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Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet 14.4V Lithium Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet 14.4V Lithium Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is convertible handheld and stick vacuum cleaner that comes with several additional features that makes this unit suitable as the main vacuum cleaner in smaller homes and apartments and as second vacuum cleaner in larger homes.

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet is cordless, bagless, 2-in-1 unit that also features folding handle, motorized brushroll, detachable handheld vacuum, washable filters, transparent dirt cup of a decent size, relatively good suction etc.

Published: August 4, 2019.

bissell 2398 1

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet Features and Specifications

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet is powered via onboard 14.4V lithium ion battery, which can power unit for at least 20 minutes when non-motorized attachments is used.

When the suction power is decreased, operating time is even longer, but when the main cleaner head is used at full suction, operating time is shorter, and it depends on the battery charge and condition.

When unit arrives it must be assembled and it can be done quickly without using any tools. Also, battery is transported semi-charged and it also must be fully charged prior the very first use - charge it for ~8 hours. Discharged battery takes up to 9 hours to get fully charged - relatively long when compared with some similar units.

Unit is charged by plugging in the charger into the wall and the charger plug into the unit - charging port is at the back of the unit, positioned relatively low.

Personally, I would prefer a wall mount or some kind of a stand where one can simple place the unit and forget about the charging plugs and charger ...

Note: Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet is rather simple to use cordless unit, but when it arrives, be sure to read the manual thoroughly.

bissell 2398 flex handle

One of the main features of the Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet is the foldable handle, which allows the unit to be easily stored in vertical position requiring very little storage space, but it also enables the user to easily clean under most common objects and obstacles found at home like tables, chairs, sofas and similar.

bissell 2398 features

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet is intended for vacuuming various surfaces including tiles, hardwood, carpets, area rugs, stairs, upholstery etc.

Controls are on the handle and they allow the user to turn on and off the vacuum cleaner, to turn on and off the motorized brushroll and to fold the handle when required.

For detailed cleaning and the cleaning of elevated surfaces, handheld unit is easily detachable from the rest of the unit.

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet Main Cleaner Head

bissell 2398 main cleaner head

Main cleaner head comes with motorized multisurface brushroll, and in combination with brushroll On/Off switch and variable suction can be used for vacuuming broad range of floor types.

Note: Brushroll is relatively gentle, but it is good practice to turn it off when vacuuming sensitive wooden floors.

Main cleaner head comes with swivel neck and thanks to the lightweight design and variable suction, unit is rather maneuverable, enabling the user to easily clean along the baseboards and around other floor objects and obstacles.

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet suction is good, but it can't be compared with the suction of full size home vacuums or latest Dyson and Tineco cordless units. Also, these units cost much more than Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet.

Motorized brushroll does a good job in picking up various types of dirt, but it is not a maintenance free tool - it is up to the user to periodically clean it from tangled hair, lint and similar debris.

Motorized brushroll cover is transparent, allowing the user to easily check the brushroll condition.

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet Cleaning Tools

bissell 2398 attachments

Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet comes with several cleaning tools that can be attached to the handheld unit:

- Crevice Tool is long and narrow cleaning tool that is used for cleaning edges, corners, gaps and other similar areas. Since the nozzle of the Crevice Tool is narrow, its suction is increased, allowing the user to clean piles of dirt somewhat faster.

- Upholster Tool features felt strip around its edges that picks the hair, fibers and lint from the upholstered surfaces.

- Dusting Brush is used by attaching it to the Upholstery Tool and is used for dusting of smaller surfaces. As the brushes glide over the cleaned area, bristles agitate dust and other dirt, which are then vacuumed into the unit via relatively strong suction.

bissell 2398 handheldBissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet features transparent dirt cup featuring 0.45 liters capacity, which is acceptable for the unit in this class.

Dirt is emptied quickly and easily by detaching the dirt cup and emptying it directly into the trashcan.

Air filtration is good, but it could be much better - typically for the units of this design, air filtration is based on the filter screen and mechanical air filter.

Both filter screen and air filter are washable, leading to very low maintenance costs.

Note: after washing filter screen and air filter, air dry them for at least 24 hours. Never use the vacuum without air filters or with wet/moist air filters - such use can void the 1-year limited warranty.

bissell 2398 multisurface

Long Story Short: Bissell 2387 Adapt XRT Pet easily traverse and clean various floor types, can reach under and around floor objects and obstacles, can be used for cleaning elevated surfaces, it is easy to maintain, it has low maintenance costs ...

On the other hand, note that the suction could be better, air filtration could be better, dirt cup could be larger etc. All such additional features would increase the weight, complexity and in the end, the price of this unit. You win some, you lose some :)

If you are looking for convertible cordless vacuum that can help you keep your home safer and more pleasant to live, consider this unit.

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