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Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner - Model 804

Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner is a handheld, corded vacuum cleaner optimized for cleaning and sanitizing mattresses, upholstery, pillows, carpets, and similar surfaces, combining suction, vibrations, UV light, and hot air.

The unit is small, portable, has excellent HEPA air filtration, and comes at an affordable price.

Updated: March 20, 2023.

housmile mattress vacuum cleaner 1

Housmile 804 Handheld Mattress Vacuum Features and Specifications

Housmile mattress vacuum cleaner is designed to eliminate bed bugs and clean mattresses, pillows, carpets, pet beds, upholstery, and similar surfaces.

To eliminate bed bugs, this mattress vacuum cleaner uses a 253.7nm UV sterilization lamp and ~130°F (~55°C) hot/warm air.

According to the manufacturer, the rate of killing bed bugs, mites, microorganisms, and bacteria is almost 99.7% in 'lab' conditions.

This percentage can be even better if the mattress surface is exposed to hot air and UV light for a longer period of time.

Note: in the long run, high temperatures and UV light can damage the mattress and its colors. Just to be sure, check the instructions of the vacuum cleaner and read the labels on your mattress first. Also, the unit comes with UV contact sensors - don't tamper with them since they shut off the UV lamp when the unit is not properly pressed onto the surface. And this is very important since UV light is harmful to both humans and dust mites.

To improve the cleaning of deeply embedded mites, dust, and other dirt, the Housmile 804 mattress vacuum cleaner uses high-frequency vibrations (3800 Hz) and relatively good suction (8.5 kPa).

One of the interesting features is the use of two suction inlets - one on the lower surface and one on the upper surface of the unit. This ensures much better cleaning and removal of the dirt from the room.

Housmile 804 Air Filtration

Air filtration is excellent - the whole machine is designed to achieve true HEPA air filtration, capturing 99.97% of 0.3-micrometer particles (or larger), which is very important for any mattress vacuum cleaner.

HEPA air filtration is based on an activated carbon filter - such filters remove even odors from the air and help the unit expel practically fresh air. On the other hand, such filters are NOT washable and, after some time, must be replaced. Spare filters don't cost much, especially considering the filtration level they provide.

The unit is compact and lightweight, weighing only 2.81 pounds (~1.3 kg).

160 ml dirt cup appears small, but this is a mattress vacuum cleaner, not a full-size carpet cleaner for heavily soiled carpets - a larger dirt cup would only make the unit larger and heavier and probably more expensive.

housmile mattress vacuum cleaner 2

Cleaning With Housmile Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

The mattress vacuum cleaner is used by (mostly) pulling the unit over the surface. Cleaned width is, unfortunately, narrower than the width of the vacuum cleaner (photo above) - around one-third of the unit width, requiring many passes to cover an area of one single mattress, pillow, or carpet.

bed bug killer 1However, the cleaned area is firstly warmed with hot air, then irradiated with UV light, and then the dirt is sucked into the unit, while the surface and interior of the mattress are vibrated with the beater bar, all at once, to dislodge and remove deeply embedded dirt, dust mites included. Not bad for such a small unit :)

If the dirt is released into the air from the mattress after the vacuum has traversed over a certain area, the dirt is collected by airflow into the second air inlet.

In the case of strong infestation by dust mites and other bugs, combine the mattress vacuum cleaner with a good, non-toxic, organic bed bug killer: apply the chemicals as instructed by their manufacturer, and after treating the mattresses, vacuum them thoroughly with a mattress vacuum cleaner.

To avoid issues in the future, keep the mattresses clean and dry - mattress encasements can be used to prevent possible liquid spills and dust mites from invading the mattresses.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a bed bug vacuum, consider Housmile 804 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner. It uses all recommended methods of cleaning and removing bed bugs, mites, and other bugs from mattresses, pillows, and similar surfaces, including hot air fan, high-frequency vibrations, UV lamp, and strong suction.

Also, to remove the debris, the unit features strong suction and two(!) air inlets.

Thanks to contact sensors, the UV lamp is very safe - just don't play with the sensors...

For the best offers, check Housmile 804 Mattress Vacuum Cleaner Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).

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