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Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum - Model 6489

Bissell Zing Rewind Bagless Canister Vacuum, Model 6489 is very popular and affordable bagless canister vacuum cleaner. It is designed to clean bare floors and low-pile carpets, but can be used for cleaning high-pile carpets and area rugs as well.

Thanks to the long flexible cleaning hose and wand, it can easily clean stairs and other elevated surfaces.

Published: January 25, 2018.

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Main cleaning tool is so-called 'Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle', designed for cleaning various types of floors. Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle features a brush switch, which can be activated with a foot. Note that Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle doesn't have rotating brush bar, it has 'just' a brush which, when activated, agitate dirt, dust and other debris and help the strong air flow to pick the dirt off the floors.

Cleaning path width is 10.1 inches (~25.7 cm) and is wide enough to be able to clean larger areas quickly, but it is also narrow enough to be able easily maneuver around the furniture, edges, in the corners, along the baseboards etc.

Also, Multi-Surface Floor Nozzle adjusts its height automatically, enabling the user to easily traverse from one floor type to another.

Unit is powered with 9 Amp motor which provides good suction. Power cord is only 15 feet (~4.5 m) long, which is rather short, but this is a canister unit, featuring flexible hose and extension wand. Also, unit has automatic power cord rewind system, which is rather rare in this price range.

Note: although motor works all the time at full power, suction is variable thanks to the 'Air Flow Regulator' positioned on the extension wand's handle, allowing the vacuuming of the delicate carpets and other similar surfaces.

Flexible hose is 4 feet 8 inches (~1.42 m) long and in combination with cleaning wand, it extents the unit's reach.

Bissell 6489 Zing vacuum weighs only ~8 pounds (~3.6 kg), and it can be easily carried around even up and down the stairs - this is canister model and it is carried by both hands (handle on the canister and the handle on the wand).

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 Dirt cup is transparent, allowing the user to see amount and type of vacuumed dirt, which is very important since main cleaning nozzle doesn't feature LED headlights - it is very easy to vacuum unwanted items in low light conditions.

Dirt cup capacity is 2 liters, which is very good. Also, dirt cup is emptied from below, enabling the user to clean it without making a new mess (hint - don't clean it few feet above the trash can!).

Air filtration is good, and is achieved using cyclonic dirt-air separation, which keeps the pre-motor filter cleaner for longer period of time. Also, post-motor filter improves air filtration even further.

Note that dirt cup filter screen, dirt cup filter (pre-motor filter) and post-motor filter are all hand washable, keeping the maintenance and operational costs very low. Before assembling the unit, be sure that filters and other components are all thoroughly dry. Also, never operate the unit without air filters.

Bissell Zing 6489 is easy to use vacuum cleaner, but before the first use, be sure to check the manual/instructions.

Bissell Zing 6489 comes with additional cleaning tool - 'Combination Crevice Tool/Dusting Brush'. Crevice tool is used for cleaning narrow and tight areas and corners, while dusting brush is used for dusting elevated surfaces which can't be cleaned with the main cleaning nozzle.

Bissell Zing 6489 comes with one year warranty.

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