark web site, these models come with:

NV800: Pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool.

NV801: Under-appliance wand, Pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool.

NV803: Pet multi-tool, Duster crevice tool, Pet power brush, Under-appliance wand, Accessory bag.

Note: Some sites claim, for example, that NV801 and NV803 are exactly the same models with the same attachments, just NV801 is sold via Walmart (and few more stores) and NV803 is sold via Amazon. Well, all three models are available via Amazon and according to the Amazon NV801 and NV803 have the same attachments - which differs from official Shark web site.

Thus, when in doubt, go for NV803 models, especially if found on sale!

Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed vacuum can use following attachments:

Pet Multi-Tool

shark pet multi toolPet multi-tool is actually two cleaning tools in one - stiff bristle brush and upholstery cleaning tool.

The stiff bristle brush helps remove stubborn dirt and debris from various surfaces, while the upholstery tool is designed for cleaning pet hair from upholstery, stairs, smaller carpets and similar surfaces.

Pet Multi-Tool comes with NV800, NV801, and NV803 vacuums.

 Duster Crevice Tool

Duster crevice tool is also a combination of two tools in one.

Crevice tools cleaning narrow and tight spaces and along the baseboards, various edges, and corners.

Duster tool is soft dusting brush, designed for cleaning/dusting of delicate elevated surfaces.

Duster Crevice Tool comes with NV800, NV801, and NV803 vacuums.

Pet Power Brush

shark pet power brushPet Power Brush features rotating brushroll, and is designed to remove pet hair and ground-in dirt and debris from carpeted areas like stairs and upholstery.

Due to rotating brushroll, its cleaning capabilities are enhanced when compared with Pet Multi-Tool, just be careful on sensitive carpets and other similar surfaces. When in doubt, check the labels of the surface material and/or gently use Pet Multi-Tool.

Pet Power Brush comes with Shark NV803 vacuum.

Under-Appliance Wand

shark under appliance wandUnder-Appliance Wand is designed to clean under and around appliances and furniture and is great aid for people having plenty of hard-to-move furniture and appliances.

Under-Appliance Wand comes with Shark NV803 vacuum.

Other cleaning attachments don't come by default with NV800, NV801 and NV803 vacuums, but if required, they can be ordered separately.

Upholstery Tool

shark upholstery toolUpholstery Tool is used for cleaning pet and human hair, lint, dust, large and small particles and other various dirt and debris from upholstery and similar furniture.

Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

shark multi angle dusting brushMulti-Angle Dusting Brush is designed for cleaning blinds, walls, bookshelves, ceiling fans, and other sensitive elevated surfaces.

Multi-Angle Dusting Brush comes with a five possible positions, enabling the user to adjust the brush angle according to the cleaned surface.

Crevice Tool

shark crevice toolCrevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool and can access corners, edges, baseboards, tight spaces and gaps and ceilings for thorough cleaning.

Due to the narrow tip, suction is very strong at its narrowest point.

This tool is 11 inches (~28 cm) long.

Wide Upholstery Tool

shark wide upholstery toolWide Upholstery Tool is very similar to Upholstery Tool, except it is wider, helping it to cover and clean larger area faster.

It easily cleans hair, smaller and larger debris from mattresses, couches, curtains, and similar flat delicate surfaces.

Flexi Crevice Tool

shark flexi crevice toolFlexi Crevice Tool is designed to extend and flex when cleaning baseboards, edges, corners, and other hard-to-reach surfaces.

In order to prevent scratches, it comes with rubberized tip.

Also, due to the narrow tip, suction is very strong at the tip.

Canister Conversion Kit - Canister Caddy

Canister Caddy accept Lift-Away pod and the vacuum can be used as fully powered canister vacuum cleaner.

Use is very simple: from Lift-Away mode, place pod onto the caddy and when done, press the Lift-Away release button to remove the pod from the caddy.

Precision Duster

shark precision dusterPrecision Duster is cleaning attachment consisting of long, flexible hose, equipped with a micro duster crevice tool on the end.

It is designed to clean bookshelves, keyboards, car interiors, and other sensitive objects.

Mini Motorized Brush

shark mini motorized brushMini Motorized Brush is used for cleaning pet and human hair and various loose debris.

It is motorized cleaning tool and it cleans deeply embedded dirt from upholstery and other similar surfaces.

Long Story Short - Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuums are excellent 'uprights with hoses' suitable as the main vacuum cleaner even in larger homes and apartments.

They are strong, durable and versatile units - after all, they do come with 7-year limited warranty. Since they are belts and filters designed to last for a long time, maintenance costs are practically nonexistent.

Since NV803 model comes with the most cleaning attachments and often can be found on sale, if you do need vacuum like this one, consider NV803.

For the best offers, check Shark NV803 DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed Upright Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).


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