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Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum with Tools

Dirt Devil Dynamite Plus Bagless Upright Vacuum with Tools M084650 Red is corded, bagless, upright vacuum cleaner with a flexible cleaning hose. It is very balanced design, combining motorized brushroll, good suction and air filtration in an affordable vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to the flexible hose, cleaning wand and onboard tools, Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus is capable of cleaning various elevated surfaces.

Published: June 17, 2018.

dirt devil m084650 red 1

Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus is powered with 7 Amps motor, providing good suction.

Vacuums with 12-14 Amp motors have stronger suction, but Dirt Devil M084650 comes with the main cleaning head featuring automatic height adjustment and motorized brushroll that helps with cleaning both carpeted areas and hard floors. So-called Scuff Guard traps debris on hard floors, preventing scratches of delicate finishes.

Unit is 11 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 10 inches deep (~28 x 109 x 25.4 cm) and it weighs slightly less than 9 pounds (~4.1 kg).

Handle is telescopic, helping with the storage - storage height is 31 inches (~78 cm), saving the valuable space.

Power cord is 25 feet (~7.6 m) long, allowing the user to clean large area using single wall power socket.

However, Dirt Devil M084650 doesn't feature automatic power cord rewind system. Such system would be very handy, but it would also increase vacuum's dimensions, weight, mechanical complexity and in the end, the price.

Power cord is stored at the back of the vacuum, manually wrapped around the power cord wrap hooks.

When unit arrives, it requires some assembly, but no tools are required. However, to clean the brushroll, Philips screwdriver is required.

Note: Although Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus is simple to use and maintain unit, before the very first use, actually before assembly, it is highly recommended to thoroughly read the instructions/manual.

Unit features standard bumper, but nonetheless, try to avoid hitting walls, furniture and other objects and obstacles, since such bumps can cause damage not only to the vacuum.

Unfortunately, Dirt Devil M084650 doesn't feature LED headlights for cleaning in the low light conditions and for spotting dirt.

Although it doesn't feature full swivel mechanism, unit is rather maneuverable, thanks to the low center of gravity, relatively large wheels and acceptable weight - for example, 9 pounds is heavier than most of the stick vacuums, but much lighter than many large uprights with hoses.

Cleaning hose is 48 inches (~122 cm) long and comes with 12 inches (~30.5 cm) long cleaning wand.

dirt devil m084650 red tools

Additional cleaning tools are carried onboard and they include:

- Dusting Brush is designed for cleaning and dusting various elevated surfaces including upholstery, furniture, book shelves, etc. Dust brush bristles agitate dust, dirt and other potential allergens, while strong suction removes them into the dirt bin.

- Crevice Tool is designed for cleaning narrow and tight areas like between seats, along the edges, in the corners and similar.

Dirt bin is transparent, allowing the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt.

dirt devil m084650 red filterAir filtration is very good for the unit of this price class - note that Dirt Devil M084650 OEM replacement F2 filter is declared by the manufacturer as true HEPA filter, capturing 99.97% of 0.3 microns and larger particles, while some non-OEM filters are NOT true HEPA air filters.

Note: OEM F2 HEPA filter is not washable filter, but every time you empty dirt bin, be sure to tap the filter, so that fine dust and debris from the filter are removed. After some time, not even tapping helps, so be sure to replace the filter when you notice that the vacuum is starting to lose suction. OEM F2 HEPA filter comes at affordable price, and can be found as the bundle with vacuum belts.

Depending on the use frequency and type of vacuumed dirt, it is recommended to change F2 HEPA filter every 3 to 6 months.

Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus comes with 1-year limited warranty - good warranty period for the vacuum cleaner in this price range.

Long Story Short: Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus is versatile and affordable upright vacuum cleaner with flexible cleaning hose.

It can be used as the main vacuum cleaner in homes and apartments, just don't expect absolutely the same cleaning performances of larger, heavier and more expensive uprights with hoses.

Dirt Devil M084650 is very popular vacuum cleaner and it gets its job done.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Dirt Devil M084650 Dynamite Plus Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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