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Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool

Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool is specialized cleaning attachment that fits Dyson upright and canister vacuums from DC23 onwards, except Dyson DC24. Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool cleans not only pet hair, but also deeply embedded fibers, lint, dust, pollen and other dirt and potential allergens from carpets, stairs, upholstery, car interior etc.

Published: December 7, 2018.

dyson tangle free turbine tool 1

This is very specific cleaning tool, and rather compact - tool Dimensiona are (L x W x H) 3.1 x 6 x 6.8 inches (~7.9 x 15.3 x 17.3 cm).

Unit is powered with 'clean air' turbine, requiring no cables and enabling the cleaning brushes to rotate regardless if the tool itself is moving or not.

Cleaning brushes are angled and as they rotate they pick up the dirt with the front part of the brush bristles. As the brushes rotate, bristles with eventual pet hair rotates backward, where strong airflow strip the pet hair and other dirt off the brush bristles.

The cleaning brushes are placed on the articulating base plate which automatically adjusts its angle to seal the tool and keep the suction high. Brushes' flexible heads bend to maintain constant contact with cleaned surfaces, regardless how uneven is the cleaned area.

Such design enables the Dyson Tangle-Free Tool to clean from edge to the edge, cleaning the whole area.

dyson tangle free turbine tool 2

When compared with many 'pet cleaning tools' on the market, Dyson Tangle-Free Turbine Tool costs more than most of such cleaning tools, but due to design it is also one of the most cost-effective cleaning tools - it cleans well, and it is durable, low maintenance cleaning tool.

However, it is possible from time to time that even this turbine tool has its brushes entangled with pet and human hair, fibers, lint etc.

Since the brushes cover is transparent, user can monitor the operation all the time and if required, can clean the brushes easily from below.

Long Story Short: Dyson Tangle Free Turbine Tool is great tool for cleaning not only pet hair, but also all other types of dirt. Thanks to its dimensions, it can reach areas where full size vacuums can't - and clean them thoroughly.

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