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ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is simple to use and rather compact robot vacuum cleaner, designed for cleaning carpets and bare floors. When compared with ILIFE A4, ILIFE A4s features several improvements, including longer operating time, Mini-Room cleaning mode, improved cleaning logic and algorithm, tangle-free sensors etc.

However, it still uses random, although improved, algorithm and when compared with robot vacuums with advanced navigation systems, ILIFE A4s is slightly inefficient. And much cheaper!

Published: October 5, 2018.

ilife a4s 1

ILIFE A4s Features and Specifications

ILIFE A4s is compact unit, with unit's diameter of 12.2 inches (31 cm) and height of 3 inches (7.62 cm), allowing the unit to clean around and the objects and obstacles commonly found at home.

ILIFE A4s robot vacuum weighs just 4.9 pounds (~2.2 kg), so when it gets stuck, it can easily carried back to the charging station.

Note: ILIFE A4s is simple and easy to use and maintain unit, but just in case, before the very first charging and use, be sure to thoroughly read the manual.

Unit features automatic self-charging - when the battery is discharged, unit finds the charging station and charges itself. However, due to the relatively simple navigation system, ILIFE A4s doesn't continue with the cleaning tasks after being fully recharged.

When positioning charging station, be sure that there are no obstacles around it, so that unit can easily locate and dock with the charging station.

When the unit is fully discharged, it takes some 5 hours to fully charge the unit. Also, fully charged battery provides enough energy for unit to operate up to 120-140 minutes and to clean up to 2100 square feet (~195 square meters). Of course, this significantly depends on the floor types and types of dirt.

ilife a4s self charging

When preparing the area for being vacuumed with robot vacuums, be sure to remove lose cables and similar obstacles - robot vacuums, ILIFE A4s included, have issues of detecting such obstacles and can get stuck on them.

ILIFE A4s robot vacuum uses so-called three stage cleaning system. It combines two side brushes, central motorized brush and relatively strong suction.

Two side brushes sweep in front and slightly aside of the unit, pushing the dirt toward the central brush, which in combination with suction, picks the dirt off the floors.

ilife a4s carpetsILIFE A4s is designed for cleaning various bare floors and low-pile carpets. Thanks to various improvements, ILIFE A4s performs acceptably well on medium-pile carpets, too, while performances on high-pile carpets and thick area rugs are not so good: motorized brush bristles don't reach deeply into the high pile carpets, suction is not strong enough to thoroughly clean high-pile carpets and main wheels can get stuck rather easily on high-pile carpets.

For short: if you have high-pile carpets and thick area rugs, clean them manually with the main vacuum cleaner.

Unit features improved sensors, including anti-cliff and anti-collision sensors. Thanks to these sensors, unit shouldn't fall off the stairs and it shouldn't bump the walls and other obstacles - if that happens, check if there is dirt blocking these sensors.

Also, due to cliff sensors, unit can have issues when vacuuming the floors with dark, matte stripes, like dark(er) carpets and similar.

Note: ILIFE A4s doesn't feature any technology for limiting the access to certain areas like magnetic strips, infrared virtual walls and similar. However, some users use black/dark matte duct tape to limit robot's access to certain areas. This technique is not officially supported, but it can help. Or, in order to prevent the robot from exiting the room, simply close the door :)

Dirt bin capacity is 0.45 liters and it is acceptable dirt bin size for such a compact vacuum cleaner. It is recommended to empty the dirt bin after each use, especially if the floors are heavily soiled.

Air filtration is good, and it is based on primary air filter, sponge filter and high-performance filter. Some sites claim that ILIFE A4s features HEPA grade air filtration, but we couldn't find exact HEPA class on official ILIFE web site.

Filters are easy to maintain, just follow the instructions given in the manual.

Note: ILIFE A4s is designed for dry dirt only and vacuuming moist/wet dirt or using the unit with wet filters can cause various issues, even malfunctions.

ilife a4s replacement kit

After some time, high-performance filter, side brushes and central motorized brush should be replaced. Replacement period depends on the unit's use, type and amount of dirt.

When purchasing replacement parts, be sure to use/order OEM only brushes and filters.

WiFi connectivity - ILIFE A4s doesn't feature WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. Unit comes with IR remote, which is used to control the unit, including setting the daily schedule, setting the cleaning mode etc.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaning Modes

ILIFE A4s comes with several cleaning modes, including:

Auto Cleaning: in this cleaning mode robot automatically cleans the area that it can reach. When the battery drops down to 20%, unit stops with the cleaning and automatically returns to the charging station and recharges itself. After being recharged, ILIFE A4s doesn't resume the cleaning task.

Mini-Room Mode: this cleaning mode is very similar to Auto Cleaning mode except that is used for cleaning smaller areas. This mode prolongs the battery operating life as it doesn't discharge the battery almost fully.

Edge Cleaning: this mode is used for cleaning wall edges - unit follows the wall and using side-brushes thoroughly cleans the wall edges.

Spot Cleaning: this mode is used for cleaning areas with extra dirt. Unit traverse the floor in spiral pattern, thoroughly cleaning the required area.

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Signals and Error Codes

During operation, ILIFE A4s uses light and audio signals to warn the user about its status.

ILIFE A4s light signals include:

- Flashing orange light: unit is charging

- Flashing green light: unit is in selected mode

- Solid green light: unit is in cleaning mode

- Solid red light: malfunction of some kind

- Solid orange light: battery is low

- All lights are off: charging is finished

 When the unit is malfunctioning, it will use audio alarm to warn the user of possible causes:

- 1 beep: there is an issue with side wheels or side brushes

- 2 beeps: there is a failure of cliff or bumper sensors

- 3 beeps: robot vacuum is stuck and it can't move itself

- 4 beeps: robot vacuum has detected a failure of the main motorized brush

Also, by monitoring robot's behavior, user can detect that there is something wrong with the unit. Such behavior includes short, erratic movements or circling constantly - in such instances, check the wheels and clean them if required.

And again, read the manual.

ilife a4s low profile

ILIFE A4 vs A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ILIFE A4s is very similar to A4 model, but it comes with certain improvements.

Main similarities and differences are given in the following table:

Scheduling Yes Yes
Self-Charging Yes Yes
Anti-Cliff Sensors Yes Yes
Anti-Collision Sensors Yes Yes
Anti-Winding System Yes Yes
Max Mode Yes Yes
Cyclone Power Cleaning System Yes Yes
Tangle-Free System No Yes
Mini-Room Mode No Yes
Operating Time 90 minutes 120 minutes

 ILIFE A4s is not dramatically improved A4 model, but there are more actual improvements than they are present in the table, for example:

- both A4 and A4s uses 2600 mAh battery, but A4s comes wih much more efficient brushless motor, providing some 30 minutes longer operating time on a single battery charge.

- although there are no 100% tangle-free cleaning systems, A4s comes with several design changes, leading to easier maintenance and less frequent cleaning of brushes, wheels and similar.

- newly added sensor on front caster wheel helps the unit not to get stuck on door steps and similar obstacles, etc.

 What's in the box?

When ILIFE A4s arrives, user will get: ILIFE A4S robot vacuum, 1 extra high-performance filter, a charging base, a remote control with 2 AAA batteries included, a charging adapter, a brush cleaning tool, 2 extra side brushes and the user manual.

Recommendation: start with the manual ...

ilife a4s mLong Story Short: ILIFE A4s doesn't feature advanced navigation system, WiFi connectivity, Amazon Alexa support and similar.

However, ILIFE A4s is easy and simple robot vacuum to use and maintain and in the end it gets its job done - perhaps not in the most efficient way, but this is an 'issue' of all robot vacuums that lack advanced navigation system, like Roomba 980, which costs much more.

If you are looking for robot vacuum cleaner that will help you clean bare floors and low-pile carpets and keep your home clean and safe to live in, consider ILIFE A4s.

For more reviews and recommendations, check ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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