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Steam Mop Carpet Gliders - What, Where, How?

Steam mops are designed for cleaning bare floors like tile, vinyl, laminate, stone, marble, and similar, using the power of hot steam and microfiber steam mop pads.

As the steam mop pad glides over the cleaned surface, steam sanitizes the surface and helps the microfiber pad clean and collect even the toughest dirt. But what about carpets? Can the steam mops be used to clean carpets and area rugs?

Updated: March 14, 2023.

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Steam Mop Carpet Cleaning

Carpets that are certified for steam cleaning are often cleaned using steam vacuums or just steamers.

As the steam penetrates the carpet fibers, the dirt is more easily detached from the carpet fibers, and the carpet (at least its surface) is sanitized. In theory, microfiber steam mop pads can pick up surface dirt even from the carpets, leaving the carpet cleaner and its surface refreshed and revived.

However, steam mops are not designed for cleaning carpets and area rugs.

Steam Mop Carpet Gliders Features and Specifications

When steam mops are used without any additional attachment for cleaning carpets, rugs, and similar "carpeted" surfaces, microfiber cleaning pads get stuck into the carpet, especially when the steam mop is pushed away from the user. When the user pulls the steam mop across the carpet, the steam mop can, up to a point, travel across the carpet.

To avoid such situations, a special cleaning attachment called a "carpet glider" can be attached to the steam mop's cleaning head with a microfiber pad.

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The carpet glider enables the steam mop to travel across the carpeted areas and clean the carpets and rugs using hot steam.

However, there are a few potential issues with using carpet gliders and steam mops in general for cleaning carpets and rugs:

  • carpets and rugs must be certified for cleaning with steam mops and steam vacuums and must tolerate high temperatures,
  • even if your carpets and rugs can be cleaned using steam mops, never, but really never leave your steam mop to operate (produce steam) in one position - it may damage the carpet even certified for cleaning with a steam mop,
  • if you have a steam mop that is certified for the use of tap water, go for distilled and/or demineralized water. Such water leaves no residue of any kind on carpets, rugs, or steam mop water heaters,
  • scented demineralized/distilled water can increase the feeling of cleanliness and freshness,
  • although steam mops leave very little moisture in the carpets if your carpet is placed on the wooden floor, check if the wood has good finish - cracks in the wood finish can lead to the moisture penetrating the wood, making it wobble and even rot.
  • steam mops clean, freshen and revive only the carpet's surface. For more thorough carpet cleaning, a good carpet vacuum or washer is required.

steam mop carpet glider 2

Carpet gliders are made of molded plastic, they are flexible and durable, and perhaps most important, they are rather cheap.

Bissell Steam Mop Carpet Gliders

When looking for a carpet glider for your steam mop, always search for the carpet glider according to the steam mop model that you have.

Bissell manufactures several very popular steam mops, and they offer two types of carpet gliders, including:

  • Carpet Glider for PowerFresh Steam Mops, Model No 2038429,
  • Carpet Glider for Symphony Steam Mops, Model No 1603730.

Again, before purchasing any accessory, always check if your steam mop supports the accessory.

Shark Steam Mop Carpet Gliders

Shark is another brand that manufactures a range of very popular steam mops, and they also offer steam mop carpet gliders for their steam mops, including:

Carpet Glider for Shark Steam Pocket mop, Model No XCG3501CS (compatible with S3601, S3801, S3901),

Carpet Glider for Shark Sonic Steam Pocket mop, Model No XCG200 (compatible with SM200, SM200A, SM200C),

Carpet Glider for original Shark steam mop, Model No XCG3101 (compatible with S3101), etc.

Third-Party Steam Mop Carpet Gliders

Several third-party brands offer steam mop carpet gliders for steam mops manufactured by Bissell, Shark, Black+Decker, etc.

thrid party carpet glider w400px

Generally, we don't recommend non-OEM parts and accessories.

However, carpet gliders are so simple and easy to build that they are an exception to this rule - if you are in a situation where you need or simply want to try a carpet glider, and you can order third-party carpet glider with good reviews from other users, and you can order it at a very affordable price, go for it.

Long Story Short: If you plan on using your steam mop for cleaning carpets, too, be sure to get a carpet glider for that specific steam mop model.

And if possible, always vacuum the carpets first, especially if you have a good carpet vacuum with a motorized brushroll.

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