Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac - Models 71B, 71C and 72A

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac, Models 71B, 71C and 72A, is a group of corded hand held vacuums, suitable for cleaning various hard and carpeted surfaces. Thanks to the power cord, these vacuums are very strong for their size and can be used as great second vacuums in homes and apartments.

Published: May 8, 2017.

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Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac Features and Specifications

One of the most distinct features of Eureka Easy Clean vacuums is so-called Riser Visor feature, enabling the user to clean both horizontal and vertical surfaces, which is very important for cleaning, for example, carpeted stairs, upholstery, car seats and similar surfaces.

Vacuum dimensions: height 8 inches (~20 cm), length 15 inches (~38 cm), width 7 inches (~18 cm), weight 4.8 pounds (~2.2 kg). Unit is ergonomically designed and easy to use. Elderly people can use it too, although for prolonged use, it is perhaps too heavy for elderly people and kids.

Note: kids use this vacuum to clean their room(s), but the unit should be used under supervision of the adults.

Units are equipped with two motors.

One motor powers motorized brushroll, greatly improving cleaning of pet and human hair and deeply embedded dirt from carpets, rugs and upholstery. Cleaning width is 6 inches (~15.2 cm) and enables the user to clean smaller carpet, stair or couch with just a few passes. It is also possible to clean larger carpets, but that would require more time and effort than using full size vacuum cleaner. Second motor is used for creating suction - there is no data available regarding power of these units in Air-Watts, but suction is - good. When operating, Eureka Easy Clean draws 5.5 Amps.

Eureka Easy Clean Hand Vac comes with 20 feet (6.1 m) power cord, which is manually wrapped around the vacuum. Such power cord is usually long enough to clean a room, regardless if the cleaning is done in emergency or as part of regular cleaning.

eureka easyclean filterUnits come with transparent dirt cup and washable mechanical filter.

Dirt cup is easily emptied and it is recommended to empty the unit after each (larger) cleaning. Filter is washable, but before returning the filter into the unit, be sure that the filter is thoroughly dry.

Although this is very simple vacuum to operate, it is highly recommended to read the manual, including the section about air filter.

This is NOT HEPA grade air filtration unit, but air filtration is acceptably good.

Although small size allows cleaning hard to reach areas and surfaces, to improve cleaning even more, Eureka Easy Clean vacuums come with on-board cleaning hose and crevice tool - extended reach cleaning hose is wrapped around the unit, while crevice tool is stored at the base of the vacuum.

Crevice tool enables cleaning tight and narrow spaces, along the walls and edges, between seats and cushions etc.

All units come with 1 year limited warranty.

Difference Between Eureka Easy Clean Models 71B, 71C and 72A

eureka easyclean 72a brushMain difference between 71B and 71C is color - 71B model is yellow and 71C is blue.

However, model 72A comes with additional dusting brush, making this model suitable for dusting tasks, too. This is very important for people having open book shelves and similar surfaces that 'attract' dust and require regular cleaning.

Because of the additional dusting brush, 72A model costs slightly more.

Long story short - Eureka Easy Clean handheld vacuums 71B, 71C and 72A are excellent, strong, corded, bagless, handheld units that come at very affordable price.

Their main shortcoming is perhaps their weight - they weigh more than most of the handheld vacuums.

Everything else is good, including the price, which is - great!

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