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Bissell 2033 Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum

Bissell 2033 stick vacuum cleaner is a convertible, corded, bagless vacuum cleaner intended for quick cleanups around the home, especially from bare floors and low-pile carpets and area rugs.

Bissell 2033 is a very affordable and versatile unit that actually does its job well. But, it is not suitable for larger cleaning tasks on carpets and area rugs.

Updated: September 30, 2022.

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Bissell 2033 Featherweight Features and Specifications

Bissell 2033 Featherweight stick vacuum cleaner is offered in several colors, with each color having a slightly different label:

  • Bissell 2033 Featherweight: Blue
  • Bissell 20336 Featherweight: Lime
  • Bissell 20334 Featherweight: Purple
  • Bissell 2033M Featherweight: Black

Other than color, these units are exactly the same.

Bissell 2033 Featherweight is a corded unit, rated at 2 Amps and powered via 15 feet (~4.6m) long power cord, which is long enough for most cleaning tasks but could also be a little bit longer.

Due to the dimensions and weight, Bissell 2033 Featherweight doesn't feature an automatic power cord rewind system - the power cord is manually wrapped around wrap hooks.

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As its name suggests, Bissell 2033 Featherweight is an ultralight vacuum cleaner weighing only 2.6 pounds (~1.2 kg).

Bissell 2033 Featherweight is a convertible unit, allowing the user to detach the handle and the main cleaner head - Bissell 2033 Featherweight can be used as:

  • stick vacuum cleaner,
  • handheld vacuum cleaner,
  • stair vacuum cleaner.

As a stick vacuum cleaner, Bissell 2033 Featherweight is suitable for vacuuming bare floors and low pile carpets - the main cleaner head doesn't feature a brushroll, and it can't clean deeply embedded dirt.

Also, suction is OK for a 2 Amps vacuum - it can't and shouldn't be compared with the suction of 10+ Amps vacuums that also cost 5-10+ times more!

3 in 1

As a handheld vacuum cleaner, Bissell 2033 Featherweight comes with a Crevice Tool, allowing the user to vacuum various types of dirt from hard-to-reach areas.

As a stair vacuum cleaner, Bissell 2033 Featherweight vacuum cleans with a detached handle but uses the main cleaner head, allowing the user to clean stairs and similar areas with ease.

The dirt cup capacity is 0.67 liters, which is a very good capacity for the vacuum in this class. Nonetheless, the dirt cup should be emptied after each vacuuming task.

dirt bin

Air filtration is simple and based on the mechanical air filter.

The air filter is washable using warm water and a mild detergent - after washing, the air filter should be air-dried completely before returning it back into the unit.

If required, a new air filter can be ordered from various online shops.

Note: Bissell 2033 Featherweight is a very simple to use and maintain vacuum cleaner, but when it arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide thoroughly (it is not long) in order to get accustomed to your new vacuum cleaner.

Bissell 2033 Featherweight comes with 1-year limited warranty.

Bissell Featherweight Vacuums Comparison

Bissell offers several lightweight vacuums labeled as "Featherweight," which share very similar design philosophy, but they also differ in several very important details.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular Bissell Featherweight 3-in-1 convertible vacuum cleaners:

Model Bissell Featherweight 3106 Bissell Featherweight 2033 Bissell Featherweight PowerBrush 2773A
Photo bissell 3106 h200px bissell 2033 h200px bissell 2773a h200px
Power Cord 16 feet (~4.9 m) 15 feet (~4.6 m) 18 feet (~5.5 m)
Power Rating 1.2 Amps  2 Amps 2 Amps
Cleaning Path 9.5 inches (~24.1 cm) 9.5 inches (~24.1 cm)  8.3 inches (~21 cm)
Dirt Cup 0.75 liters 0.67 liters 0.7 liters
Weight 3 pounds (~1.36 kg) 2.6 pounds (~1.2 kg) 4.1 pounds (~1.86 kg)
Brushroll No No  Yes
Additional Cleaning Tools Crevice Tool Crevice Tool Crevice Tool 
Air Filter Washable Washable Washable
Amazon Link Bissell 3106 Featherweight Bissell 2033 Featherweight Bissell 2773A Featherweight PowerBrush

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

Bissell Featherweight 2033 Convertible 3-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is, for several reasons, by far the most popular Featherweight on the market.

Bissell 2033 features stronger suction than the Bissell 3106 and a very similar suction to the Bissell 2773A model.

Despite having the shortest power cord (15 feet, 4.6m), all three models have a relatively short power cord that could be somewhat longer.

The cleaning path of the 2033 and 3106 models is the same (~9.5 inches) and is wider than the cleaning path of the Bissell 2773A vacuum. But, the Bissell 2773A comes with a brushroll which allows the user to do basic cleaning tasks even on the carpets - Bissell 2773A would be a great carpet vacuum with stronger suction, but that would also increase its price significantly.

All three models feature Crevice Tool, a washable air filter, and a dirt cup large enough for most quick cleaning tasks.

Of all Featherweight models, Bissell 2033 is the lightest one (2.6 pounds, 1.2 kg), although other models are rather lightweight.

Because of these reasons, Bissell 2033 Featherweight is by far the most popular Bissell Featherweight model.

Bissell 2033 Featherweight Vacuum Cleaner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Bissell Featherweight 2033 vacuum cleaner:

Can Bissell Featherweight be used on the carpet? Does Bissell Featherweight have a roller brush/brushroll?

No, Bissell 2033 Featherweight doesn't feature a roller brush/brushroll, but it can be used on low-pile and medium-pile carpets to pick up surface dirt.

Since there is no brushroll, Bissell 2033 Featherweight is not suitable for deep cleaning of carpets and area rugs.

Are Bissell Featherweight filters washable?

Bissell Featherweight 2033 vacuum cleaners come with washable air filters.

Whenever the dirt cup is emptied, it is recommended to take out the main air filter and tap it onto the inner side of the trashcan. Also, after heavy use, it is recommended to wash the main air filter using warm water and mild detergent and to air dry the filter.

Only when the air filter is completely dry should it be reassembled back into the unit.

Note: when the air filter gets damaged, replace it. Also, some users have several air filters - while one is in the unit, others are being washed or dried.

Can You use Bissell Featherweight 2033 vacuum on hardwood floors?

Yes, Bissell Featherweight 2033 can be used on hardwood floors, laminate, and similar bare, sensitive floors.

How do You maintain Bissell Featherweight 2033 vacuum cleaner?

Bissell Featherweight 2033 is a very simple unit to maintain.

Main maintenance tasks include emptying the dirt cup, keeping the air filter clean, and checking air pathways for potential clogs and blockages.

Note: For the exact maintenance procedures, check the Owner's Guide.

Can You use an extension cord for Bissell 2033 Featherweight?

Bissell 2033 comes with a rather short power cord of 15 feet (~4.6 m). Since the unit is so light (2.6 pounds, 1.2 kg), it can be easily carried around and plugged in wherever there is an available wall power outlet.

However, if there is no wall power outlet available, note that Bissell 2033 is rated at 2 Amps, and practically any extension cord (rated at 10 Amps or more) can be used to extend its cleaning range.

Long Story Short: Bissell 2033 Featherweight is a very popular corded stick vacuum - it is very affordable, easy to use and maintain, it features relatively good suction, and it helps its users keep their homes cleaner.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Bissell 2033 Featherweight Stick Lightweight Bagless Vacuum Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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